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Player's Love

Post by |Joon-Baby| on February 28th 2010, 7:49 am

This is one of my stories off of Winglin, but I wanted to post it here for now, so yeah ^^

Big Bang:
Choi Seung Hyun; Jang Jungmi [momonoriko]
Kwon Ji Yong; Choi Jaeeun [hottest s h i n e e vip]
Dong Young Bae; Liu Junwon [Junwon]
Kang Dae Sung; Park Yenny
Lee Seung Hyun; Jung Min Hee [BigBangLover123]

Yang Seung Ho; Dong Yoori [Snowy☆Penguin♔]
Lee Byung Hee; Ahn HyoLim [MbC^^]
Lee Joon; Sohyun [&mhisz.sunshineey]
Park Sanghyun; Taylor Jae [TEEjay]
Bang Cheol Yong; Jimmi [Choi Minji]


Plot: Well I don't really have a plot thing but all I know is that I Have Chapters to Post So Please Read ^^


[ ` C h a p t e r O n e ` ]

Jaeeun and Seung Hyun went to school together, but as soon as she got there, she saw Choi Minji sitting with some of there other friends. But as Jaaeun was about to reach Minji and her friends, Ji Yong came and blocked her way.

Jaeeun: Yah move out of my way.

Ji Yong: Why?

Jaaeun: Cause if you don’t I’ll call Seung Hyun over.

Ji Yong: What is her going to do about us?

Jaeeun: Us?! There is no us.

Ji Yong: Don’t worry, there will be us soon.

Jaeeun: Seung Hyun! Come here.

Seung Hyun came running over and when he saw Ji Yong trying to hit on his sister he went crazy.

Seung Hyun: Yah! You better not do anything to my sister.

Ji Yong: What?! You guys are related?! Crazy stuff.

Jaeeun: It’s not crazy, only you are blonde girl.

Ji Yong: Yah! Wh-

Seung Hyun: Ji Yong don’t think about getting with my sister, it’ll never happen.

Ji Yong: Eww. Who says I want to get with her? She’s so ugly.

Jaeeun: Hey watch what you say.

Seung Hyun: Come here Ji Yong. *pulls Ji Yong by the ear*

Ji Yong: Ah ah ah. Seung Hyun. Why you doing this to me?! It hurts.

Seung Hyun: I don’t care. Bye Jaeeunnie.

Jaeeun: Bye Seung Hyun.

Then Jaeeun went to her friends.

Minji: Jaeeun, what was that all about?

Jaeeun: That blonde girl was trying to get at me. That’s all.

Junwon: Oh I see. He don’t deserve you.

Yenny: You’re right.

Then the bell rang, and the girls split to go to class. Both Jaeeun and Minji went to first period together. They saw in the empty seats in the back of the class. They don’t really like to hear the teacher lecture about dumb things.

When class started, Ji Yong, and MIR came in.

Minji: Here we go again.

Jaeeun: Don’t pay attention to them.

Just as Ji Yong and MIR walked in, right behind them was Junho and Chansung.

Minji: Hi Junho oppa and hi Chansung Oppa.

Jaeeun: You know them?

Minji: yeah, we’re kinda like besties.

Jaeeun: Oh that’s cool.

Minji: Oppa come sit in the seat in front of us.

Junho: Okay.

Both Junho and Chansung came and sat right in front of Minji and Jaeeun. They talked the whole time through out class.

On the other hand, MIR and Ji Yong couldn’t help but look back at Jaeeun and Minji.

MIR: Gosh. I hate Doo Joon and Chansung.

Ji Yong: If you hate them so much then go do something about it. Hyung is not gonna help you.

MIR: Fine.

MIR got up and walked to Minji.

MIR: Minji. What do you think you’re doing?

Minji: Anything I want.

MIR: But I thought you liked me.

Minji: Key word ‘liked’

MIR: Oh wrong word. ‘Like’

Minji: Get away form me. If you didn’t like me as a before, what’s the point of liking me now?

MIR: Because I can. There’s no law that says I cant.

Then Minji scribbled on a piece of paper saying ‘You can’t like me’ and she showed it to MIR.

Minji: Okay now it’s part of the law. So get away.

MIR: Oh that’s called cheating. But don’t worry I’ll be back.

Minji: Okay. Whenever you are, it won’t matter to me.

MIR was mad and stomped back to Ji Yong.

MIR: Hyung she is so mean.

Ji Yong: I told you so but you won’t listen.

MIR: I hate Joon and Chansung.

Ji Yong: The do something about it.

MIR: Fine this time I will.

MIR turned around and did a weird scream.

Ji Yong then covered MIR’s mouth and made him turn around in his seat.

Ji Yong: MIR what were you thinking? That’s embarrassing.

MIR: No it wasn’t. I do that all the time.

Ji Yong: Whatever. I don’t know you anymore.

MIR: Hyung. Why are you so mean? I thought you loved me. I’m telling Seung Ho hyung.

Ji Yong: No don’t tell Seung Ho hyung that.

MIR: Now you look stupid. Hahahaha. Dumb hyung.

Ji Yong: Watch what you say. *tries grabbing MIR, but class ended and MIR ran off*

Ji Yong: Aish. This kid is crazy.

Ji Yong grabbed his things and went after MIR.


While in first period with Seung Hyun:

Seung Hyun came in class a bit late, he was looking for Jungmi. He saw that there was an empty seat next to her and ran to sit next to her.

Seung Hyun: Hi Jungmi.

Jungmi: Please, I already have detention with you today, don’t make it another day.

Seung Hyun: oh yeah, sorry about that.

Jungmi: Wait why are you sitting next to me?

Seung Hyun: Cause I can.

Jungmi: Okay if you’re willing to sit here, then I’m willing to move seats.

Jungmi got up and moved to a different seat. Seung Hyun got up and moved to that same seat.

Jungmi: Stop following me.

Seung Hyun: No you’re following me.

Jungmi: Fine. I’m not moving anymore.

Seung Hyun: Thank god. I was getting tired of moving.

Then the teacher came in.

Teacher: Okay class, please sit down, and those seat that you’re in are your permanent seats.

Seung Hyun: Yes!

Jungmi: Noo!

Teacher: Jungmi, is there a problem?

Jungmi: Ye-

Seung Hyun covered her mouth.

Seung Hyun: No teacher, please move on with the lesson.

Then as he finished saying that, Jungmi punched him in the side.

Seung Hyun: Ow.

The lesson went on and then the teacher told them to do independent work, but Seung Hyun kept bothering Jungmi.

Seung Hyun; Yah Jungmi, help me.

Jungmi: The teacher said to work by yourself.

Seung Hyun: But I don’t get it.

Jungmi: Well you should’ve paid attention instead of flirting wit h that other girl.

Seung Hyun: Aww, is that some jealousy I’m hearing?

Jungmi: You wish. Now shut up.

Seung Hyun: But I really need your help.

Jungmi: If I help you would you shut up.

Seung Hyun: Yep.

Jungmi: Okay then.

Jungmi scooted closer to Seung Hyun and she taught him some things, but Seung Hyun wasn’t even paying attention, all he was doing was staring at her and saying ‘yeah’

Jungmi: Yah. Seung Hyun are you listening?

Seung Hyun: Yep.

Just as Jungmi turned to look at Seung Hyun, he kissed her on the cheek.

Jungmi: What was that for?

Seung Hyun: Nothing.

Jungmi: Okay I’m not helping you anymore.

Seung Hyun: I get it now, I don’t need your help.

Jungmi: Okay then.

Seung Hyun then tried doing his work again, but he still couldn’t get it.

Seung Hyun: Aish! What the hell is all this?!

Teacher: Excuse me Seung Hyun, what was that?

Seung Hyun: Hehe. Nothing teacher.

Teacher: Good get back to work.

Then as the teacher finished talking, the period was over.

Teacher: Oh class, for tomorrow, please chose a partner in this class to do a video with and let me know by the end of the week.

Class: Okay.

Then as Jungmi was packing her things and walked out of class, Seung Hyun stuffed all his things in his bag and ran after her.

