It Wasn't A Mistake (Complete)

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It Wasn't A Mistake (Complete)

Post by JayWalker. on March 12th 2010, 6:15 pm

Yep it's me again. This time it's my friend, guiwang_4ever and I, we are going to write this fan fiction together. Smile
This story is also posted of Winglin Very Happy. I just wanted to post on here also. Please enjoy!!

Hebe is in LOVE with Aaron, she’ll do anything for him.
Aaron, on the other hand, is in LOVE with Genie, one of Hebe’s friends.
One day, Aaron decides to ask Genie out. When it comes to talking as friends, it’s not a problem, but when it comes to asking her out, Aaron fails. Instead he asks Hebe out to get closer to Genie. What will happen when Hebe finds out that Aaron is using her? But what happens when Aaron change of heart?
It’s a typical high school love story, starring Aaron, Hebe, Calvin, and Genie.

Starring: BeBu & CalNie
Featuring: Selina, Ella, Jiro, Chun ++ others

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Chapter 1

Post by JayWalker. on March 12th 2010, 6:18 pm

Chapter 1: Will you be my girlfriend?

Hebe’s pov;
“Hebe, I love you…” he wraps his arms around me, “And I’ll never let you go.”
I smile as I look at him, “You’re mine.” He added.
I wrap my arms around his waist, “I love you too.” I say happily.
“Hebe… Hebe… Hebe…”
“Are you coming or not?” My friend Selina asks.
“Oh… yeah,” I answer as I grab my stuff and got up.
“Dreaming about Aaron again huh?” My other friend, Genie, says standing at the door, waiting for us… well me.
“No,” I lied as we headed towards the cafeteria.
“Whatever Hebs,” My other friend Ella says, “We all know that when it takes longer to wake you up, then that means you’re dreaming about Aaron.”
“So!” I complain, “It doesn’t hurt to dream about somebody you like. Like you don’t dream about Chun.”
“I use too, but not no more…” Ella explains.
‘It’s true. Ella and Chun are now dating… So are Jiro and Selina… It’s just Genie and me left…’
We sat down at our usual table and took out our lunch and started eating.

Aaron’s pov;
I notice the girls coming in. I follow them with my eyes as they sat at their usual table.
‘Just go over and ask for Genie… Come on… you can do it!’ I thought, ‘No, I can’t!’

“Aaron… Aaron… Aaron!” Chun shouts.
“What man?” I turn to look at the guys.
“Do you want your sandwich?” Chun asks.
I look at my sandwich; it was still in the bag, neatly. I handed Chun my sandwich and went back to looking at the girls, well Genie, who were happily talking to one another.
“Aaron, just go ask her out…” Jiro says.
I look back at Jiro, “I don’t know…”
“Just go!” Jiro says.
I took a glance at Genie then back at Jiro, “Good luck to me,” I mumble as I got up. I walk over to the girls, whose table was a few tables in front of ours to our left.
“Aww, that’s so sweet!” I hear Selina say when I reach their table.
I let out a cough, *cough cough*.
“Oh, hey Aaron,” Ella say.
“Hey, can I talk to…” I started out saying…
‘Just say it Aaron… she’s a friend of yours… don’t be scare!!’ I thought to myself, ‘say Genie… GEN-IE!’
“Can I talk to…Ge-Hebe?” I couldn’t say it, cat caught my tongue… Ugh! So stupid of me!

Hebe’s pov;
“Can I talk to…Ge-Hebe?” I shot my head right up when I heard Aaron say my name… ‘Omo! He wants to talk to me!’
I look over at Ella and Selina, who sat across from Genie and me, they nodded.
*sigh* I slowly stand up and follow Aaron out of the cafeteria.
He finally stops walking as we reach the gym.
We stay silent for a while… a long while.
“So? Why do you need to talk to me?” I ask.
No answer.
“Hello… Aaron…” I say as I look at him, who was not looking at me.
‘Although I do like him, he’s starting to piss me off… wasting my time.’
“Aaron…” I say once again, “Aaron…”
“What?!” He shouts.
I flinch a bit, from the change of tone, “You call me out here… because you want to talk to me… but you’re not saying anything,” I explain, “And why the heck are you yelling for? I’m in front of you!”

“Oh… right,” Aaron says, “Um…”

“Um…” Aaron continues to say, “Um… what’s the chemistry homework?”
“Chemistry homework?” I repeat.
I follow him all the way out here to tell him the chemistry homework?!
“We didn’t get any homework,” I answer, “You could have ask Jiro…”
“Oh… ha-ha-ha…” he laughs, “Yeah…”
“Is that all?” I ask.
“Um… yeah.”
“Then I’m going to go now.” I say. I head back towards the cafeteria.
‘Ugh! Stupid Aaron… why do I even like you?’ I thought, ‘Maybe because he’s cute… he’s nice… quite smart…’
“Um… Hebe?” I hear Aaron say behind me.
I turn around to face him, “Um… You… Will you be my girlfriend?”
Sorry for the change of story.. VERY sorry..
I like the other one too, but I didn't know how to start it off..
&& this one I wrote it down quite a long time ago..
hope you guys still support us! Smile
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Chapter 2

Post by JayWalker. on March 12th 2010, 6:20 pm

Chapter 2: Disappointed

Aaron's POV;
'Woah! What did I just say!?'
I could barely look straight at her after those words came out of my mouth. She looked at me strangely.
'What if she says no?!, I'll look like a fool! Ugh, my chances and me. Of course she'll say no! She doesn't even like me and so don't I. What's up with me lately!?'
Hebe's POV;
I was speechless, I didn't know what to say. I stared at him blankly. Was I really dreaming again? I pinched myself.
"Ow...", I whimpered loud enough for me to hear only.
I guess not. I stood frozen as ice. Is he just playing around? The only word that came out my mouth was,"um..".
Before I knew it, Aaron was standing in front of me.
"Will you..?.."
"....I.." Before I could say anything else, he interrupted me.
"I'm sorry, It was a mistak" I interrupted him.
"..yes.." I replied quickly then looked down so he wouldn't be able to see my pink face. I quickly covered my mouth after hearing what I just said.

Aaron's POV;
My chest was somehow beating really fast, when she said that word. But I was unsure, because she said it so quickly. 'Did she like me?' Questions start to pop up in my head.
"..So is that a yes?" I questioned to make sure, sounding kind of dumb.
There was no answer. I reached my hand toward her chin, lifting her head up to face me. I smiled at her cherry blossom face. I somehow chuckled, because of her sweet innocent look.
"AARON!!" She yelled.
She covered her face.
"I'm going back to the cafeteria if this is just all a prank!" She stomped away.
I suddenly stopped her by grabbing her right wrist. Of course, I had no clue of what I was doing.

Hebe's POV;
My heart was going to skip out of chest! Why!? Because he was holding my wrist!!
"Why go alone?" He said.
"What?" I was confused at his question.
"Shouldn't we go back together? We ARE.." He exaggerated the word *are* "..officially girlfriend and boyfriend.."
I stared blankly at him, when he said that. I somehow regretted saying yes. So then I looked at him, then to my wrist.
"Oh, I'm sorry Hebe..that was rude of me." His hand then slide down from my wrist to my hand. Held my hand tightly.
"..Uh Aaron.." I stuttered.
"Hm...uncomfortable?..well get use to it. We'll probably be doing this daily." He smiles, then started to walk toward the cafeteria.
"Aaron!" I shouted, hitting him on his left shoulder with my other free hand. But nothing happened.

Aaron's POV;
I'm somehow was glad. Now I'll make Genie be really jealous of Hebe. Make her to want me even more. I know she likes me! She can't just deny it forever... can't she? No she can't! She'll admit it sooner or later. Now all I got to do is make Hebe feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I of course will get more attention from Genie, she'll then come to me and confess. Ugh, why am I sounding like this?! I sound so desperate! *shiver* This is not the Aaron I know! Okay... calm down Aaron, just take this very slow.~

"Aaron!!Aaron!!" Hebe shouted.
I finally came out of my thoughts from Hebe's shouting and stopped walking, I looked at her annoyingly.
"What!?" I said in that annoying tone.
"Stop squeezing my hand!! It hurts!!"
I looked at our holding hand. Her hand was pale white.
"Hebe!.. I'm so sorry..I didn't mean to hurt you."
"Hebe!! What took you guys so long?!" I suddenly heard Genie's voice.

Me & Hebe looked up to find out that it was her friends and mines. I frozed when I saw Genie.
I suddenly letted Hebe's hand go quickly.
"What are you doing to Hebe?!" She yelled at me.
"I...." Hebe stood up for me.
"Genie, it's ok.."
"Then what was up with all the screaming?" Hebe's friend Selina jumped in the conversation.
"It was nothing.." Hebe replied in a sad tone, then looked down.
I looked at her. Then felt guilty for yelling at her earlier.
"Sorry Hebe.." my voice trailed off.

Hebe's POV;
What is up with him lately?! First, takes me to the gym and ask me a stupid question. Then ask me to be his girlfriend. Back like 20 seconds ago was just yelling at me. Now he's sorry?!... I don't get it at all!!! I did a sigh.
"It's ok Aaron. I forgive you this time." I forcefully lifted up my head to look at him with a simple smile on my face.

I could tell he was relieved from my answer, because he had his smile on. He then suddenly hugged me. Everyone looked at us with big opened eyes. I also had them on too. Surprised by his sudden action too. He then released the hug 5 second later. His left arm was wrapped over my shoulder.
"Don't we just look like a cute couple?" He smiled while he said that. I blushed when he said that. Everyone gasped in one air.
"Hebe!?.. What does this mean!?" Ella asked all excited. I did a small shy smile.
"What is this Aaron!?" Chun suddenly asked.
"Is there by chance that......." Jiro never finished his sentence.
"Hebe!!! Are.." Before Genie could finish her sentence, Aaron jumped in to finish her sentence for her.

Aaron's POV;
"Yes we're going out Genie...jealous?"
"Of course not! You two will look so cute together!!" Genie replied squealing with Hebe's other friends.

I then was disappointed by her answer. I never thought that she would agree to this regardless relationship with Hebe & Me...

Mianhe ..Sorry.. :/ ...I didn't write much. It's my first
fanfiction ever on winglin Razz...I was much excited..
you can say that. Sorry if i had any wrong or misspelled words..
I hope this was satisfying enough Smile .. Hehe....
Please support us!! <3 We will do our best ! :]
Please comment as well too (: Thank You!