Jungmi: Why you following me?

Seung Hyun: I’m not following you, we hang out with the same people.

Jungmi: Uh huh.

Seung Hyun: How about we go together.

Then Seung Hyun ran up to her and grabbed her hand and they walked together to their hangout place.


Young Bae and Joon went to go get something to eat, but then Joon left because he was Hyori.

Joon: Hey gotta go.

Young Bae: Fine I’ll get some one else to go with me.

Just as Young Bae said that, Junwon walked pass by.

Young Bae: Junwon, how about lunch together?

Junwon: In your dreams.

Young Bae: Then this must be a dream. Now let’s go.

Young Bae grabbed Junwon’s hand and he took her to a bakery shop. Once they got there, Junwon didn’t even look at him.

Young Bae: Are you still mad about the kiss. [I just wanna kiss; I never wanna miss-sorry just random song]

Junwon: N-no you wish.

Young Bae: Then if you’re not, how about another one.

Junwon: never.

Young Bae: Then how about food?

Junwon: Fine but you’re paying.

Young Bae: Fine.

Both Junwon and Young Bae had lunch together, then when it was about time to go, they went to go pay for their food.

Cashier: That’ll be $10.95.

Young Bae: Here.

Junwon: How about we split it in half? I don’t want to feel like I owe anyone anything.

Junwon pulls out half and pays her half.

Young Bae: No. I said I’ll pay.

Cashier: Are you guys a couple?

Young Bae and Junwon: No!

Cashier: You guys are cute together.

Junwon: Eww. Just hurry up Young Bae before were late to class.

Young Bae: Don’t trip. Bye Cashier girl.

Junwon: If you wanna flirt with her, then flirt, cause I’m leaving.

Young Bae: wait Junwon baby. I’m coming too.

Junwon walked out of the shop, and Young Bae ran after her.

Once they got back to school, they were a bit late, but Young Bae made the teacher let them in.


When Joon left Young Bae to go with Hyori:

Joon say Hyori talking with some guy, but he thought they were just friends.

So he walked over to them and joined them.

Guy: Bye Hyori.

Hyori: Bye.

Then Hyori turned to Joon and kissed him. In the corner of his eye he saw Sohyun coming.

Joon: Hey Sohyun.

Sohyun: Hi Joon.

Hyori turned and looked at Sohyun. She never really liked Sohyun, because she thought Sohyun is in their relationship too much.

Hyori: Hi. Come on Joon let’s go get something for lunch.

Joon: Okay. Hey Sohyun would you want to come too?

Hyori: *sending death glares to Sohyun*

Sohyun: No it’s okay.

Hyori: Then let’s go Joon. *pulling Joon away from Sohyun*

Joon: Bye Sohyun.

Sohyun: have fun.

Both Joon and Hyori left together and Sohyun went to go find her brother JaeJoong.

She found him sitting with his friends.

JaeJoong: Hey Sohyun.

Sohyun: Hi.

Yunho: Hey Sohyun. What are you doing here?

Sohyun: Hanging out with you guys today.

Yunho: Okay.

Sohyun: Yunho-ah, I have a question.

Yunho: Yeah what is it?

Sohyun: I have a real good guy friend, I really like him, but he has a girlfriend, but then I saw his girlfriend kissing some one else, should I tell my friend?

Yunho: I say if you really like him, go and tell him.

Sohyun: But I don’t think he’ll believe me, he’s way to in love with her to see her bad side.

Yunho: I say tell him still. Just let him be aware.

JaeJoong: Hey Yunho, why are you giving her advice? I should be helping her, she’s my sister.

Yunho: fine help her then.

JaeJoong: Tell him so he can be aware.

Yunho: Yah that’s what I just said, but you said it indifferent words.

Sohyun: Okay thanks oppas. I gotta go now.

Sohyun now has decided to tell Joon that Hyori is cheating on him.

On her way to her locker, she saw Hyori and that same guy making out by her locker.

Sohyun: Hyori unnie, what are you doing?

Hyori: Nothing.

Sohyun: So who’s this guy?

Hyori: My friend.

Sohyun: Ohh. But does Joon know?

Guy: bye babe.

Hyori: Don’t even think about telling him.

Sohyun: But he really loves you. How can you do this to him?

Hyori: I can do anything I want. But if you tell him, you’re dead.

Sohyun: Can you promise you’ll never do this again?

Hyori: I can’t promise but if you tell him I’ll make sure you’re the reason why.

Sohyun: Just please don’t hurt him.

Sohyun walked away from Hyori and went to Big Bang and the rest of MBLAQ.

Jungmin: Sohyun-ah, are you okay?

Sohyun: yeah.

Jungmin: Are you sure. Usually you’re not this sad.

Sohyun: Oh don’t worry, it’s nothing. *smiling*

Jungmin: Okay.

Sohyun: ‘Kay I’m gonna go to class first.

Jungmin: This early?

Sohyun: Yeah I have to talk to the teacher.

Jungmin: Okay.

Sohyun walked to class, she wasn’t looking where she was heading, then she suddenly bumped into some one. She looked up and it was Joon.

Joon: Hey Sohyun. Did you see Hyori?

Sohyun: *Shoot. What should I do?* N-no. Bye I gotta go.

Joon: ...

Sohyun: *thinking to herself* I cant face him.


Min Hee walked to her class earlier than usual, but on her way she saw Seung Ri and some chick making out. She was disgusted with him.

Seung Ri noticed Min Hee and pushed away from that girl he was making out with and walked towards Min Hee.

Seung Ri: How you doing Min Hee?

Min Hee: Like usual I guess.

Seung Ri: Are you jealous?

Min Hee: You swear.

Seung Ri: Where you going?

Min Hee: To class.

Seung Ri: how about we go together. Come on.

Min Hee: I don’t wanna go with you.

Seung Ri: Oh well, It looks like you’re coming along.

When all of a sudden Min Hee stopped in her steps. She saw Taecyeon [2PM] coming there way.

Seung Ri: What’s wrong?

Min Hee didn’t say anything, so Seung Ri looked the same way that Min Hee was looking at he saw Taecyeon.

Seung Ri: You like him? Ugh. So unattractive.

Min Hee: He is so HOT!

Seung Ri: What about me?

Min Hee: Now you’re what is not hot.

Seung Ri: Yah! Have you not seen this? *lifts up his shirt and reveals his nice body*

Min Hee: that’s nothing compared to Taecyeon oppa.

Seung Ri: Then what about this?

Seung Ri pulled Min Hee and kissed her passionately. Min Hee pulled away and ran away.

Seung Ri: *thinking to himself* Why did I do that? Do I like Min Hee? Oh Noooo!


The bell rang and all of Yoori and her friend all went to class.

Yoori didn’t have any classes wit hthe girls.

Just as she entered into the class room, she saw Seung Ho staring at her.

She walked right straight up to him and held him by the collar.

Yoori: I wasn’t done last time. Now I’ll show what I’m gonna do.

Just as Yoori held up her hand, and was about to punch him, Seung Ho held her hand and kissed her on the cheek.

Yoori: What was that for?

Seung Ho: It seemed like you weren’t satisfied with last time, so with that kiss on the cheek, I bet you were satisfied.

Yoori: Yah! You don’t even count as a kiss.

Seung Ho: What did you say?

Yoori: Nothing.

Seung Ho: Don’t be scared to say what you want.

Yoori: ... *punches him in the arm and ran away*

Seung Ho: Owwwwwiieee. What was that for?

Yoori: Nothing important. Bleh *sticks out tongue*

Seung Ho: I’ll get you for that.

Seung Ho got up and ran after Yoori. They ran all over the class room. Yoori was screaming as if it was the end of the world.

Seung Ho: Yah! Get over here now!

Yoori: No!

Then all of a sudden Yoori slipped and fell, and Seung Ho slipped also and landed on top of her.

Yoori opened her eyes and saw that Seung Ho’s lips were on hers. She pushed Seung Ho off and got up.

Seung Ho: Did that one count?

Yoori: N-never. You never counted as a guy.

Seung Ho: Don’t worry one day you’ll be begging for more than a kiss.