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Chapter 3

Post by JayWalker. on March 12th 2010, 6:22 pm

Chapter 3: First Date

Aaron's POV;
We were in the middle of class, and I dozed off. Thinking about Genie, then back to why I asked Hebe out. I didn't even realize that class was over until Jiro threw a paper ball at me.
"Yah!!!" I shouted at him.
All my guy friends came to huddle around me.
"What's up with you and Hebe?" Chun asked in curiosity.
"I know! I thought it was suppose to be Genie!" Calvin added.
"SHH!!! Not so loud!!" I said to them.
"Well... EXPLAIN!" they all said.
"I don't know! It just slipped out of my mouth on accident!"
"Dumb reason!" Chun said.
"Think of a better reason." Jiro said.
"I'm using her??" I confusingly said.
My 3 friends made an oval shape mouth.
"You are a bad man Aaron!!" Calvin stated.
"Shame on you!" Jiro added.
"Well I'm actually not!" I shouted at them.
"Oh really?...You know you just going out with Hebe, just to get closer to Genie. I know you. You trying to make Genie jealous." Chun said.
"We know how you desperately want Genie." Calvin said.
"Yah!.. I'm not like that!!.... Am I?.." I made a concerned face.
Jiro put his hand on my shoulder.
"We know you Aaron. We know you. We know you too well." He softly patted my shoulder.
Genie's POV;
What's up with them guys?! They are like cuddling in a little group chatting about something! Ugh, there is something fishy going on! I then went up to the girls.
"Hebe! Girls! Come over here!"
They all came, we sat in a little circle.
"Hebe, is there any reasons why Aaron asked you out?"
"Um, I don't know. But isn't it weird?! It's like what I always dreamed of!" Hebe said.
"But it doesn't matter! You two are together!!" Selina commented happily for Hebe.
"That is so true though! But that Aaron, it seems like there is something not trustworthy about him." I said.
Hebe looked at me confused.
"NO!!" I shook my hands. "I'm not trying to ruin your relationship, it's just..there's something that he's hiding!!"
"I do feel something like that too Hebe!" Ella joined in.
Hebe made a concerned face.
"Let's just see if this continues on.." Hebe said.
I looked at her worriedly. Then to the group of boys.
'I just don't want my best friend to be hurt, that's all.'


*Outside of School*

Aaron's POV;
I looked at Genie. She was fooling around with Calvin. I stared in jealousy. How could she be doing that to him?! I let out a sigh.
"Hebe, let me walk home with you." I said.
"Sure." She smiled.
So we then began to walk. We stayed completely quiet. Creating a very weird atmosphere around us. The whole time, I was staring at the ground.
"Aaron what's wrong?" Hebe asked in concerned,
"Nothing." I continued to look at the ground.
"Are you sure? Don't make me worry."
"Hebe, I'm really fine."
She then walked silently, not knowing what to say anymore.
All you could hear was our footsteps.
"Umm..Hebe?" I suddenly broke the awkward silence.

Hebe's POV;
Why does he look like this?! He's making me worry.Is there really something he is hiding? Am I doing something wrong?
"Are you free tomorrow?" he suddenly asked me.
"Let's go out." He smiled at me.
I let out a small relief to see that cute smile on him again. It just tells me that everything is really fine. We stopped at my front door.
"Consider it as our first date." He smiled, giving me a pinch on the cheeks.
"Oww! Aaron!!" I slapped his hand, rubbing my cheek where he pinched. He then laughed.
"Tomorrow at 10 am. Ok?" He rubbed my head. Messing my hair up and ran before I could yell at him. I looked at him astounded. He made a laughing adorable smile, waving his hand.
"Don't worry about me! I'm really fine! Sorry for making you worry! Just please don't miss me too much!!" He shouts across the street to me. His laughs echo down the road. I giggled at his silly words. Why would I miss him!? I continued to watch him disappear down the black empty street. When there was no more appearance of Aaron. I then entered in my house. Leaning my back against the door.
"What were the reasons why I like him again!?" I questioned myself.

Sort of rushed. :/ Just a little short chapter.
Sorry for grammars too.. :/ I totally suck at
that. Well hope you like the update!
Comment Please <33 I love you & your support!
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Chapter 4

Post by JayWalker. on March 13th 2010, 8:05 pm

Chapter 4: Best first date in the world!

Hebe’s POV;
“Morning dad!” I say happily as I join him in the dining room.
“Someone seems happy today,” my mom says as she enters the room.
“Not me….” I answer then took a bite of my food.
“Awww, sweetie, our Hebe is happy…” My mom says to my dad, “Something good must have happen last night…”
“It’s not that good,” I say quietly.
“Are you going on a date?”
My head quickly shot up, “What?” I exclaim, “No… Why do you say that?”
“Because someone is at the door for you,” my mom says, “And it’s a guy.”
“A guy? Your boyfriend?” my dad asks.
“Maybe…” I say as I rush out the room.
I rush past the living room and out the door then realize somebody was in the living room.
I went back to check and notice it was Aaron, “Aaron!” I say shock, “What are you doing here?” I ask, “Early.”
“Waiting for you, of course,” Aaron answers.
“Ok… ok… let’s go!” I rush over to him and push him out the door behind my—
“Hebe honey, why don’t you introduce us?” my mom asks, “Wow! She must be happy.”
~in the car~
“What’s the rush?” Aaron asks.
“Nothing… nothing…” I answer.
“You don’t want your parents to know about me?” Aaron question, “We have been dating for a month now.”
“It’s not that…” I reply. Ok, firstly… we have only been dating for a week and this is our first date… What if it don’t work, I don’t want to tell my parents after a month of datng.
“So where are we going?” I ask changing the subject.
“Tell me!” I say as I turn to face him.
But he shook his head and focus on driving, “Please!!!!!!!” I beg.
But he stays with his answer.
Genie’s POV;
“Woah… the whole crew came today I see…” I say once I realize everybody was here except Hebe and Aaron since they were on their date.
“Well, except for Hebe and Aaron,” Chun clarifies.
I lead them all to the living room. It’s Saturday and we always hang out… Well, usually somewhere else… not at home, but since we’re all broke, except for Hebe and Aaron since they happen to be able to go somewhere, we ended up here… at my place.
Since Ella and Chun were together, since with Selina and Jiro… I was stuck with Calvin.
“So…” I say trying to break the silent.
‘Come on Genie, it’s just Calvin… Omo! It’s Calvin! My long time crush!’
“Are you hungry?” I ask. He shook his head…
“Whew! I don’t want to cook either…” I say.
“Then why did you ask?” Calvin asks.

Hebe’s POV;
Soon, we arrive… at the AMUSEMENT PARK!!
After getting our ticket, I drag Aaron around to all the rides I wanted to go on… Especially the Ferris wheel… but I’ll save the best for last… =)
“Look Aaron!” I say as I tug onto his arm and pointed to a roller coaster, “Can we go?”

Aaron’s pov;
“Look Aaron!” Hebe says as she tugs onto my arm and pointed to a roller coaster, “Can we go?”
I look at her and nodded. “Yay!!!!!!!!!!” Hebe cheers.
I watch her cheer happily, ‘She is so cute… Omo! What am I thinking?! Genie… Genie is cute! Genie is CUTE!!!!!!’
“Hurry up Aaron!” I heard Hebe shout. I rush over and we got in line.

“That was fun!!” Hebe says when we got off the roller coaster, “Don’t you think so Aaron?” ‘She is so cute when she’s happy… so cute…’
“Aaron…” Hebe says.
“Are you ok?” I nodded, “Of course I am.”
“Ok, let’s go eat then…” Hebe suggested. I nodded and follow her as I held onto her hand.
After eating, we decided to go home…
~in the car~
I saw Hebe yawning, “You can sleep, and I’ll wake you up once we arrive.” I suggested.
She nodded and closes her eyes.
‘What a weird first date…’ I thought, ‘But it was actually fun...’
“Aaron?” I heard Hebe say.
“This was the best first date ever…” Hebe says.
‘It was… wasn’t it?’ I thought.

Genie’s POV;
“Because…I’m just wondering…” I answer.
“Oh..” Was all he said.
“So… what are you good at?” I ask.
“Almost everything I guess..” Calvin answers, “Why?”
“Everything?” I repeat.
“Almost everything,” Calvin clarifies, “Why?”
I smile, “What about…”
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Chapter 5

Post by JayWalker. on March 13th 2010, 8:06 pm

Chapter 5: Hugs<3
I smile, “What about... video games?” I ask.
“I’m pretty good at it,” Calvin says.
“Well, let’s see if you’re better than me…” I say.
I got up and headed to the family room, “Come on… or are you scare?”
“Scare?” Calvin repeats, “Keep dreaming…”
I set up the game system and put in one of the game.
“Woah… Racing? Are you sure?” Calvin asks.
“I’m better than my brothers are racing,” I say, “So, of course I’ll beat you”
“And what if I win?” Calvin questions.
“Then… I’ll do whatever you say…”
“Whatever I say?”
“Almost… whatever you say… as long as it’s not something stupid.”
“I accept.” Calvin says.
And the race begins.
Aaron’s POV;
We arrive in front of Hebe’s house.
The ride wasn’t that long but she was already soundly asleep.
I turn off the engine and took the key out then softly shook Hebe.
“Hebe… Hebe…” I say as I shook her, “Hebe, we’re here... Hebe…”
“Hmmm…” Hebe finally made a sound.
“We’re outside your house…” I told her.
Hebe rubs her eyes and look out the window, “Oh…”
Hebe sat up and opens the door, “I had fun today…” Hebe says when she looks back at me, “Thanks…”
I smile, “See you on Monday….”
Hebe smiles, got out the car, and close the door behind her. She then waves good-bye as I drove off.
‘It’s good to see you happy, but… it won’t last long… just until I can tell Genie…’

Genie’s POV;
“Dang it!” I say when Calvin finish the line first, making me second.
“Best two out of three?” Calvin says.
“You’re on!” I say as I restart the game.
And again, we race on.
“Awwwwwww!” I complain as I threw the controller on the floor.
“Seem like I’m better at this than you are…” Calvin says.
“Ok, I’ll do anything, but it better not be anything stupid,” I clarifies.
“Well, that’s on hold…”
“Because I don’t know what you should do...” Calvin answers.
“Can it be something as simple as cooking or doing your homework?” I ask him.
Calvin shook his head, “Nope…”
“AWwwwwwwwwwwwwww!” I whine, “But if it’s something stupid, I’m not doing it…”
“It might be…”
“It better not be!”
“Fine…fine, it won’t be…” Calvin says.
I smile, “GOOD!”