Taylor went was bored in class the whole period. Then when the teacher told them to partner up, she wasn’t in the mood to get up and get a partner, so she decided to work by her self.

Then she saw that two people were standing in front of her. She looked up and it was Cheon Dong and Doo Joon.

Doo Joon: Can we be partners?

Cheon Dong: No you two can’t. She’s my partner, so go away.

Taylor: Yah Cheon Dong, don’t say that to him.

Doo Joon: It’s okay I’ll find a different partner.

Taylor: See look what you did. I hate you Cheon Dong. Grr.

Cheon Dong: Don’t be mad, there’s other times too.

Taylor: Fine. But I don’t want to be your partner.

Cheon Dong: Too late. Now let’s get started.

Taylor: Okay.

They didn’t even get even one thing done, they kept arguing about problem one on who’s right and who’s wrong.

Cheon Dong: You’re so stupid. I’m right and you’re wrong.

Taylor: If we get this wrong, I’m gonna kill you.

Cheon Dong: What ever. But about the make over, how about we do it this weekend?

Taylor: Sure. But what happens if I get busy?

Cheon Dong: If you get busy then I’ll just show up and we can do it there.

Taylor: Okay I guess.

Then the rest of the class was really boring and she started humming.

Cheon Dong: What song is that?

Taylor: Love Like This by SS501.

Cheon Dong: Ohh that songs alright. I like ‘Oh Yeah’ more.

Taylor: Oh.

Cheon Dong: Watch I know the rap real well.

Taylor: Then do it.

Cheon Dong: Yo, sarangi byeon hagin handaneun mari
Namdeuri naege haejweotdeon geu mari
Jigeum cheoreom ttak matge tteoreo jyeo
Nae jeongshindo dolgo dolgo dora I like it like that

Kkeokkeojin nalgae cheoreom churakhaneun
Bitbaraen sajinwi kkocheul boneun
Nae shimjangeun ttwilsu eobshi muneojine
Neoreul wihae dallyeo gane

Taylor: Oh that was good. You sound exactly like the guy.

Cheon Dong: I know. [Lol.]


For music class, both Byung Hee and HyoLim are partners for the new singing project.

Teacher: Okay now that you guys have a partner for this project, you guys will be making a video of both of you guys singing together and turn it in.

Byung Hee: Yes.

HyoLim: Noo. I don’t even know you that well.

Byung Hee: So we can get to know each other.

Teacher: okay class be quiet. Today all we’re going to do is write lyrics.

Class: Okay.

Byung Hee: How about we do the song on love.

HyoLim: Okay. How should we start it?

Byung Hee: How about we just sing the song Oasis by Beast the one guy band?

HyoLim: Yeah but I don’t know the lyrics and I’m not sure if we can do that song, she said our own lyrics.

Byung Hee: Okay. Teacher. Can we sing like another band or person’s song?

Teacher: Yeah of course.

Byung Hee: Problem solved.

HyoLim: Fine then we’ll do that song.

Byung Hee: This weekend you come over to my place at 18 and we’ll keep practicing until you get it.

HyoLim: Okay. But I don’t have your address or number.

Byung Hee: Here. *writes down the address and number on her hand*

Byung Hee: There you go. *smiling*

HyoLim: Then I’ll come over on the weekends.


After school, Dae Sung waited for Yenny outside of her last class. When she came out, Dae Sung stood in her way.

Yenny: Hi Dae Sung Oppa.

Dae Sung: Hi Yenny.

Yenny: SO how’s your day?

Dae Sung: It was good, but I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?

Yenny: Yeah sure.

Dae Sung: Then I’ll pick you up this weekend.

Yenny: Will I need to dress nicely?

Dae Sung: No.

Yenny: Yay! Can’t wait till then.

Then Yenny hugged Dae Sung and he was so shocked. When Yenny left to go with her friends, Dae Sung was frozen.

Then seconds later he realized what just happened and started jumping up and down.

Dae Sung: Score One. I got a date with my Yenny! Thank god.

Then Dae Sung started skipping to his friends.

Seung Ho: So Dae Sung, how’s it go?

Dae Sung: Perfect. She is so gorgeous.

Seung Hyun: I knew you could do it.

Seung Hyun hi-fives Dae Sung and then MIR walked over.

MIR: Hyung you’re so lucky. Teach me how you did it.

Dae Sung: Okay.

MIR: Yay.

Then MIR hugged Dae Sung and they both started jumping up and down and screaming.

Ji Yong: god you two are so embarrassing.

MIR: Yah Ji Yong. Shut up.

Ji Yong: But really you two together are embarrassing.

Seung Ri: Hyung, I know what you mean.


Okay that’s all for the first chapter. I think it was pretty long. But I wont be able to update a lot due to school, home work, and the other stories. So I hope you guys like it. Sorry if some of the couples had shorter ones than the others. ^^

[ C h a p t e r T w o ]


MIR went to school as usaul. But today instead of going to his hyungs, he went to find Minji. He found her with Jaeeun. He ran up to Minji and hugged her from behind.

Minji Yah! Let og of me.

MIR: No!

Minji: Didn’t I tell you the other day that I didn’t like you and that you are way too late for me.

MIR: No. That was too long ago to remember.

MIR let go of Minji and stood real close to her. Minji and Jaeeun ignored MIR’s existence and talked, but every time they made a comment about something, he would but in and say something stiupid.

Minji: Yah. Will you shut up.

Jaeeun: Hey Minji there comes Junho oppa and Chansung Oppa.

Minji turned her direction to Junho and Chansung as MIR pouted.

Minji: Hi oppas.

Chansung: Hi Minji and Jaeeun.

Junho: Hey.

MIR felt left out so he decided to leave but before he left he kissed Minji on the cheek and ran away before he was caught.


Min Hee went to her class like usual and sat next to Junwon.

Junwon: Hey Min Hee.

Min Hee: Hi.

Junwon: What’s wrong?

Min Hee: Nothing.

Junwon: Are you sure?

Min Hee: Yeah.

Junwon: But for sure I know there is something wrong with you. So tell me when you’re ready. Okay?

Min Hee: Okay.

The teacher came in and right behind him was Seung Ri.

Min Hee: Shoot.

Junwon: I bet it’s something to do with Seung Ri right?

Min Hee: Kinda.

The teacher started the lesson and at the end of class Min Hee told everything to Junwon.

Junwon: You want me to get Yoori on him?

Min Hee: No it’s okay.

Junwon: How is it okay when he kissed you? Ahh.

Min Hee: It’s really nothing. He doesn’t count as my first kiss.

Then from behind them Seung Ri heard what she said.

Seung Ri: What?! That didn’t count? Are you crazy?! I’m way to sexy and that should of coun.

Min Hee: I don’t want to see you right now. Bye Junwon. I gotta go.

Min Hee walked away from Junwon and Seung Ri.

Junwon: Yah! Lee Seung Ri! Why did you do that?!

Seung Ri: What?

Junwon: Don’t act like you don’t know.

Seung Ri ignored her and walked away.

Junwon: Yah. Get back here.

Junwon ran after Seung Ri and once she caught up to him, she tripped and went flying towards himand she fell ontop of him.


Then Min Hee walked by.

Min Hee: What are you guys doing?

Junwon got up as fast as possible and then Seung Ri got up as fast as lightning.

Junwon: Nothing. Nothing at all.

Seung Ri: You swear I would do anything with this girl. It’s all about me and you. *scoots closer to Min Hee*

Min Hee: Okay. Come on Junwon. Let’s go.

Junwon and Min Hee left together leaving Seung Ri by himself.


Dae Sung was all happy and jumpy all day.

Ji Yong: Dae Sung will you please calm down.

Dae Sung: No hyung.

Ji Yong: This is real embarassing.

Seung Hyun: Shut up. You’re just jealous that he has a date and you don’t.

Ji Yong: Pssh. You wish. You’re sister is not hot.

Seung Hyun: Whatever. But you know you want her.

Then Seung Ri walked over to them.

Seung Ri: Hey hyungs.

Hyungs: Hi.

Seung Ri: Dae Sung hyung. Why are you so happy? You’re so weird.

Dae Sung: Don’t be jealous. I have a date soon.

Seung Ri; Wait isnt it with the hot and pretty Yenny?

Dae Sung: Yep.

Seung Ri: Then you are pretty lucky.

Yenny: Dae Sung oppa! Wait for me.

Dae Sung and the guys turned around and it was Yenny. She was running towardsd them and then all of a sudden sh tripped and fell and Dae Sung ran and caught her.

Dae Sung: Are you okay Yenny?

Yenny: Thank you oppa.

Ji Yong: Hey you two stop all that icky gooey stuff.

Seung Hyun: If you got a problem then leave. And Dae Sung hurry up for we’re late to class.

They all walked to class together with Yenny. When they got in class all the others of MBLAQ and Big Bang was already there.

The lesson was boring like usual. By the end of class, every one left except ofr Dae Sung and Yenny. They talked and cracked jokes.

Then a voice came in.

Guy: Yenny. What are you doing here?

Yenny and Dae Sungturned around and saw a guy standing bythe door.

Yenny: Oppa. What are you doing here?

Guy: To see you. What else is there?

Dae Sung: Yenny. Who is he?

Yenny: Oh. Minho come here. I have to introduce you to some one special.

Dae Sung: *thinking to himself* Hey I’m some one special to her. That Minho guy is probably no one. ^^

Minho walked over to Dae Sung and Yenny. He sat next to Yenny and kissed her on the cheek. It gave Dae Sung an awkward feeling.

Yenny: Oppa. This is Daesung. Dae Sung oppa this is Minho.

Minho: Hi Dae Sung.

Dae Sung: Hi Minho. Yenny. I just remembered I had to help my hyungs on something. So bye guys.

As soon as Dae Sung was out of the class, he ran till he couldn’t any more. When he looked at his surroundings, he was at the place where he was going to take Yenny on a date to.

Dae Sung: I hate this. I hate this too much. Why was I so stupid.

Dae Sung fell on his knees and cried.


At lunch Cheon Dong left his friends to go find Taylor. He found her talking with her friends.

He walked towards them and dragged her away from her friends.

Taylor: What do you want?

Cheon Dong: About the make over, I cant do it. I’m way to busy to waist time on you.

Taylor: Oh that’s okay. I can just ask Jaeeun unnie.

Cheon Dong: Yah. Why are you replacing me so early?

Taylor: Because you said that you didn’t want to waste time on me so I’ll ask her.

Then Cheon Dong saw Jae Kyung walk by. Cheon Dong pulled Taylor into a kiss and he kissed her till Jae Kyung walked away.
Once Jae Kyung walked away, Cheon Dong pulled away from Taylor and looked at her. Her eyes were full of tears.

Cheon Dong: Taylor. I didn’t mean to do that. I’m sorry.

Taylor didn’t say a word but just ran back to her friends.

When Cheon Dong saw the tears in her eyes, he was hurt.

Jae Kyung: Oh. Wow Cheon Dong. You’ve grown up since our break up.

Cheon Dong: Shut up. Don’t think about hurting her.


Ji Yong went to find Jaeeun. He wanted to prove that he can get a gril. Thinking it will be easy to get Jaaeun, but he saw her with Junho.

Ji Yong: Jaeeun. Come here.

Jaeeun: Why? I’m busy.

Ji Yong: Yah. Get here for you regret it.

Jaeeun: What are you going to do?

Ji Yong walked up to Jaeeun and pulled Jaeeun away from Junho.

Jaeeun: Junho oppa. I’ll see you later.

Junho: Okay.

Ji Yong: Oh shut up.

Junho: *thinking to himself* Weird guy.

Ji Yong then let’s go of Jaeeun’s hand.

Jaeeun: What the hell do you want?

Ji Yong: Can you help me?

Jaeeun: Why would I help a person like you?

Ji Yong: Cause you love me. ^^

Jaeeun: You wish.

Ji Yong: Come on. Just help me once and I’ll stop bothering you.

Jaeeun: Fine.

Ji Yong: Can you help me ask out So Hee?

Jaeeun: Okay. I guess. But arent you a player?

Ji Yong: Yeah, but this is different and it’s fors reals.

Jaeeun: Okay then when do you want me to do it?

Ji Yong: After school.

Jaeeun: Okay.


Young Bae went to his last class like a good boy. When he walked in, and saw an empty seat next to Junwon.

Young Bae: *smiling chinkyly* Hi Junwonie!

Junwon: Oh god. Why you do this to me?

Young Bae: What are you talking about?

Junwon: Stop bothering me.

Young Bae: Why are trying to stop our love? We are meant to be.

Junwon:Stop lying to yourself like that.

Young Bae: Yah! You don’t appreciate this hot love? I wont give it to you anymore then.

Young Bae got up and moved seats and sat next to some other girl.

Junwon: *talking to herself* Oh thank god he’s gone.

The class started and the teacher handed out paper for them to work on.

Then as she was working by herself, she felt something hit the back of her head. She turned around and it was a paper ball. She picked it up and threw it back at Young Bae.

Young Bae: Yah. Why’d you throw that at me? At this pretty face, and body for no reason.

Junwon: You threw it first.

Young Bae: No I didn’t.

Young Bae picked up the paper ball and threw it back at her. Junwon made more paper balls They kept throwingit and then Young Bae made a super duper big paper ball and threw but Junwon ducked and it hit the teacher in the face.

Teacher: Young Bae. Detention. Now!

Young Bae: But it was all Junwon. She moved out of the way.

Teacher: Did you have to do anything with this paper?

Junwon: No.

Young Bae: You liar.

Teacher: Since I don’t know who did it, Young Bae you take the blame and let the girl go.

Young Bae: But this isnt fair.

Junwon: Bleh. *sticks out tongue*

Young Bae: Look. Look at her. She’s making fun of me.

Theteacher turned and looked at Junwon and she stopped.

Teacher: Young Bae just get to detention.

Young Bae: Fiine.

Young Bae went to detention first.

Teacher: And you too Junwon.

Junwon: What?!

Teacher: Just go.

Junwon: Oh whatever.

Junwon also walked her butt to detention.

When she reached detention, Young Bae saw her coming he started laughing.

Junwon: Shut up.

Teacher: Yeah. Both of you shut up.


After school, Joon waited for Hyori to come. But it took her longer than usual to come so he decided to go look for her himself.

Joon went and he bumped into Sohyun on the way.

Sohyun: what are still doing here?

Joon: Looking for Hyori.

Sohyun: Why?

Just not to long ago Sohyun saw Hyori with that same guy.

Sohyun: I think she’s busy right now.

Joon: Really?

Sohyun: come on let’s go.

Joon: okay then.

They walked to Joon’s car.

Sohyun: What would you do if one day I told you I liked you more than a friend?

Joon: I don’t know. Maybe shocked.

Sohyun: Oh. But would you ever think that?

Joon: No. We’re just friends. ^^

Sohyun: Haha. I was just kidding. I’ll never like you more than a friend.

Hyori: Joon! Are you still waiting for me?

Joon: *turning gaze towards Hyori* Yeah. Hurry up.

Hyori ran up and hugged Joon.

Sohyun: Bye Joon. I’ll be going first.


Seung Hyun waited for his sister to come. But instead of Jaeeun coming it was Jungmi.

Jungmi: What are you doing here?

Seung Hyun: Waiting for my little sister.

Jungmi: Oh she’s busy with Ji Yong.

Seung Hyun: What?! Where?!

Jungmi: Not like that you perv.

Seung Hyun: then what are they doing?

Jungmi: She’s helping him get a girl.

Seung Hyun: He needs help. Why not ask me? Gosh I’m much better than my sister.

Jungmi: Yeah sure. But you’re way to annoying.

Seung Hyun: You calling all this sexy-ness annoying?

Jungmi: Yeah but you know what will be real nice?

Seung Hyun: What?

Jungmi: Giving me a ride.

Seung Hyun: Fine since Jaeeun isn’t coming.

Jungmi and Seung Hyun got in the car.