~1 month later~
Aaron’s POV;
It has been one month since Hebe and I start dating. I admit, we have our good times… and she is quite sweet and cute… at times… BUT! I still like Genie, remember that… I like Genie and not Hebe…
I walk into the classroom and sees Genie and Calvin talking to each other happily. I can feel jealousy rising within me… I look at Hebe and try to calm down as I walk over to her and gave her a hug.
“Hi Aaron...” Hebe says as I sat down next to her, “I miss you…”
I smile at her, “I miss you too.”
I look over at Genie and Calvin and notice Genie looking at us, I decided to give Hebe another hug, “Do you miss me that much?” Hebe asks.
Updated! That's 3 chapters for you guys! <33
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Chapter 6

Post by JayWalker. on March 16th 2010, 6:31 pm

Chapter 6: Promise..

Aaron’s POV;
"Of course!"
"Oh dummie, We just met each other yesterday." She hugged me tighter.
"Why? I can't miss you?" I released the hug and looked at her.
She just smiled at me. I laughed at her cuteness. 'Gahh, she's so adorable.' I gave her another hug.
"Hey! Don't kill her yet!" I heard Genie shout at me with Calvin following behind her. I looked at her weirdly.
"What? You know she's still my girl too. I won't let you steal her away yet." She told me.
"Well...............too late! She's already mines!" I stuck out my tongue at her. Then pulled Hebe towards me.

*After School*
I was walking back home with the guys.
"Brother, what's wrong?" Chun asked.
I just stared madly straight ahead.
"He's mad because Genie stole Hebe away from her." Calvin added.
"Really!?" Jiro jumped in.
"But, I'm confused. Don't you still like Genie?" Chun said.
Then something popped up in my head. Why am I mad all of a sudden? Ugh, I was just going to take Hebe out to eat and she took her away from me! Hebe is mines! Not hers! I continued to walk looking down. Calvin tapped me on my shoulder. I looked at him.
"What!? I'm right in front of you! No need to yell!" I gave him that face. I was still mad.
"Chun, Jiro, and I are heading out to the mall. Want to come?"
"No thanks. I better head home." I gave him a dull answer.
"Suit yourself." Calvin said running and catches up with Chun and Jiro who were already gone down the street.
"Those rascals! Just going to leave me like that?! Hmph, forget them then." I looked back down onto the ground again, starting to walk up the hill. Thinking about my weird feelings again.

"Watch Out!!!!!!" someone then shouts at me.
I looked up, and saw someone running fast towards me.

Hebe POV;
"Ahh!" I fell.
'But how come I don't feel a hard surface. Hmm?' I opened my eyes, to see myself in Aaron's embrace.
"Wow." That was all he said.
"Wow?! What?! I almost fell!!" I shouted at him!
"No, Wow.. you look beautiful." He kept staring at me. He looked up and down. I blushed. He smiled at me.
"What happened? I thought Ge.." I cut him off.
"Genie? Hm.. let's just say she gave me a little make over." I smiled at him.
"You're Beautiful but why?"
I looked at him. 'are you serious?! you don't know!?'
"Why would I wear a pretty dress, with little cosmetic on, and appear right in front of my boyfriend?" I asked him.
" want to look good for me?" He said confusingly.
I couldn't believe it. He forgot!
"Fine! Hmph.." I started to walk madly away from him.
"Wait!" He pulled my wrist.
"Let me go! You forgot! Just forget about this crap and today!"
"I never forgot." His voice sound suddenly soft now.
"Really?" I looked at him.
"Today's your birthday." He held my hand.
"Today is your birthday right?"
"What?! You did forget! Why would today be my birthday?! It's not my birthday!" I shout at him.
"Ughh!!" I started to run away.
"Wait!! Hebe!!!" He ran after me.
He catches up to me 30 seconds later. He got hold onto my wrist again.

Aaron POV;
"I'm sorry Hebe." She didn't look at me.
"Hebe....I'm sorry. I was just kidding." I lifted up her chin. I looked into her eyes.
"I was dressed up nicely! Nicely waiting for you! Why would you play around?! I was being serious!"
"Today's our 1 month anniversary. Of course I remembered, why wouldn't I? Why would I forget? I have been doing a countdown since the day we started dating. Didn't you know how excited I was about today? How I was going to take you out, finally having fun with each other. Just the two of us only. Until Genie took you away from me, my hopes went down. I thought that you really had forgot what today was."
".....Aaron...I'm...I'm.. sorry..I...."
I hugged her tightly. Somehow I just felt happy again, hearing her sweet voice again.
"Don't say anything. I should be the one that is sorry. I'm so sorry Hebe. I'll never do that again."
"I love you Aaron. I really do.." Her hand then wrapped around my waist.
I could sense that she was crying. My hand stroke her beautiful hair.
"I won't hurt you anymore. That's a promise. And I love you too."
After I heard myself say that. I knew that that is a promise that will never be kept. I felt bad..mean. Somehow I don't want to see her hurt. It just breaks my heart. She'll be even more heartbroken if she ever finds out that I was using her to get closer to that someone else, her best friend. I don't know what to do anymore. Do I really love you? or not? Should I stop? or not?
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Chapter 7

Post by JayWalker. on March 30th 2010, 8:27 pm

Chapter 7: Surprise?!

Calvin’s POV;
I should have stay with Aaron… but there’s something more important…
I look around… ‘What to give her… What should I give her?’
“Ready Cal?” I heard Jiro call, “We’re leaving.”
“Hold up!”
‘Oh darn… what should I do?’
“Hurry up Calvin!” I heard Jiro shouts.
“Coming…” I took one last look at the items then left.
“What was taking you so long?” Chun asks.
“Nothing…” I answer as I follow them.

~later that day~
“Got it?” Ella asks.
We, Chun, Jiro, Selina, Hebe, Aaron, and me, Calvin, nods.
“I’m with Hebe right?” Aaron asks.
Ella nods, “Then I’m cool with it.” ‘Wow! Aaron is getting closer to Hebe… I swear he told me he like Genie…’
~next day~
Genie’s POV;
I look at the clock, hanging on the wall, ‘Almost time…’
Ok, Calvin asks me to go hang out with him… for my birthday… I’m so happy! <33!
“Genie! Genie!” GENIE!!!!!!!” I hear Ella shouts.
“Huh? Yeah?” I say back.
“Hurry up! Calvin is waiting for you!”
‘Oh my gosh! He’s here already?!’
I rush down the stairs, “I’ll be back later…” I shout then out the door.
“She must be happy…” Selina say when Genie left.
“Of course she is…” Ella say, “Now, let’s start.!”

“So, where are we going?” I ask, breaking the silent.
“Oh, come on!” I complain, “I hate when guys say that.”
“Because, it’s a surprise,” Calvin explains.
“I hate surprises…” Calvin glance at me, “Ok, that’s a big lie… I LOVE surprises…”
“Well… you better like this surprise…” Calvin says.
“What? What is it?” I ask.
“We’re just going to the mall…” Calvin answers in a boring tone.
“The MALL?! Yay!” I cheer happily.
I know, it’s just a mall… But I haven’t been here for years!
After the mall, we went to the beach.

Ella’s POV;
“Did you guys buy it?” I ask as Hebe and Aaron enters the house.
“Yeah, we bought the cake,” Hebe answers.
“Chips? Soda?”
“Yeah, we bought them all,” Hebe answers, knowing I was going to ask more questions.
“Ok, ok, go put it on the table…” I order.
“No need to rush, we have 3 hours…” Aaron says.
“You mean 2 since you two took an hour to buy that stuff,” I explain.
“Sorry, geez…”
“Hurry up and go help Selina and Jiro with the decorations…” I order…
“What about him!” Hebe complains as she points to Chun.
I look back at Chun as I went to hug him, “He’s looking good for the party…” I say as I wrap arms around his neck then gave him a peck on the lips, “Right?”
Chun smiles and gave me a peck on the lips and nods, “Always for you.”
I smile at him.
“Ahem… still in the room.” I heard Hebe say.
I look over, “Oh… Did you guys finish?” I ask.
Hebe nods, “Good, they should be here soon.” I say.
“Unless, they want some special time…” Chun says.
“NO!” Aaron says, “I mean, they will be here soon… Calvin just text me.”
I nodded, not knowing how to responses.

Genie’s POV;
The beach was so fun! <33 Best date ever!
“So, what do you think about today?” Calvin asks.
“Eh… boring.”
“I’m just kidding! It was GREAT! I had so much fun!!” I say happily as I turn to face him.
I notice a smile crawling onto his face, “Thank you so much!!!!!!!”
“It’s nothing…” Calvin says.
“It is something… at least I’m not at home with the others… I would be lonely…” I say.

“See, look… the lights aren’t on…” I say as I walk to the front door, “that means they aren’t home and are on dates...”
“I know what you mean…” Calvin agrees.
I took out my keys and started to unlock the door, “Want to come in for some… some… to accompany me?” I ask.
“Um… sure, I guess,” Calvin answers. The moment I heard him agree, I could hardly take my keys out the keyhole of the door, Of course, I am happy hearing that. I open the door and enter through, “We can watch a movie or something…” I suggested, “Maybe finish homework… heheheh.”
‘Seriously, Genie?! HOMEWORK!! You can’t bring up homework each time!’ I thought.
“Come on, let—““SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
The light came on and it was nicely decorated. *speechless*shock*

Hebe’s POV;
“We can watch a movie or something...” We heard Genie say as she enters the door, with Calvin following behind, “Maybe finish homework… heheheh.”
‘Wow… Can she do nothing without homework?’ I thought.
“Come on, let—““SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” We, SHE&FLH, scream out.
‘Wow! She must be VERY shock!!!’ I thought. We all went towards her, “Oh my gosh…” Genie says still shock, “You guys did all of this?”
“No, Genie… they (the decorations), tape up themselves,” Selina say sarcastically.
“Awww! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!” Genie says as she gave us, girls, hugs, “It must took you guys a lot of work…”
“Not really,” SHE says.
“Well, it did to us…” Jiro says as he point to them guys, except Calvin.
Genie went to hug them, “Thank you so much!!” Genie says happily.
“Well, since we did a TON of work…” Ella exaggerates, “Let’s relax…”
With that, we separated between the dining room and living room… Ella wouldn’t trust us in the bedrooms when we don’t trust them the most. Wink

Aaron’s POV;
Genie, Calvin, Hebe, and I stay in the living room, as the other are probably in the dining room, or who knows where else.
I look over at Genie and Calvin… ‘She looks so happy with him… Relax Aaron… It’s her birthday, she should be happy… just focus on Hebe… The girl sitting next to you… Just focus on Hebe… for now…’
I look at Hebe, sitting next to me. We were watching a movie and she is so focus on the movie, “Awww! How sweet!!” Hebe coos, “he wrote her 365 letters for the whole year of his death…” [P.S. I Love You == is the movie! <33 it so much.. watching it right now.. ahahas.]
“Do you want me to do that too?” I ask her.
“No…” Hebe answers.
“Why?” I ask.
“Because… you not going to die until we are really old…” Hebe answers, “Right?” ‘Duh, Aaron…’ I thought.
“Right,” I say. I know I shouldn’t be agreeing with her, because… I’m going to break my promise sooner or later… But, for some reason, I can’t help but agree with her.
Soon, the party was over… I admit, I had a great time, sort of. I look over at Genie and notice she’s looking at us, I quickly pull Hebe into my arms, “Miss me already?” Hebe asks.
“I will,” I answer as I gave her a smile, “Once we turn that corner.” I pointed to the corner of the block.

“Awww, I’ll call you tonight alright?” I nodded, “Ok…”
I gave her a peck on the lips then got into the car.
Calvin’s POV;
“Yo, Cal… can I talk to you?”Aaron asks me.
“Um… sure….” I answered. We walk away from the other guys, “What’s up?”
“I… Um… I just need to tell somebody this…” Aaron say, “But you see that girl over there?”
Aaron pointed to some group of girls, where Chun and Jiro were… Let’s see… SHEG, “Which girl are you pointing too?” I ask, “The one next to Chun (Genie) or Jiro (Hebe)?”
“The one next to Chun…” Aaron answers.
“Yeah… what about her?”
“Well, I know… it’s odd… but how do you ask a girl out?” Aaron asks. ‘Is Aaron planning to ask her out?’
“Well, I want to ask her out…” Aaron added.
“Um… Just be yourself I guess… I only done it once… by asking this girl to the movies,” I answer.
“Oh…” was all Aaron say…
*End of Flashback*
I know you like Genie… but you’re dating Hebe now… You… better stick with Hebe, because Genie is mine…

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Chapter 8

Post by JayWalker. on March 30th 2010, 8:29 pm

Chapter 8: <33!

Genie’s POV;
Two weeks have pass since my birthday party… I admit, I really want to go back to that day… It was very fun! Spending the whole day with Calvin and my friends…
“Genie! Genie!” I heard Hebe shouts as she enters my room.
“Do you want to come with us?” she asks.
“Us?” I repeat.
“Yeah, me, Aaron, and Calvin…” Hebe answers, “Calvin will be there…”
“What difference does it makes if Calvin is there or not?” I ask.
“You like him…” Hebe answers.
“So… that doesn’t mean anything.” So if you haven’t figure out yet, I, Genie, do like Calvin…
“You’re coming right?” Hebe asks.
“Well, duh!” I answer, “Somebody has to accompany Calvin.”
“Whatever you say Gen,” Hebe says.
“Ella and Selina coming?”
“No…” Hebe answers, “They don’t want to!”
“So it’s just us four?” I ask.
“Yep!” Hebe answers, “Hurry up, we’re leaving in a few minutes.”
Just incase you’re confuse… it’s SPRING BREAK and we’re on vacation!! So, what did we decided to do? Well, it’s nothing big… just the beach... Wonderful beach! <33!
Hebe’s POV;
*knock knock*
I went to open the door, it was Aaron.
“Ready to go?” Aaron asks.
“Yeah… just waiting for Genie,” I answer, “Where’s Calvin?”
“Right here…” Calvin says as he approaches us.
“Coming!” I heard Genie say as she shut the door to our room.
“Alright, I’m ready to go have fun!” Genie says as she approaches us. I held onto Aaron’s hand and we lead the way out.

“Let’s go!” Genie says as she starts running towards the water, like a little kid who hasn’t seen the beach before.
“I guess, I’ll watch her before something happens to her…” Calvin says as he slowly follows behind Genie.
“SO BEAUTIFUL!” I exclaims as I spread my arms out, “Don’t you think so? Aaron?”
I look back, putting my arms down to my side, “Aar—“I started to say but was stop by a kiss.

Aaron’s POV;
“I guess, I’ll watch her before something happens to her…” Calvin says as he slowly follows behind Genie.
“SO BEAUTIFUL!” Hebe exclaims as she spread my arms out, “Don’t you think so? Aaron?”
Hebe looks back, putting her arms down to her side, “Aar—“Hebe starts to say, but I stop her with a kiss.
I know I shouldn’t be kissing her… I should be kissing Genie, because I like Genie… but, by the way she looks, cute and happy, I couldn’t resist and just have to take the chance.
I pull away after a while, “Were you worry?” I ask, looking at her.
“Maybe…” Hebe answers.
“Why?” I asks, “You know I won’t leave you.”
‘AARON, YOU’RE STUPID!!’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to leave her soon, stop lying!!’
“I get worry easily,” Hebe mumbles.
“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you…” I told her. ‘Gosh Aaron! You need to stop that!’
For the rest of the day, we hang out… just sitting there and talking… like a regular couple. Right?
Well, excluding the part where I keep telling myself to stop lying to her…
After eating together, we went back to our room.
I lay down on my bed…
SO BEAUTIFUL!” Hebe exclaims as she spread her arms out, “Don’t you think so? Aaron?”
Hebe looks back, putting her arms down to my side, “Aar—“Hebe starts to say, but I stop her with a kiss.

I pull away after a while, “Were you worry?” I ask, looking at her.
*Flashback ends*
‘What’s wrong with me today?’ I thought, ‘I have been thinking about Hebe this whole time… Ugh! I like Genie… GENIE!! GENIE!! Stop thinking about HEBE!’
I close my eyes and the scene kept appearing in my head. I sat up and decide to go outside, back to the beach to take my mind off Hebe.
I walk along the water, “Genie… think about Genie...” I told myself.

Hebe’s POV;
“Where are you two going?” I ask seeing Ella and Selina grab their bags.
“To the guys…” Selina answers, “Want to come?”
“Sure!” I answer.
I went to my room, grab my cell phone then left out with them.

*knock knock*
The door opens, seeing Jiro, “Hey Jiro…” We say as we walk in.
Ella went to sit next to Chun as Selina follow Jiro to his room.
“Hey Chun, where’s Calvin and Aaron?” I ask.
“Calvin is probably with Genie… Aaron went out.” Chun answer.
“Oh… ok! I’m going out to Genie and them then…” I told them then left.

Calvin’s POV;
I sat down on the big rocks.
‘Just ask her, Cal…’ I thought.
“Genie, will you be my girlfriend?” I practice saying, “Genie, I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?”
“Ugh!” I complain, “Why can’t I do it right? Why is it so hard for me to ask her…!! Why can’t the girl ask the guy!!”

Genie’s POV;
‘Should I ask Calvin? Should I be the guy and ask Calvin?’ I thought, ‘Ugh! What should I do?’
I stop walking, “But a girl asking the guy is wrong. Maybe I should wait for him to ask me… but what if he doesn’t like me… or only like me as a sister?! Maybe I should go ask him, but… UGH! This is so complicate!” I say to myself.
“Genie?” I heard someone say my name. I turn around and see Aaron, “Hey Aaron, what’s up?” I ask.
“What are you doing out here?” he asks, ignoring my question.
“Nothing… just thinking…” I answer, “You?”
“Wait… What?” I ask, “You’re thinking about dumping Hebe?”
“I didn’t say what I was thinking about…” Aaron clarifies.
“Oh… right,” I agree.
I sat down on the sand, and then Aaron also sat down.
“I’m so confuse,” I told him.
“About what?”
‘Should I tell Aaron? Maybe he’s able to help me out.’ I thought.
“Well, you see… I like Calvin… but I don’t know if he likes me,” I told Aaron.
“WHAT?! YOU LIKE CALVIN?” Aaron exclaims.
“Shh! don’t say it out loud.”
“You like Calvin?” Aaron asks. I nod.
“What should I do?” I ask then turn to him, “Can you help me?”
“Help me find out if he likes me or not,” I explain.
“That… I don’t think I can do.” Aaron says.
“Because, if he likes you… he will ask you out… And if he doesn’t… then he won’t.”
“Oh…” was all I can say. ‘Aaron is right.’
“Hm?” I turn to look at him, and see him facing me.
“I…” I heard him start saying then he starts leaning in towards me. ‘What is he trying to do?!’
By the time I knew his lips were on mines…
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Chapter 9

Post by JayWalker. on March 30th 2010, 8:30 pm

Chapter 9: Someone else also knows.

“I…” I heard him start saying then he starts leaning in towards me. ‘What is he trying to do?!’
By the time I knew his lips were on mines… I quickly push him away then slap him, got up and walk away as quickly as I can.
“Wait! Genie!” I heard him call me, but I ignore and continue walking away.
I didn’t get too far when somebody pull be back, turning me around… Aaron, of course…
“Genie, I... I—“
“You’re Hebe’s boyfriend… You’re my best friend’s boyfriend… I promise, I won’t tell her… as long as you… you get away from me…” I say as I yank my arms away from him, but he was too fast, he grabs a hold of my arms again, “But I like you Genie… I really like you…” Aaron says.
I stood there, not knowing what to say… my best friend’s boyfriend just told me he likes me… what am I suppose to do?
I yank my arms away from Aaron’s hold and turn around to walk away, “Aaron…!” I heard Hebe call out.
‘Did Hebe hear him?’ I thought. I turn to look at Hebe as she walks over to Aaron, “Hey Genie...”
“Hey…” I say softly.
“What were you two talking about?” Hebe asks.
“Nothing,” Aaron answers.
“I was just reminding him NOT to HURT you because I’ll HURT him if he DO,” I say exaggerating the words, *not*, *hurt*, and *do*.
“Oh…” Hebe says, “Well, no need to worry about that… He already promised me he won’t leave me…”
“Right,” I mumble.
Unknown’s POV;
He kissed her… He kissed Genie… How could he when he already has Hebe? Aaron, Aaron, Aaron… how can a guy do that to their own girl?
“Well, I’ll see you guys later… I’m going to go find Calvin,” Genie says then starts walking back to the hotel.
I shook my head, disappointed at what Aaron did. I start walking back to the hotel.