Instead of driving to Jungmi’s place, Seung Hyun drove to his place.

Jungmi: Yah. Why are we at your place and not mine?

Seung Hyun: Cause you can spend the night with me.

Jungmi: Eww. You wish.

Seung Hyun forced Jungmi out of the car and into his place.

Jungmi: Yah. Let go of me.

Seung Hyun: Shut up.

He forcefully dragged her into his place and once they were inside he started kissing her. She tried pushing him off but he was too strong.

But then she started kissing back. Then Seung Hyun pulled away.

Seung Hyun: What’s wrong Jungmi? Jungmi. Jungmi are you okay?

Jungmi: What?

[that was supposed to be a dream thing but yeah it probably sucked]

Jungmi woke up from the call and looked at Seung Hyun.

Seung Hyun: What were you dreaming about?

Jungmi: N-nothing.

Seung Hyun: Sure. Well here we are.

Jungmi looked and they were at Seung Hyun’s place.

Jungmi: What are we doing here?

Seung Hyun: I can’t sleep alone at my place. Usually when Jaeeun is here, she waits till I fall asleep and then she leaves. So you have to do the same.

Jungmii: Oh god. I wish Jaeeun was here.

Jungmi and Seung Hyun walked in their place and Seung Hyun went to go shower. When he came out he was fresh. He walked over towards Jungmi and threw a towel at her.

Seung Hyun: Go shower up. You smell.

Jungmi: Okay. But I don’t have any clothes.

Seung Hyun: I think Jaeeun wont mind if you borrow her clothes.

Jungmi: Okay whatever. Just find me some clothes when I get out.

When she finished showering and put on the clothes Seung Hyun gave her.

Well Seung Hyun got tired and wanted to fall asleep so he led Jungmi to his room to watch him sleep.

Seung hyun: You promise not to leave till I fall asleep okay?

Jungmi: I promise.

She tucked Seung Hyun in and watched as he fell asleep.

Jungmi: *thinking to herself* I never knew Seung Hyun was like this. But he looks so cute sleeping.

Then Jungmi started getting tired and fell asleep on the side of the bed.



Ji Yong waited for Jaeeun come so she can help him ask So Hee out. When they saw So Hee coming, Jaeeun pushed Ji Yong towards So Hee.

Ji Yong: H-hi So Hee.

So Hee: Hi Ji Yong.

Ji Yong: I was wondering. Wait No I cant do it. Jaeeun!

So Hee: Are you okay Ji Yong?

Jaeeun: Yeah he is. He was just wondering if you’re free this weekend.

So Hee: Oh I’m sorry. I don’t really like you Ji Yong.

Ji Yong: What?! Not like me? Is this rejection Jaeeun?

Jaeeun: Yup. Well bye guys. I gotta go home.

Jaeeun ran to the bus station and took the bus home.


Byung Hee and HyoLim went home together since tomorrow they have to work on the singing project together.

HyoLim: Aye Byung Hee. Are you going to play the piano?

Byung Hee: I don’t know. It depends if it will seduce you.

HyoLim: Come on. Just play it.

Byung Hee: Fine. Just for you. ^^ Cause I love you.

HyoLim: Sure. Can we practice tonight?

Byung Hee: All night long baby. For sure.

Once they got to Byung Hee’s place, they walked in and Byung Hee handed her the lyrics. Byung Hee then started teaching her the frist couple of notes but she kept getting them wrong.

Byung Hee: Yah. I’m tired of teaching you. Just stop.

HyoLim: No. You have to help me. I need to raise my grade in that class. So we have to do well.

Byung Hee: No I’m tired.

HyoLim: I’ll do anything. If you help me pass, I’ll do anything you want for a whole month.

Byung Hee: Deal. But anything right?

HyoLim: Yeah.

Byung Hee started teaching the words and pitches.

Then by midnight she was knocked out. She fell asleep on the paper and when Byung Hee noticed, he picked her up and layed her down in his room. He deciede to let her sleep there for the night.


Right after school, Yoori said bye to her friends and was on her way home.

She walked home cause she had no money for the bus. But as she was walking, a car pulled up beside her and rolled the window.

It was Seung Ho!

Yoori: What do you want? Another punch?

Seung Ho: No but maybe another kiss.

Yoori: Eww. You are way to cocky for me. I hate guys like you.

Seung Ho: That’s what you say now but watch later on you’ll be begging for these lips. *makes kissy lips*

Yoori: Put those lips away before it gets ripped off.

Girl: Oppa. Leave this girl and let’s go to your place.

Seung Ho: I’m busy right now.

Yoori: It looks like you already have a girl. So I think you should show her those lips not me.

Seung Ho: But I don’t want her to have these lips. I want you.

Yoori: Well stop lying to yourself. You’ll never get me to kiss you.

Seung Ho: Are you sure about that?

Yoori: Yep. Hella sure.

Seung Ho then gets out of his car and pushes Yoori into his car.

Yoori: Yah. What do you think you’re doing?

Girl: Hey.

Yoori looked at the back seat and it wasn’t a girl, it was MIR!

Yoori: MIR. Why the hell do you sound like a girl?

MIR: Seung Ho hyung made me do that. *pointing at Seung Ho*

Seung Ho: Whatever.

Seung Ho dropped MIR off at MIR’s place and dorve to his place.

When they got to his place, Seung Ho made Yoori go into his place.

Yoori: I don’t want to be here.

Seung Ho: Well you’re here now. And about that kiss. It will be right here and right now.

Seung Ho started moving closer towards Yoori, but then Yoori ran up the stair case in his house. Seung Ho chased her until she ran into a room. And no matter how much it sucked it was his room.

Yoori: Shoot.

Yoori decided to face him.

Seung Ho: I got you.

Yoori walked up to him and smiled. But instead of kissing him, she kicked him in the shin and then kissed him on the forehead and took his keys and ran to his car.

Yoori: Bye Seung Ho!

She got into his car and drove home.

When she got home, she showered, and when she got out she thought about what she did to Seung Ho. She felt a little bad, but got over it.


[ C h a p t e r T h r e e ]

Aye readers. I wanted to clear something. For Byung Hee and HyoLim’s song, I changed it to cracks of a broken heart. And here’s the video but Onew [SHINee] is singing it.

So today’s a typical Saturday for the guys.

Seung Ho woke up and feeling pain in his shin.

Seung Ho: Aish. This girl is gonna get it today. But before that I need to get some ice.

Seung Ho went to go look for some ice, but found none.

Seung Ho: Guess I got to go buy some.

He walks back up to his room, and looked for his keys. It took him awhile to notice that his keys went missing.

Seung Ho: Shit. Did she take my keys too?!

Seung Ho ran to get his phone. But then he noticed he didn’t enen have her number.

Seung Ho: Gosh. What ever.

Seung Ho decided to call Mir and tell him to go buy him some ice.

When Mir came over, he brought the ICE!

Seung Ho: Thank god. I llove you so much.

Mir: but I love Minji. So I don’t love you hyung.

Seung Ho: Yah. Not like that. I’ll never love you.

Mir: What?! Never love me?! I’m hate you.

Seung Ho: Good. I hate you too. Now you can leave.

Mir: Fine. Hyung you’re so mean.

Seung Ho: Whatever.

Just as Seung Ho was about to put the band aid on his shin, the door bell rang. He went to go open the door and guess who it was.

Yup. It was Yoori with the key to his car in one hand.

Yoori: Here’s your keys.

Seung Ho: Thanks. I guess.

Yoori: I’m sorry about kicking you last night. It’s just you scared me by chasing me.

Seung Ho: Okay just leave now.

Yoori: *peeks into his palce and sees the aid stuff* Can I help you?

Seung Ho: No. You might even kick me again if I touch you.

Yoori: No. I promise this time I won’t.

Seung Ho: Okay fine.

Yoori: Then hurry up.

Yoori grabbed his hand and took him to the couch. She took the medicine thing and applied it onto his shin. She blew on it while Seung Ho was just staring at her.

Yooir: *trying to not make contact with Seung Ho* Does it hurt?

Seung Ho: No.

Yoori looked up at Seung Ho for one second and he was staring at her strongly.

Yoori: *thinking to herself* Why is he staring at me so strongly?

Yoori quickly put the band aid on and tried walking towards the door but then Seung Ho grabbed her hand to stop her from going.

Seung Ho: Stay for awhile. Since you owe me a lot for kicking me.

Yoori: Okay. What do you need?

Seung Ho: How about making me breakfast?

Yoori: Sure. But I’m not a good cook.

Seung Ho: it’s okay.

Yoori went to go cook some food for him. She made some fried noodles and a little salad.

Seung Ho walked over and looked at the food.

Yoori: Does it look good?

Seung Ho: I don’t know. Does it look like I ate some already?

Yoori: Gosh why are you so mean.

Seung Ho: Whatever. I’m hungry.

Seung Ho sat down and started digging in.

Seung Ho looked up at Yoori and asked her to sit.

Yoori: is it good?

Seung Ho: It’s alright.

Yoori didn’t really eat but just watched him. When they finished eating, Yoori decided to clean the dishes.

Seung Ho walked over and helped her wash the dishes.

Just as Yoori finished washing the last plate, she handed it over to Seung Ho. He accidentally grabbed her hand, but when he noticed he didn’t let go. Yoori felt his grip get tighter as she tried to pull away but she finally got away from his hold and ran to the bathroom.

As she ran away Seung Ho finished the washing the plates and went to his room. He stayed in his room for about ten minutes and decided to go see if Yoori was okay or if she was going to punch him again. But when he went down stairs, it was so QUIET.

He looked around and Yoori wasn’t there, but he did find a note. It says:

Hey Seung Ho. Again I’m real sorry for kicking you, but I hope making you breakfast and cleaning the plates for you will make you happ. Well bye I left.

-Yoori ^^

After ehe read the note, he went to go take a shower.


Byung Hee And HyoLim woke up this morning eating breakfast together. Then by noon they started practicing the song one more time.

Now they’re ready for the video. They sat next to eachother as the music to Cracks of a Broken Heart begins. Byung Hee started the piano and he started to sing the first couple of lines.

Song Lyrics:

[Byung Hee] Maybe we need just a little more time
Time that can heal what's been on your mind
You can find what we lost before it all slips away
We need time to mend from the mistakes I've made

[HyoLim] God only knows what a heart can survive
So many tears from all the pain in our lives
And where else could we go after all we've been through
I still believe my life is right here with you

[Byung Hee and HyoLim] So just hold on
And it'll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don't want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

[HyoLim] I know its taking a while but every lesson, i've learned
And if your heart speaks tonight, I'll hear every word
If you want to be free I'll never stand in your way
But with all that I am, I'm asking you to stay

[Byung Hee and HyoLim] Hold on
And it'll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don't want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

[Byung Hee] There's a light that can burn
It exists in the heart
You can feel it when you know love is true
If you could try to be strong
And keep the light burning long
It took a lifetime but i found it in you

[Byung Hee and HyoLim] Hold on
And it'll wont take long
I hope that you can love me
When the pain is gone
I don't want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart
Don't want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart

When they finished the song, Byung Hee quickly leaned over and kissed HyoLim on the cheek. But right after he kissed her, Byung Hee turned off his camera and ran.

The thing HyoLim didn’t know was that she was blushing in the video.

After they finished the singing project, they decided to go get ice cream.

HyoLim got vanilla and Byung Hee got strawberry. On there way home, they stopped at the small park by Byung Hee’s house.

HyoLim: Why’d you kiss me?

Byung Hee: Cause I can.

HyoLim: But it was in the video.

Byung Hee: I know. I want to let every one know that your mine.

HyoLim: But I’m not.

Byung Hee ignored what HyoLim said and scooted closer to her and took a bite of her ice cream.

HyoLim: Hey. This is my ice cream. And that is your ice cream. *pointing to Byung Hee’s ice cream*

Byung Hee: You want a bite of mine too?

HyoLim: No it’s okay.

Byung Hee: Okay. Whatever.

Then HyoLim got up and walked away.

Byung Hee: Where are you going?

HyoLim didn’t answer but just walked away. But as Byung Hee got up and walked over to her, but then she suddenly fell and scraped her knee.

Byung Hee: HyoLim. Are you okay?

HyoLim: Ow. Yeah.

She tries getting up but then she fell back down.

Byung Hee: Here. *gets down for HyoLim to get on his back*

HyoLim: No. It’s okay. Really.

Byung Hee: Just get on.

HyoLim: But I’m heavy.

Byung Hee: If you don’t get on my back, then I’ll carry you bridal style.

HyoLim: Okay fine.

She got on Byung Hee’s back and they headed to Byung Hee’s place.
When they got to Byung Hee’s place, he set her down the sofa and went to go get a band aid and some medicine to apply on her boo boo.

When he finished, he sat down next to her.

Byung Hee: You are so heavy.

HyoLim: Yah. Shut up.

Byung Hee: It’s the truth.

HyoLim: What ever. I’m leaving.

Just as HyoLim gets up to leave, Byung Hee pulls her hand.

Byung Hee: I’m just kidding. Stay with me till later.

HyoLim: Why? Will you listen to me?

Byung Hee: Sure. I guess.


Jungmi and Seung Hyun went shopping the next day while Jaeeun went with Ji Yong.

Seung Hyun: Ji Yong. You better not hurt her. Or I’ll kill you.

Ji Yong: Don’t trip. I got it under control.

Jungmi: Yeah Seung Hyun. You hear that? It’s under control.

Jaeeun: Whatever. Let’s go now or I’m not going any more.

Ji Yong: ‘Kay. Bye peeps.

Seung Hyun: Yah. I’m not done here. DON’T HURT HER!!

Ji Yong ignored Seung Hyun’s words and they went into Ji Yong’s car.

While Seung Hyun and Jungmi stayed home.

Jungmi: What are we going to do today?

Seung Hyun: Well. I was telling all of MBLAQ and Big Bang that we should go to the club later and then for right now, I don’t know. What do you think?

Jungmi: How about shopping?

Seung Hyun: Why? I hate going with girls.

Jungmi: Fine. Then you stay and I’ll go ask Jun Hyung.

Seung Hyun: Why Jun Hyung out of all guys? I think you can do better.

Jungmi: He’s just going with me to help me chose what to find.

Seung Hyun: Fine. Then I’ll go.

Jungmi: Okay. Then let’s go.

Jungmi grabbed Seung Hyun’s hand and dragged him to his car.

Once they go to the mall, Jungmi guided the way. They walked through many stores but she didn’t buy much. But then when they got into one store, she bought like one of everything. It was a lot of new SHINee and Super Junior posters and new CD’s. And she also bought many shirts and pants but she didn’t want to waste money so she only bought one or two shirts.

When they were officially finished with shopping, they headed to go eat. They both bought a sandwich to eat. They talked while eating, but then all of a sudden some one called from behind.

Some one: Jungmi-ah!

Jungmi turned around and notice it was Nichkhun.

Jungmi: Nichkhun oppa. What are you doing here?

Nichkhun: Shopping. And who’s that?

Jungmi: This is—

Seung Hyun: Her BOYFRIEND.

Nichkhun: Oh. I see. You’re finally over me.

Jungmi: Y-yeah.

Nichkhun: Well I would like you to meet Yoona.

Yoona: Hi. Nichkhun has told me a lot about you.

Jungmi: Oh really. Well I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Jungmi and this is Seung Hyun my boyfriend.

Seung Hyun wasn’t quite paying attention.

Yoona: You mean CHOI Seung Hyun?

Jungmi: Yeah.

Yoona: Is that him right there?

Jungmi: Yup.

Yoona walked up closer to him.

Yoona: Oh my god. Seung Hyun that is you.

Seung Hyun: Oh what?

Jungmi: Do you know Yoona?

Seung Hyun: Yoona? It sounds familiar. But nothing is coming to mind.

Yoona: How about Yoona the girl you dated last year? Does that help?

Seung Hyun: Oh. That Yoona. I remember her. Oh shit. That’s you.