Selina’s POV;
‘It has been almost 30 minutes since Jiro left… How come he’s not back yet?’ I thought.
I got off Jiro’s bed and left the room. I reach the living room and see Chun and Ella talking.
“Jiro’s not back yet?” I ask.
Ella look up at me and shook her head, “Shouldn’t you know?” She asks.
“He told me he’ll be back…” I explain, “He didn’t say where.”
Ella shrugs as she went back to talking to Chun.
“I don’t know where they went…” I hear Jiro says.
I look over at the door and sees Jiro and Calvin walking in.
“It doesn’t matter,” Calvin says, “You heard what Genie said, she’s with Aaron…”
“I know… I know…” Jiro says.
“Stop being so protective of Hebe…” I told him as he hugs me from behind.
[A/N: Forgot to mention, but Jiro is Hebe’s brother…]
“I know…I know…” Jiro says.
“What took you so long?” I ask, “Spying on Hebe?”
I turn around to face him as I wrap my arms around his neck, “Jiro… seriously, why are you being so over protective of Hebe?” I ask.
“Saying she’s your sister isn’t a good reason,” I added.
“Because…” Jiro started out saying, “Because… she’s my sister.”

Jiro’s POV;
“Because…” I started out saying, “Because… she’s my sister.”
‘What is my reason? Why am I like this…?’ I thought.
“Jiro!” Selina complain.
“I don’t want her to get hurt, alright?”I explain.
“Jiro, she’s dating Aaron…” Chun says, “Do you not trust Aaron?”
“Well, of course… we’re all friends…” I say, “But letting your sister date your friend is not cool.”
“Just be happy for her alright?”
“I tried…” I answer, “For the month they have been dating.”
“Continue being happy then,” Calvin says, “You’re her brother… Her only family in sight.”
‘That’s right… I am her only family in sight… Our parents are out of town…’
“Fine… fine… whatever,” I say, “Come on Selina, let’s go back to my room.”
We start walking to my room, “WAIT!” I heard Calvin shouts.
I look back at him, “You two stay here…” Calvin says, “Let me go somewhere without lovey dovey.”
I look at Selina and she gave me a shrug. We walk back to the living room and sat on the sofa.

Hebe’s POV;
“I don’t think I want to go back,” I say as we walk along the beach, holding hands.
“It’s so relaxing here,” I answer.
“So you wouldn’t care if I leave you here?” Aaron asks.
“You wouldn’t do that…” I clarify.
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because you love me,” I answer as I smile, “You really do love me, right?”
“… Yeah,” Aaron answers.
“Why?” I ask, “Why do you love me?”
“What kind of question is that?” Aaron asks.
“I want to know,” I answer, “So answer me…”
“Because…” Aaron starts out saying, “You are different, cute… pretty… and mine.”
“That’s a lame answer,” I say.
“Well, then you’re lame for loving me,” Aaron says.
I smile, “Maybe I am,” I say, “Let’s come here again.”
“I’ve been here, lots of time already…” Aaron says, “I don’t want too.”
“Well, I am…” I say, “I love this place.”

Jiro’s POV;
“Jiro!!” Selina complains, “Are you worry about Hebe again?”
“Do you want the truth?”
“Then I am,” I answer.
“Stop worrying about her,” Selina say.
“Jiro, if you were my boyfriend I would have dump you already,” Ella stated.
“What did I do wrong?”
“Worrying about your sister while with your girlfriend,” Ella answers.
“It’s not my fault,” I defend myself; “I don’t like Hebe dating Aaron.”
“Oh Jiro! Not this again.” –Selina
“Like I say before, letting your friend date your sister is not good,” I repeat.
“I let Gui Gui date Wang Zi,” Chun says.
“And they haven’t even call,” I say.
“They should be fine…”
“How do you know?” I ask.
“I say they should be I never say they were,” Chun stated.
“You’re dating me, and I’m Hebe’s friend,” Selina says.
“See! Hebe is happy for both of you, be happy for her,” Ella say.
‘Right... be happy for her…’

Genie’s POV;
I grab my pillow and hug it, “Should I tell her?” I say to myself.
‘If I do, it would be better for her… but I’ll ruin her relationship with Aaron… She REALLY loves him… But if I don’t, I’m going to feel really bad… Not telling her the truth of her boyfriend… *sigh* what am I’m going to do?!’
“Are you going to tell Hebe?” I heard somebody asks.
‘SOMEBODY ELSE ALSO KNOWS!!’ I scream in my head, shock…
‘I must have been thinking really hard to not realize the door opens,’ I thought.
I look at the doorway…


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Chapter 10

Post by JayWalker. on March 30th 2010, 8:31 pm

Chapter 10: Finds out?

I look at the doorway, shock to see who it is, and “You saw?” I ask.
Unknown’s POV;
[A/N: Sorry, have to keep it a secret for now…]
“You saw?” Genie asks.
I didn’t say but nodded, “Are you going to tell her?” I ask.
She shrugs her shoulders, “I don’t know…” Genie answers, “No matter what I do, something is going to mess up.”
“Just tell her,” I suggested, “We’re both friends of her… you HAVE to tell her… you’re her best friend.”
“I know… but I… I can’t! I would ruin her relationship with Aaron… You know she really loves Aaron…”
“I know that… we all know that…” I say, “But Aaron doesn’t love her back…” pause, “Do you want Hebe to get hurt?”
Genie shook her head, “Then tell her,” I told her.
“Why don’t you?” She asks me.
“I think you should do it… because you’re her best friend,” I say, “And because Aaron did it to you.”
Genie nods, “But…”
“Are you even listening?!” I try not to shout, “Just tell her!!”
With that I left the room.

Genie’s POV;
I still don’t know if I should or not.

Hebe’s POV;
Spring break is sadly over and now again, with school.
“Ok, class…” Teacher say, “Read page 55 to page 68.”
‘Yes! No homework!’ I thought as I close the book.
“Prepare to answer some questions on it tomorrow,” Teacher added.
‘Aww! Now I have to actually read it!’ I thought.
Bell rings. ‘Finally!’ I grab my stuff and follow Genie out, “Hey Genie,” I say as I caught up with her, “Why do you look so down?”
Genie shook her head, “I’m not…” She says.
“Liar, you are,” I pointed out, “You didn’t snatch me away from Aaron this morning.”
“Sorry, I’m… I’m just tired,” Genie explains.
Soon, we reach our usual table in the cafeteria, we sat down.
C, E, G, Cal
J, S, H, A
“Yo, Calvin… Read those pages and tell me what it’s about before class,” Jiro say.
“Why should I read them?” Calvin asks.
“Because, that’s what friends are for,” Jiro answer.
Calvin gave Jiro a look then went back to eating.

Genie’s POV;
“Genie, are you ok?” I look up, “You’ve been playing with your food the whole time,” Selina added.
I let out a small smile, “I’m fine… just tired,” I answer.
‘Tired? Right…’ I thought.

It has been a week and a half since spring break, and still I haven’t told Hebe yet. I’m just scare of what might happen.
It’s Saturday and the guys are coming over to Selina’s house to eat… Well, basically to crush our “supposedly” girls-only day.
“No, let’s watch a scary movie…” Chun suggested.
“So, which one is it?” Selina asks, “Horror or chick flick?”
They all look at each other then back at Selina, “Horror.” They said at once.
“Well, you guys enjoy yourself, I’ll be in your room Sel,” I say then went up.
I sat on Selina’s bed and hug one of the teddy bear on her bed, “Maybe I should just tell her,” I say to myself.

Jiro looks at the others covering their eyes, “What’s wrong with you guys?” Jiro asks, “This is nowhere near scary…”
Jiro looks back at the screen then starts screaming, “AHHHHHHHHHH!” Jiro screams.
Everybody starts laughing as Chun took off his saw puppet mask and join the laughs.
“So not cool,” Jiro says as he tries to calm himself.

I held the quarter in my hand, “Heads, tell Hebe, tails, keep as a secret,” I say. I tossed the quarter into the air and waited for it to land. Just as it was about to land, somebody caught it in mid air, “Heads, tell Hebe,” That person say.
I look to see who it was, “Geez, are you following me around?” I ask.

Unknown’s POV;
[A/N: Sorry, still a secret…]
“Geez, are you following me around?” She asks.
I simply shook my head, “I’m just helping you,” I say.
“By following me around?” she questions.
“Tell her, it would be best for her,” I say.
“But…. If I tell Hebe, then—“
“Listen to me,” I order her, “Tell Hebe… No matter what, she needs to know the truth; you don’t want her to get hurt do you?”
Genie shook her head, “But… I don’t want to be the cause of her broken relationship.”
“You won’t be, that will be his fault…” I say, “It’s his fault he did that.”
“But… still… Hebe will be heart broken.” –Genie
“I will be?”


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Chapter 11

Post by JayWalker. on March 30th 2010, 8:32 pm

Chapter 11: Came Just Right In Time

Unknown’s POV;
Me & Genie looked. "Hebe?"
"Uh yea. What are you guys talking about?! I want to know!" She smiled at us. "..and by that, why am I going to be heartbroken?"
I looked at Genie. Genie just kept looking down.
"Genie has to tell you something." I said."Really? Genie what is it?" Genie looks at me.
"CALVIN! I CAN'T!" Genie shouts at me.
"Genie? What's wrong?.." Hebe comforts Genie. Genie just shook her head looking back down.
"NO!!NO!!NO!!I CAN'T!!!I CAN'T!!!!!!" she puts her hand over her head and burst into tears.
"GENI——!" Hebe interrupts me. "STOP CALVIN! STOP YELLING AT HER!!! She did nothing wrong to you!"
Hebe's POV;
"GENI——!" I interrupted Calvin. "STOP CALVIN! STOP YELLING AT HER!!! She did nothing wrong to you!"
I hugged Genie. She starts to burst into tears.
"What's wrong!?" Chun and the rest came running in.
"We heard yelling!" Selina said.
"Is everyone ok?!" Jiro said.
"Everyone is FINE! I don't know what is CALVIN'S PROBLEM but he kept yelling at GENIE!!!" I told everyone.
"What happen !?!!??!!?" Aaron quickly came behind me.
"I don't know! Ask your friend!"
"WHAT DID YOU DO ?!" he shouts at Calvin.
' Wow I never have saw Aaron this worried. '
"WHAT DID I do!? WHAT DID YOU DO !?" Calvin shouts back. "You should know what you did! You should know that it was wrong! You should know that you should never do that to HEBE!" he pushes Aaron on his shoulder. "You should know that KI——"
"NO!! JUST STOP IT!!STOP IT!!STOP IT NOW!!!" Genie starts yelling. Everyone stares at her.