Jungmi: Oh god Seung Hyun. You’re embarrassing me.

Yoona: You’re still stupid like usual.

Seung Hyun: But I’m still bomb looking.

Jungmi: Okay shut up Seung Hyun. We’re going. Come on.

Jungmi grabbed Seung Hyun’s hand and they walked out of the mall. Then Jungmi noticed she was still holding onto his hand, she tried letting go, but he held onto it tight and he dragged her to his car.

Jungmi: Hey. Let go of my hand.

Seung Hyun: You held onto mine first.

Jungmi: Yeah. But that was just to get us out of that place.

Seung Hyun: I wanted to get out of that place too. I didn’t want Yoona to see me. She still makes me go a little crazy for her.

Jungmi: Ohhh. You still like Yoona. Why don’t you go after her, instead of telling me? You are a big boy.

Seung Hyun: But she has a man.

Jungmi: So you’re a player. Go after what you want.

Seung Hyun: Fine if you put it that way, I’ll go after the things I want. And it’s you.

Seung Hyun pulled Jungmi and turned her around for a tight hug.

They stood in the middle of the streets of the mall parking lot. They hugged for about a long time then Jungmi pulled away and ran to the car leaving Seung Hyun behind.

Seung Hyun: She’s so cute.


Sohyun woke up the next morning real tired and sick. Her brother Jaejoongwalked into her room.

Jaejoong: Are you okay?

Sohyun: Yeah. Just tired.

Jaejoong: Okay then. I’ll be outside in the living room.

Sohyun: Okay.

Sohyun pulled the covers over her head and fell asleep.

When she woke up again, she saw Joon looking right at her,

Sohyun: *mumbling* This is a dream.

She closed her eyes and reopened them and she kept doing it over and over again.

Joon: Dummy. It’s not a dream.

Sohyun: If it’s not a dream then pinch me.

Joon: Okay, if you say so.

Joon pinched her on the cheek and she started screaming.

Joon: Told you.

Sohyun: Why are you here?

Joon: Jaejoong called me and told me you’re sick. So I came over.

Sohyun: what about Hyori?

Joon: She said she was busy today.

Sohyun: Oh. Okay.

Joon: but are you okay?

Sohyun: Yeah.

Joon: Then let’s go shopping.

Sohyun saw him smiling and she knew that she couldn’t help but say yes and keep him happy.

Sohyun: Then can you please get out so I can change into a decent outfit.

Joon: Oh right.

Joon walked out and Sohyun jumped out of bed all happy.

Sohyun went to brus up and change to just skinnies, a white v-neck and a blue scarf.

When she walked out she saw Joon and Jaejoong talking.

Sohyun: Joon, come on. Let’s go.

Jaejooong: Are you sure you’ll be okay Sohyun?

Sohyun: Neh oppa, don’t worry if anything goes wrong blame Joon.

Joon: Hey.

Sohyun: Come on.

Joon: Okay see you later, Jaejoong.

Jaejoong: okay but take care of her.

Sohyun: Come on, it’s not like were getting married.

Joon then followed Sohyun and they went shopping. They walked around eating ice cream and laaghing at dumb things. It’s been the longest time since they’ve done this together. Ever since Hyori came in, they didn’t have much friend times.

They entered the some store, and Joon saw something that cought his eyes, it was a heart shaped pendant. He walked into the store and looked at it.

Sohyun: Is that for hyori?

Joon: Yeah. It’s almost our anniversary.

Sohyun: Oh yeah. I forgot.

Joon bought the necklace and they walked out of the store, but just as they walked out, Joon stopped. Sohyun looked his way and then turned to look at Joon. He look emotionless.

It was Hyori and some guy kissing.

Sohyun: Joon, don’t.

Joon didn’t say anything but held the necklace tightly.

Sohyun: Joon...

Joon Walked up to Hyori and pulled the guy off of her.

Sohyun followed behind.

Sohyun: Joon. Don’t.

Sohyun’s words didn’t get to Joon. Joon punched the guy in the jaw. While Hyori was trying to run away, but Joon grabbed her hand.

Hyori: Joon. It’s not what you think.

Joon: How the hell is it not what I think, when I saw it? I thought you loved me.

Hyori: It’s... not me. *thinking of something to say*

Joon: Then what do you mean?

Hyori: It was Sohyun, she told that guy to break us up. It was all her fault.

Sohyun: What? I have nothing to do with this Joon.

Joon: Oh so that’s why you were in a hurry to come to the mall. You wanted to. Oh god, I thought we were friends.

Tears are now in Sohyun’s eyes.

Sohyun: Fine. We were friends, not anymore.

Sohyun ran out of the scene and ran back home.

Then as Joon watched her leave, some how his anger disappeared.

Hyori: See. She even said it herself.

Joon: Okay.

Then Joon pulled out the necklace and showed it to her.

Hyori: Oppa.

Joon put the necklace on her and they walked out of the place together.


Young Bae and woke up the next morning in his baggy sweats and of course shirtless. [he didn’t do anything inappropriate]
He walked into his kitchen wanting to eat something. He looked and saw that all he had was a lot of old food. So he decided to mix them all together and eat what they call ‘dog food.’

When he finished eating, he put the left over food back in the fridge and he went to go shower up. After shower, he called up pretty boy Cheon Dong to go with him to go work out. But Cheon Dong didn’t feel like going so instead Young Bae himself didn’t go.

Time was ticking and he was bored to death, so then he decided to go for a walk at least. On his way, he saw some one familiar. It was Junwon. He saw her talking to some guy, he walked up to her and pulled her away.

Junwon: What is your problem?

Young Bae: Who is that?

Junwon: A friend.

Young Bae: Oh then never mind. But come on let’s go.

Young Bae grabbed her hand and they walked away. Junwon tried to make him let go but he wouldn’t. she looked around and saw that they were in front of a pet store. Young Bae dragged her inside with him.

Junwon: Why are we here?

Young Bae: To get a pet dog.

They both looked around, and then they saw one puppy that caught their eye.

Junwon: How about that dog?

Young Bae: But that one isn’t that cute.

Junwon: Yeah it is. Look at it’s eyes.

Young Bae: No. if you don’t chose what I want then there’s no point of getting a dog.

Junwon: Hmph. Fine.

Junwon walked out of the shop and left.

Young Bae smiled to himself and walked up to the cashier girl and told her something.

Then he walked out after Junwon. He knew where she’d be so he went to that exact place. He found Junwon sitting on the swing by herself. He came up behind her and covered her eyes.

Junwon: Stop. Get away from me.

Young Bae: God. You’re so cute when you’re mad.

Junwon: I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

Young Bae: Fine then I’ll be going.

As Young Bae got up, and was about to leave, Junwon looked around and it was getting dark.

Junwon: No. Young Bae don’t leave me alone. At least take me home.

Young Bae: *smiling to himself* No. You don’t need me.

Junwon: No please take me home.

Young Bae: Fine but what’s the magic word?

Junwon: Please.

Young Bae: Nope.

Junwon: Then what is it?

Young Bae: It’s ‘I love Young Bae.’

Junwon: I’m never saying that.

Young Bae: Oh well then I’m going.

Junwon: Fine go. Like I said, I don’t need you.

Junwon got up and started walking home, Young Bae didn’t believe it. He followed after just to make sure that she’ll be okay. Once they got to her place, she walked in and Young Bae still followed her. She entered her house and tried shutting the door on him, but he put his foot in the way and the door didn’t close all the way.

Young Bae: Yah. Let me in too.

Junwon: No. I don’t need you.

Young Bae: Please. You told me to walk you home. If I can’t come in, can I at least get a drink of water?

Junwon: Fine.

She let him in and he followed her.

Junwon: Will you quit following me?

Young Bae: Fine. But get me that water.

Junwon: Just sit your small but down and I’ll get you some.

Young Bae sat down and moments later, Junwon brought over the water.

He stayed at her place with her till later.


Ji Yong and Jaeeun went to go get something to eat. When they arrived at the place, Ji Yong was being a gentleman. It felt weird to Jaeeun. He was never like this.

Jaeeun: What’s wrong with you?

Ji Yong: It’s just that I don’t what I’m feeling. I think that rejection hurt me bad.

Jaeeun: Yeah but why are you telling me to come here?

Ji Yong: You have to help me.

Jaeeun: With So Hee?

Ji Yong: Yeah.

Jaeeun: What happen to that player side of yours? Did it disappear?

Ji Yong: No, but it’s just that So Hee is different from other girls.

Jaeeun: And why do you need my help for?

Ji Yong: Be my fake girlfriend.

Jaeeun: What?!

Ji Yong: Yeah fake girlfriend.

Jaeeun: And what will I get out of this?

Ji Yong: If you help me get with her, then I’ll leave you alone forever.

Jaeeun: Why’d you choose me to do this?

Ji Yong: *smiling* because we’re good friends.

Jaeeun: Sure we are.

Ji Yong: Please help me on this.

Jaeeun: Sure but w-

Ji Yong pulls out a contract with all this writing on it.

Ji Yong: Sign it.

Jaeeun: Oh wow. You always shock me with all these dumb things you do.

Ji Yong: So just sign it.

Ji Yong handed her the paper with a pen. She read it first and then once she finished she signed it.

Ji Yong: Thank you so much.

Jaeeun: You’re welcome.

Ji Yong jumped out of his seat and started doing many weird dances.

Jaeeun laughed at his silliness. Then Ji Yong sat back down, and they order their food.

After they finished eating, he took her home. When they reached her place, he followed her out and acted like a real nice sweet boyfriend.

When they reached her door, she was about to just walk in but then Ji Yong pulled her into a hug.

Ji Yong: Thanks a lot for today.

Jaeeun: Sure whatever. Now let go.

She pushed out of Ji Yong;s hold and went inside.

Ji Yong: God what is wrong with this girl?

Ji Yong got in his car and drove to his place.


This morning when Dae Sung got up, he received a text from Yenny saying that she’ll be ready by 10AM for the date.

He didn’t really want to go. But he didn’t want to let her down.

By 10, Dae Sung went to go pick her up. But when he got to her place, she wasn’t there. Then there was aote on her door saying tat her and Minho is at ice cream shop around the corner and waiting for him there.

Dae Sung walked back to his car and drove to the ice cream shop. When he got there, he got out of his car and entered the shop. He then stopped in his steps when he saw that Yenny and Mnho were laughing and being all happy together. He didn’t want to walk over to them, so he walked out the door.

Just as Yenny turned around, she saw his back and walked out after him.

Yenny: Oppa! Where are you going?

Dae Sung turned around and saw a smiling Yenny. He couldn’t help but smile to himself.

She ran up to him and dragged in. He didn’t sit next to her, but in front of Minho and Yenny.

Yenny and Minho were laughing and flirting. Dae Sung couldn’t take it anymore, he wanted to know if they were dating or not.

Dae Sung: Yenny, can I talk to you outside?

Yenny: Sure. Oppa stay here and wait.

Dae Sung and Yenny walked out of the shop.

Yenny: What’s wrong oppa?

Dae Sung: It’s about you and Minho.

Yenny: What about us?

Dae Sung: I was wondering... Are you guys dating?

Yenny: Yeah, what did you think?

Dae Sung: Oh. Nothing *fake smiling*

Yenny: Okay.

Dae Sung: Oh I remember, I had some thing to do, so you go ahead in side.

Yenny: Are you sure?

Dae Sung: Yeah.

Yenny: Bye oppa.

Dae Sung: Bye.

Dae Sung went to his car and drove off.


Cheon Dong woke up the next morning and headed over to Taylor’s place. I don’t know how he knows where she lives, but he’s got connections.

He appeared at Taylor’s door and of couse she had a different look by Jaeeun. Jaeeun just left before Cheon Dong came.

Cheon Dong: Does Taylor live here?

Taylor: Yeah. What do you want?

Cheon Dong: I want to talk to Taylor.

Taylor: What is it?

Cheon Dong: I want to talk to Taylor.

Taylor: What is it?


Taylor: What?! This is Taylor!

Cheon Dong: No it isn’t, Taylor’s much dorkier.

Taylor: If you got nothing to say, I’m gonna close the door on you.

Cheon Dong: Fine, but who gave you that hair cut?

Taylor: Jaeeun did.

Cheon Dong: Oh hell no, call her over and let me give her a piece of my mind.

Taylor: Don’t trip, she don’t want a piece of your stupidness.

Cheon Dong: Bwoh?! My stupidness?!

Taylor: Yep.

Cheon Dong: Fine.

Taylor slammed the door on his face and walked away, then she heard the phone ring, and guess who it was?!


Taylor: Hi Doo Joon.

Doo Joon: Hey. Are you busy tonight?

Taylor: No, why?

Doo Joon: Would you like to go out?

Taylor: Of course.


Cheon Dong was by her window, listening to their conversation and then he decided to barge in.

Cheon Dong: Hey Taylor! Open up! NOW!

Taylor turned and looked at Cheon Dong. She walked up to the window and closed it. Cheon Dong got mad and started banging on the door.

Once she was done with the phone, she turned to the door to check if Cheon Dong was there, and guess what. He was asleep. She walked over to him, and then he suddenly opens his eyes and grabbed the water hoes next to him and shot her with it.

Taylor: Stop! I’m getting wet.

Cheon Dong: Then say you’re sorry!

Taylor: But you started!

Cheon Dong: You’re so mean to me!

He shot even more water at her and he literally chased her with the water hoes.

Then she decided to apologize. Then Cheon Dong stopped shooting her and stared. Taylor saw his eyes direct, and then she looked at where his eyes were looking at her chest.

Taylor: You perv!

She ran back into the house and locked the door.

Cheon Dong: She acts as if she had any.

Then he left home.


Seung Ri was still mad over the fact that his kiss for Min Hee didn’t count. He knew he had to get her back and show her it did count.

Min Hee was home alone watching movies. Like I said before, I don’t know how Seung Ri knows where she lives but he got them connections.

Seung Ri saw that she was alone and watching scary asian movies. He knocked on the door and Min Hee jumped.

Seung Ri: Hey Min Hee open up!

Min Hee: Okay.

She walked to the door and opened it, he walked right in and went to go sit wit h her.

Seung Ri: Are you scared?

Min Hee: N-no.

Seung Ri: Sure.

Min Hee: For real.

Seung Ri: Then prove it.

Seung Ri sat down and watched it, Min Hee turned off the lights and sat down next to him. Many scary scenes came up but she didn’t jump, it was actually Seung Ri who jumped.

Min Hee: I thought you weren’t scared?

Seung Ri: Pshhh. I’m not. I was testing you.

Min Hee: Sure.

Then as the movie end, Min Hee fell asleep. Seung Ri got up and picked Min Hee up and laid her correctly on the sofa. He watched her sleep for a moment, and then he looked at her lips. He felt his heart beating faster.

Seung Ri: *thinking* what is this I’m feeling? No it can’t be what they call LOVE??? NO!!!


Mir was bored as hell staying home; he decided to go for a walk, then as he went for his walk, he saw Minj!

He ran up to her and hugged her from behind.

Mir: Don’t ever leave me again!

Minji: What are you talking about?

Mir: Oh nothing.

Minji: And this is for that kiss you gave me.

She pinched him on the cheek real hard and ran for her life.

Mir rubbed his cheek and ran after her. When he caught up to her, she accidentally slipped on the wet grass and fell and Mir fell on top of her. Their faces were just inches apart. She tired pushing him off, but then he pinned her hands down, then he leaned in closer. Minji on the other hand was freaking out, but she closed her eyes and Mir got closer.

Then as she waited for the kiss, but all she heard was laughing. She opened her eyes and it was Mir who was laughing. She pushed him off and ran after him. They ran around the playground and then he gave up and let Minji catch him. When she caught him, she kicked him and ran home.

Mir: Minji! I’ll get you for that!


Okay finally another chapter! I hope I get some of my girls back, but if any of you guys know them, let them know that this story is still alive. ^^

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