Genie's POV;
"JUST SHUT YOUR MOUTH CALVIN!!" I was astonished.
"So that's how it's going to be?" I said to her.
"...I hope that'll be soon enough.." Calvin lowly told me and left.


*Sunday Morning* 11:00

Genie's POV;
It's been up till today, and I have not spoken to anyone. Still locked up in Selina's bedroom. I could barely face Calvin again and so for everybody else. I think I was too hard on him yesterday. I felt bad, bad for EVERYTHING. I haven't told Hebe yet and it is really haunting me. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I have to tell Hebe today. No matter what I have to. I stepped to the living room where everyone was at. Everybody's eyes laid on me.
"Uh.....Hebe can I...speak with you?"
"Uh sure." She smiled, standing up, walking towards me, and we left back to Selina's bedroom. We sat down on her bed.
"What do you want to tell me Genie?" Hebe said.
"Hebe, your my best friend and I will never do anything wrong towards you..."
"Of course, and so won't I" She smiled.
"You have every right to be mad at me. I won't care. But I still want our friendship to be together."
"Genie..why would I be mad at you? You didn't do anything wrong. Our friendship will always stick together no matter what."
"Hebe....for sure, I don't want this to end Aaron and you."
"Genie, your worrying me..what is really going on??"
"HEBE!!" We looked to find out that it was him.
"Aaron?" Hebe questioned.
"Yea, what are you guys talking about. You guys can't leave me out of this!" Aaron said, and sat next to Hebe.
"Aaron! Like what the heck. That's rude!" Hebe said to him.
"What?!" he smiled.
"Hebe, I'll just tell you later." I stood up and left them.

Hebe's POV.
"Hebe, I'll just tell you later." Genie stood up and left us.
"See! Look at what you did Aaron!" I yelled at him.
"..What did I do?"
"Ugh, you made it awkward for Genie and me! You BASTARD!!" I stood up. He grabbed my wrist.
"Fine if I'm such a bastard, I'll leave you two alone." I was harshly pulled down to sit on the bed. He stood up, and left me.
"HAH!?! You!! How!? Why!? HOW CAN I TALK TO HER WHEN SHE ALREADY LEFT!!" I shouted at the empty door.

Aaron's POV;
"HAH!?! You!! How!? Why!? HOW CAN I TALK TO HER WHEN SHE ALREADY LEFT!!" she shouted. I leaned against the wall, just right next to the door. Just far enough away from Hebe's view. A smirk crept to my face.
"What a silly goose..." I softly said and chuckled. Then a couple seconds past, and I came back to my senses.
' I came just right in time before she spilled out everything. I can't let Hebe know at all. For once I somehow still want Hebe to be by my side and still be mines. '

"Why did you do that for?" I looked at that person. "What are you talking about?"
"Why did you interrupt Genie and Hebe?"
"I had to because I wanted to. What does that got to do with you?"
"Aaron, please don't act dumb. I don't want our friendship to end. Nor do I want your relationship with Hebe to end either."
"Calvin, just stop it. Stop interfering me and my relationship."
"All I want is the best for you. That's what friends are for."
"Well I don't want it." I said it coldly. "Well Hebe do. Maybe Hebe is too good for you and I think your going beyond the line."
"Calvin, do you even know what your talking about?"
"Hebe is my friend too. You can't just do that to her."
"Well I'm your friend TOO! You can't just do this to me."
"I hope you know what you're doing Aaron. And I won't stop on what I'm doing."



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Chapter 12

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 11:21 am

Chapter 12 : Finds out...?

“I hope you know what you’re doing Aaron. And I won’t stop on what I’m doing.” With that, Calvin walks away.
I watch him walk away, “Whatever… What I do, doesn’t concern him anyways,” I say to myself, “No matter what, she must not know.”
Hebe joins Genie, “So… continue on what you were going to tell me…” Hebe says.
“Um…” Genie looks around them, “Maybe later…”
“Why?” Hebe asks.
“I need to tell you… alone…” Genie says.
“Ok! Tell me when I come over later,” Hebe says. Genie nodded, agreeing.

As agreed, Hebe went over to Genie’s house… not alone, but with Aaron. (tsk tsk tsk…)
“Aaron, you stay here,” Hebe says to me, “I’ll be right back.”
“But Hebe, I want to be with you,” I say… or lie…
“We’re hanging out tomorrow,” Hebe remind me, “I’m going to go talk to Genie for a bit.”
‘Genie huh?’ I thought, ‘So Genie is planning to tell her…’ pause, ‘I must stop her.’

Hebe’s POV;
“So…” I say as I sat on her bed, “tell me… tell me what’s bothering you?” pause, “Or should I say WHO is bothering you?”
“Who? What do you mean?” Genie asks.
I shrug, “I don’t know…” I answer, “Ok… ok, tell me.”
Genie sat down next to me, “I don’t know how to say this…” Genie starts out saying, “I don’t really want to say it either…”
“Oh come on… It’s not going to hurt me, I’m a strong girl!” I say.
“Ok… I’m just going to come out and say it…” Genie says and I nod.
“Hebe, I think Aa—“The door shot open and Aaron came running in towards me, “HEBE!! I SAW A CAT!”
He hides himself behind me, “A cat?” I repeat, “Genie doesn’t have a cat.”
“Oh… Well I saw one…” Aaron says.
I look at Genie and she simply looks away, irritate, “Aaron, go back to the living room…” I suggested, “Let us girls be by ourselves.”
“But it’s boring by myself…” Aaron says then gave me the puppy eyes, “Please accompany me?”
“I can’t Aaron, I promise Genie I would hang out with her for a bit…” I say.
“Then why did you told me to come?” He asks.
“I didn’t…” I say, “I ask for a ride…”
“Oh… well, I’m here and I need somebody to accompany me….” Aaron says.
“Aaron… get out,” I say.
“You come with me?” He asks.
*sighs* I look at Genie, “Go ahead…” Genie says.
“No, no, no it’s ok… Aaron will leave won’t you, Aaron?” I say as I turn to Aaron.
Aaron look sat Genie then me, “Only if you’re coming with me.” He says.
“Please Aaron… just 10 minutes…” I beg.
“You can go ahead Hebe…” Genie says.
“Come on Hebe… Genie says you can go,” Aaron says.
By the time I knew it, Aaron is dragging me out.

Genie’s POV;
‘Ugh! Aaron Yan… She will know sooner or later…’ I thought, ‘Stop chasing her away.’
I admit, I am getting really tired of Aaron interrupting us… I have been trying for 3 weeks… I repeat, 3 WEEKS!!

I walk up to Ella and them, “Hey…” I say.
“Hey Genie!” Hebe says happily, “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” I answer, “You?”
“Same here…” Hebe answers, “Just talking…”
I nodded, understanding, “Can I talk to you for a bit?” I ask then look at Aaron, “To Hebe… alone.”
“Stay here, Aaron…” Hebe says then follows me away.

“So, what did you wanted to talk about?”Hebe asks when I stop outside the school gym.
“Um… Hebe, I’m going to say this fast because I think someone is going to take you away,” I started out saying, “… I want to tell you that, I think Aa—“
“Hebe, I have been looking everywhere for you…”
“Aaron…” I mumble angrily.
“Aaron I told you to stay with the others,” Hebe says.
“I miss you already,” Aaron says.
“Ugh!!!” I shout, “Hebe, may I talk to Aaron alone for a second?!”
“Oh, sure!”—Hebe
I grab Aaron’s arm and drag him behind me, “Wait! I don’t want to leave Hebeeeeeeeeee…” Aaron shouts on the way.
I finally stop when we reach outside, “What is your problem?!” I shout at him, “Why do you keep pulling Hebe away from me?”
“I don’t want her to know…” Aaron simply answers.
“She will find out sooner or later,” I pointed out.
“I choose later.”
“She has the rights to know.”
“Not right now.”
“Why can’t I tell her? Huh?”
“Genie… Do you know what a secret is?” Aaron asks. I nodded, “This is a secret between us two…”
“I’m going to tell her,” I say then stomp away.
“Do you want Hebe to be hurt?” I stop and turn to look at him, “I thought so,” Aaron says, “Why don’t you do something as simple as forgetting it.”
“Keep dreaming, she has the rights to know.”
“Well, I didn’t do anything wrong.” Aaron says.
“You kiss ME!!” I shout at him, “How can you do that to Hebe?”
“Well…” –Aaron
“Aaron did WHAT?!” --??
“Aaron did WHAT?!”--??
I turn to the side and see Jiro mad. Jiro grab Aaron by the collar tightly, “how dare you play my sister’s heart?” Jiro says angrily, “Remembering how we’ve been friends for almost 6 years now, how could you do this?!”
Aaron pushes Jiro away, “Jiro… you should understand…” Aaron says, “When you don’t have the guts to ask the girl you like out… so you ask her best friend.”
Jiro gave Aaron a punch, “YOU USED MY SISTER TO GET HER BEST FRIEND?!” Jiro shouts angrily, “What kind of a guy does that?”
‘Simple… Aaron.’ I thought.
Then Jiro look at me, “Genie you knew about this but didn’t tell me?” Jiro asks.
“I tried to tell Hebe for the last few weeks but… but… Aaron kept bugging in…” I explain.
“Aaron Yan… How dare you do that to my sister…” Jiro says angrily.
“I didn’t exactly use her…” Aaron says.
“Then what did you do if you didn’t use her?” Jiro ask angrily as he grabs Aaron by the collar again, “What do you call it when you kiss your girlfriend’s best friend behind her back?!”
“Aaron kiss Genie?”
I turn to see who it was…
“Hebe…” I say softly.

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Chapter 13

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 11:25 am

Chapter 13: 3 Days Apart

I turn to see who it was…
“Hebe…” I say softly.
Jiro and Aaron stopped on what they were doing, turning around to face Hebe.
"Aaron.." Hebe says softly. "'s.." Aaron trailed off. Jiro turned back around to face Aaron again and threw a fist at his face. Aaron fell to the ground.
"You bastard!!" Jiro yelled and got on top of him. Throwing more fists to his face. Hebe and I ran over to them. We tried stopping them.
"Jiro!! Stop it!! Stop!" Hebe shouts.
"Jiro!!" I screamed. Suddenly we pulled them apart as quickly as possible. I held Jiro back.
Hebe POV;
After pulling Jiro apart from him. I stared at him from up high. He looks at me with a scarred face. Tears starts to form in my eyes.
"Hebe...." Aaron said from the ground. My lips started to tremble. "..why?.....why?...Aaron..why?.." I asked with a tear rolling down my cheek.
"What JIRO said was it TRUE?!!!" I started to shout. "Was it!?..Why would you do that!?.. Aaron! Why?" I shouted angrily.
"I loved you so much! Is that how you treat it?!.."
" you."
"NO! Just shut up Aaron. There is no use for you to talk. There is also no reason for you to love me."I cried.
"Hebe...please..let me...ex——"
"There is no need for your explanation because I don't love you! You were never mines, and will never be!" I then started to run away.
"HEBE!!" Aaron shouts.


*Hebe's Home*

"Hebe! Your friends are here looking for you!" my mom screamed behind my locked bedroom door.
"Tell them to go away!" I said from inside my room.
"Hebe..please open this door!!" I heard Genie's sweet voice.
"Go away GENIE!"
"Hebe.. I know how you feel. Can't we talk about this? It's been 3 days. You've been stuck in here for 3 days!"
"I don't care! Go away Genie! It's not like anyone cares!"
"Hebe I do. I care! I'm your best friend."

(30 minutes later) *

"Let's go out and get some fresh air with our friends. Hmm?" Genie asks me.
"....mmm...I don't know."
"Come on Hebe, only the girls and us. Ok?"
"......" I thought for a while. Genie does the angelic face. "Fine." I rolled my eyes then I laughed for the first time this week.

- 9:00 PM

Calvin's POV;
"It's been 3 days, still no sign of Aaron." Chun says.
"No one gives a crap." Jiro added.
"How could you say that JIRO!" Chun shouts at Jiro.
"How could he do that to my little sister then!!"
"Guys!! Stop it! Gosh." I said rolling my eyes. 'Aaron is also making me worry too. Who knows what this kid could be doing, or might be doing. He always like it his way.' I said to myself.

- 12 AM

3rd Person's POV;
"Are you sure you don't want anybody to know that you are here?" Wangzi questions Aaron.
"I'm sure. Sorry for crashing at your place every night." Aaron said weirdly as he slouches on Wangzi's bed. His stomach face flat on the soft white clean bed sheet Wangzi had just fixed a couple minutes ago.
"But what do you keep doing late at night? Why won't you go home? Your parents might be worried about you."
"What does it matter to anyone?"
"To me, it does..idiot."
"..but not her..." He whispers as he blinked and a tear fell from his left eye.
"Have you been drinking?"
"..Of course not."
"You can't lie, did you know that?" Wangzi took off Aaron's jacket. Which had puke stained on it. "Eww, disgusting." As he walked away with it, going towards the washer.
( * A couple minutes later * )
"Aaron?..Aaron?..." Wangzi looks up and down around his room. "Where did he go?" Wangzi ran to the living room. "Aaron?!" He shouts. Wangzi went to the basement. "Your not in here right, Aaron??" His voice echo in the black basement. No one answered.
"Where did this drunk bastard go?" Aaron said while walking back to his living room.
"Could it be that he went home or... hiding? This bastard can really worry someone when he disappears."


"Huh ?" Wangzi looks outside his window. He made a surprised face. "Aaron.." he whispered.

"I'm so sorry. Sorry for everything Hebe.....It would be better off if I just............... disappeared."

- xoxo_ily <33

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Chapter 14

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 11:26 am

Chapter 14: Leaving

“I’m so sorry. Sorry for everything Hebe….. It would be better off it I just…….……… disappeared.”
‘Visiting Aaron was a bad idea,” I thought as I drive, “Next time, I’m visiting Jiro, Calvin, or Chun… Wait, not Chun… He might kill me for stealing Gui Gui. (Chun think of it that way, but really she’s living with her mom) Next time, I’m visiting Jiro or Calvin…’
Aaron’s POV;
I sat up on my bed with a headache.
“You kiss ME!!” I shout at him, “How can you do that to Hebe?”
*Another Flashback*
"..why?.....why?...Aaron..why?.." Hebe asked with a tear rolling down her cheek.

"I loved you so much! Is that how you treat it?!.." –Hebe
*All Flashback ends*
“Aaron… why are you like this?” I ask myself, “You don’t even like Hebe... You like Genie… You don’t need Hebe at all… She is nothing to you…”
“Yeah… that’s right, Hebe is nothing to me…” I repeat, “They (FLH&SHEG) are nothing to me either… “
‘I should show them I don’t need them at all…’ I thought.
I nodded, agreeing with myself.
I got out of bed and walk around the house to check where Wang Zi is.
Reaching the living room, I found a note instead of Wang Zi that reads, “Yo Aaron, I receive a call last night, and I have to go home… Seeing you mess up isn’t what I expected to see when I got here… Hopefully when I come back, we can actually hang out and talk… instead of me looking over you… --Wang Zi.”
‘He didn’t receive a call… he misses his Gui Gui…’ I thought.

Hebe’s POV;
‘School!! I don’t want to go back!!’ I thought. I have no choice but to go, I already miss a lot already… but I don’t want to go… He (Aaron) is going to be there…
Ugh! No more talking about him.
I walk up to Genie and the girls, “Hey.”
“You came!” Ella exclaims, “I thought you we’re going to skip again…”
“I want to, but my mom didn’t let me stay,” I explain.
“Don’t worry; we won’t let Aaron do anything to you at all…” Selina says.
“Thanks.” I say.
After a while of talking, we headed to class and talk some more…

“Hebe, you stay in my sight, got it?” Jiro orders as he wraps his arms around Selina.
“What? That should be you,” I pointed to him, “You’re always going off with Selina.”
“Ok… ok, you stay in my sight, I’ll stay in yours,” Jiro says, “Selina, sweetie, watch over Hebe when I’m not with you girls ok?”
“Of course I will,” Selina says, “I won’t let Aaron come near her again.”
“Hey!” I complain, “I’m not a little kid. Stop making it seem like I am”
“Sorry Hebs,” Selina and Jiro say at the same time.
Bell rings. I gave them a smile and they went to their seats, just as the teacher enters the room, “Ok class… Open your books to where we left off last week.”

Bell rings.
“Finally, lunch!” Ella says happily, “I’m starving, come on Chun… let’s go…”
Chun and Ella left along with the other students as I wait for Selina and Jiro. Classes went by fast today it’s already lunch! Ok, I lied… It went by REALLY slow… I can feel somebody staring at me, which made me a bit scare…
“Let’s go buddies!” Selina says as she links arms with me and Jiro.
We headed towards the cafeteria, not looking where I was going; we suddenly stop, making me bump into somebody.
“Oh, sorry… I wasn’t—“I look up and see Aaron.
“Don’t apologize to him Hebs,” Selina says, “Come on, let’s go.”
With my arms still link with Selina, she pulls me along with her. ‘Whew! At least he didn’t do—‘I thought happily just as somebody grabs my other arm. I look and see Aaron holding onto my arm, ‘aww! I spoke too soon!’ I thought.
“Hebe, why did you stop—oh...?” Selina says then realize Aaron is holding onto my other arm. Jiro came over and yank my arm away from Aaron’s grip, “Stop away from Hebe,” Jiro says.
“Don’t worry, I won’t come close to Hebe anymore…” Aaron says, “I don’t need her anyway…”
Aaron tits my head up to look at him but I look away, “I hope you don’t take what I said a month ago to the heart,” Aaron chuckles, “Makes me laugh each time I think of it.”
‘True, I should not have believed him… I’m so stupid…’ I thought as I am being pulled away.
I try not to cry… it wasn’t working… I’m still yet, not over him. I admit, we didn’t officially broken up, but Jiro wouldn’t let him come near me…
“Aww, Hebe… it’s ok… Please don’t cry…” Genie says as she hugs me.

Aaron’s POV;
“Come on… you can’t be crying over what I just say…” I say as I approach their table seeing Genie patting Hebe’s back.
“Shut up Aaron!” Ella shouts, “Because of you she’s like this…”
“Ella, this has nothing to do with you… buzz off.”—Aaron
“Ey! It’s involves Hebe or Selina, it has something to do with me!”—Ella
I ignore her, “So what did you think of the kiss Gen?” I ask.
“Don’t call me that…” Genie says.
“Why not Gen?” I ask, “Do you prefer sweetie? Honey? Babe?”
“Back off, she’s mine,” Calvin says as he pushes me away from Genie.
“Right…” I say.
“Chun if you don’t do anything about your friend (Aaron), I’m going to do it for you,” Ella shouts at Chun.
“Who? Aaron?” Chun asks, “I do know a guy name Aaron… looks just like him too… But he’s much more nice and caring than that guy.”
“Don’t worry Hebe, he won’t do anything,” Selina says to Hebe.
I look over at Hebe… she look scare. ‘Am I scaring her? Ugh!’
“Don’t worry Hebe; I won’t do anything to you…” I say as I lower down to face her.
Suddenly I was push away. I look to see who it was, Jiro of course…
*chuckles* “Don’t worry my friend, I won’t hurt Hebe…” I say.

Jiro’s POV:
I couldn’t take it anymore…
I went up to Aaron and punch him as much as I can.
“Stop it Jiro!!” I hear the girls, SEG, screams but I didn’t… he have to learn.
Soon, I was pull back by Chun and Calvin, “You bastard!” I shout, “Don’t you dare say Hebe’s name again.”
“Hebe…” Aaron mumbles loud enough, “Hebe…”
I told him, and he didn’t listen, I dash at him again, “Jiro! Jiro! Jiro, STOP IT!” I hear Hebe screams as she held onto me.
I look at her, “Please stop…” Hebe says as tears rolls down her cheeks.
“But Hebe, I have to—“
“You know I hate violence…” Hebe interrupts me, “Please… just stop it.”
Hebe then turns to look at Aaron, “I hope you’re happy.” She says then walks away.
“As a matter of fact, I am…” Aaron shouts after Hebe, “Being with you for the last month was the worst days of my life.”

*Hebe’s home*
Hebe’s POV:
I join my mom in the living room, “Where did Jiro go?” I ask.
“He’s probably with Selina…” My mom answers.
I sat down next to my mom, “Mom… can I talk to you?” I ask.
“Sure, what is it Hebe?”

~Next day; school~
“YOU’RE WHAT?!” FLH (without Aaron) and SEG exclaims.
“Hebe, you can’t!”—Selina
“We’re going to miss you!”—Genie
“Don’t be like Gui Gui…”—Chun
“Gui Gui is with your mom,” I pointed out. (Which means, Chun and Gui Gui’s parents are divorce, Chun is with their dad… Gui Gui is with their mom)
“Please Hebe… you can’t!”
“I’m sorry guys… but I just can’t take it anymore…” I say.
“When are you leaving?” Calvin asks.
“This weekend,” I answer.

Aaron’s POV;
I walk pass the classroom, just as I heard them talking about somebody leaving.
I stop to listen.
“When are you leaving?” Calvin asks.
“This weekend,” Hebe answers.
*shock* ‘Why am I doing this?’ I thought, ‘Why do I feel so much pain hearing this?’
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Chapter 15

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 3:08 pm

Chapter 15: Good-Bye...

Hebe’s POV;
“So I heard you’re leaving,” I heard somebody asks the moment I step outside the girls’ bathroom. I look up and see Aaron. I ignore him and walk the opposite direction.
“The class is this way,” Aaron, shouts. ‘Right… how can I forget that… ?’ I thought as I turn around to walk towards my class.
“A “thank you” would be nice,” Aaron say right as I walk pass him. Again, I ignore him, “Ey!” I hear him shout.
“Ey, why are you doing this to me? Come on Hebe, you know you can’t ignore me…” Aaron says as he grab a hold of my arm, “I see you taking glances of me…”
“I do not!” I shout.
“That’s more like it…” Aaron says, “You know I hate the feeling of talking to myself.”
He grip onto my arm tighter, “So… when are you leaving?” he asks.
“Let me go…” I say coldly towards him.
“Answer me,” He orders.
“You seem to have been listening when I told the girls… You should have heard that part too,” I say.
“Don’t smart talk me.”
“Just let me go…”
“Answer me first,” Aaron say, “Where and why are you going?”
I yank my arm away from him and slap him, “Because of you I’m leaving!” I answer, “Why don’t you just leave me alone!”
I rush away from him… I cannot take it anymore… I want to leave tomorrow…!!

Aaron’s POV;
“Because of you I’m leaving!” Hebe shouts, “Why don’t you just leave me alone!”
I look up and see Hebe running off towards class, “I can’t and won’t leave you alone…” I mumble to myself.
Hebe’s POV;
“Remember to call us,” Selina reminded me… again.
“Don’t forget us.”—Genie
“I won’t… I won’t..” I say as I gave them all one last hug.
“I’m going to miss you so much!” Ella says as she hugs me.
“I’m going to miss you too.” I pull away and look at them all, “Be careful, Hebe,” Jiro says, “No dating.”
“I won’t… I’m going to focus on school…” I say.
“Flight 3A to America is leaving in 5 minutes… please board.”
[A/N: sorry, I don’t know what they say.. lols..]
I took one last look at them, grab a hold of my bag and walk towards the flight attendant. I show her my passport and gave her my ticket. She took the ticket and smile.
I walk through the securities… look back at my friends, gave them a smile… then left.

Aaron’s POV;
I watch her walk away, disappearing from my sight… ‘I didn’t stop her… why didn’t I stop her?!’ I thought as I fell down onto my knees, tears rolling down my cheeks… silently crying.

~~1 year later~~
Aaron’s POV;
I cannot believe it... it has been 1 year since she left… she’s not back yet…
Why isn’t she back yet?!
I look out my bedroom window and see Jiro and them… talking, having fun… I miss it… I miss having fun with them… I miss being with my friends… my brothers…
Scenes of us, FLH, replay in my head… I miss them… I look over at my desk, holding many pictures… pictures of us…
‘Maybe I should go apologizes…’

Hebe’s POV;
I sat down on the bench and waited for the bus.
It has been a year since I left Selina and them… I’m now back in Taiwan… but not with them… They don’t know I’m here… I don’t know if I should tell them… They’re probably doing fine… I am doing fine… I guess… Life in America was quite boring… and hard… Friends… I made some… But they weren’t like Selina them… I miss them… but I can’t go back… It has been a month and I’m still not over him.
The bus drove up, I stand up and got ready to go in, “Hebe? Hebe Tian, is that you?”
I look to see who it is…
“GUI GUI!!!!!!!!!!!!”
guiwang_4ever <33!

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Chapter 16

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 3:09 pm

Chapter 16: Back

"HEBE!!!!!!!" Gui Gui cried and ran over to me. We both hugged each other.
"Wow, is that really you Hebe?"—Gui Gui
"Is that really my best friend, Gui Gui!?" We pulled apart to look at each other in disbelief.
"Wow Hebe, you changed so MUCH!"
"And you too, Gui Gui. You changed a lot! You got prettier." I smiled at her. While we were taking our time complimenting each other, the bus then took off. I looked at it as it leaves then finally realize something. *gasp* "My ride!!!"
"Your back for good aren't you?" Gui Gui asked me.
"Yea I am...why?.....wait, how did you know?"
"Wangzi told me or was it Jiro? Hehe." I smiled at her.
"Well where are you staying at anyways ?.."—Gui Gui
"Um, I just came back recently. I'm still finding a place."
"Oh!! I have an idea." She gave me a smile. I looked weirdly at her.
~Gui Gui's Home

"Wow Gui Gui, everything is still the same when I last came here."
"Really? Well there are some differences." Gui Gui told me.
"Like what?" I asked confused.
"Everything has been moved 1 inch to the left. Don't you notice that?" I looked at her.
"Really? Really Gui Gui, how amazing!" I sarcasm my voice.
"Hehehe, I just wanted to make sure you know Hebe." she smiled and so did I.
"So Gui Gui, where is your mom?"
"Oh she's in the kitchen. I forgot to tell her that you are here."
"MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!" She shouts.

Gui Gui's POV;
"Oh she's in the kitchen. I forgot to tell you that your here." I said then shouted for my mom. "MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!"
"Yes, darling!" She shouted from the kitchen.
"Hebe is here! She'll be staying with us until she finds a place to feel comfortable at. Okay Mommy?!"
"Darling! I can't here you! I'll be there in a second."
"Ugh..." I slapped my forehead. Hebe giggles at me. "You still call your mom, Mommy? Ahahaha your so cute." Hebe says to me.
Suddenly my mother came from the kitchen. She wiped her hands on her apron.
"Yes darling, what did you wanted to tell me ear——" She gasped. "Hebe!?"
"Hi Auntie!!"
"Is it really you! Hebe!!! It's been so long!" She reached for Hebe's hands. "MOM!!" I shout at her. They both looked at me.
"Oh I'm sorry Hebe." My mom apologizes.
"Ahaha it's okay auntie. I love your way of welcoming people. It's so heartwarming."
"Thank you Hebe. At least "SOMEONE" around here appreciates it." My mom looks at me.
"What!? Stop embarrassing me in front of my friends mom!"
"Ahaha I'm just playing darling. Go ahead and show Hebe to your room. Lunch will be ready in 15 minutes."


Aaron POV;
I walked out side to where the guys were at. I stopped a few feet away from them. 'Can I do it?' I asked myself.
"Look, what is Aaron doing here?" Jiro whispered to the other guys.
'Gosh I feel like a coward. Even I can't face my friends. Am I able to go face any of them ever again? Especially her(Hebe).'
"Hey you guys.." Something finally came out my mouth.
"Um..hey Aaron." Chun was the only one who greeted.
"You want to say that I'm...sorry. I really am truly sorry. I'm really sorry Jiro, especially you. You were right. I admit it that I used your sister. I used your sister to get her best friend. But now I realize that it was wrong. I should have never did that to your sister Jiro. That was wrong of me."
"You just realized? Aaron really? It's been a year that I have lost in touch with my sister. Now you come and apologize? Aaron isn't that too late to just realize what you had did was wrong?" Jiro said.
"Yes Jiro. How stupid huh? And yet I regret everything. Every little single thing I did wrong to you guys and the girls. Especially Hebe. Yet I wish I can turn back time and fix my mistakes. Me being with Hebe was never a mistake."
"But yet you can't go back in time. It's already the past. The only thing that you can do now is fixed the future. Your future" Jiro said.
"I'm sorry Jiro. I'm sorry Calvin. I'm sorry Chun. I'm sorry for everything that happened. I hope you guys can forgive me and we can start from scratch again."
"How should I say this Aaron?" Calvin adds.
"Will we accept"—Chun
"Can we accept?"—Jiro
"It's ok if you guys can't. I know I really did harsh things. I understand."

I looked down, turned around, and started to walk back inside. 'How stupid of me. Of course they won't accept me. Well at least I got something off my shoulder that has been on for a year now.' I told myself. *Sigh*
"OWWW!!!" I turned back to look at the guys. They were laughing.
"Why did you guys throw the ball at my head!?"
"Idiot! We brought your hopes down huh?! What a GIRL!"—Calvin
"Even though it is hard to forgive you, but I'll give you one more chance."—Jiro
"So we're back with each other!? YAY!!"—Chun
"Thanks you guys. It's really nice to have my friends back." I told them.
"It's nice to have you back too."—Calvin
We all smiled.


Hebe POV;
'Wow it's already so surprising to see Gui Gui already. What would happen if the others know that I'm back. I wonder how everyone is.' I told myself as me and Gui Gui walked to the park.
"Gui Gui, I'm glad I'm back. It was really boring in the states."
"Really? I thought you would be having fun."
"Why would I be having fun when my friends are all the way here."
"Isn't it nice to meet new people?" Gui Gui asks.
"Um..not really. Ahaha. It's a nice experience but then I really missed you guys."
"We all did. Hebe promise me you'll never do that again."
"Ahaha, I promise Gui Gui. I'll never leave my friends ever again. By the way talking about friends. How are they?"
"Everyone is doing fine. I can say that about the girls. The guys.. uh..let's say they're alright too. Except him."
"Him?" ...'Is she talking about "him" ?'
"Aaron ?" I asked her. "Uh what happened?"
"He is the same. He's always sad. With no friends there for him. Poor Aaron."
'Wow. & I thought he would be happy without me. And yet he's still the same.'
"Yes, I know what your thinking Hebe. But he'll never be the same without you." Gui Gui told me.
"He'll be the same neither if he is with me or without me." We then became quiet and continued walking.
"Oh I missed these kind of ice cream!" I told Gui Gui.
"They are so cheap but yet so delicious. Puahaha.."
"Wanna start heading home now Gui Gui?.. I think it's getting late."
"When are you so up-to-date with time now Hebe?.. Ahaha.."
"Since there was so many rapist in the states."
"Really??!?!" Gui Gui was so shocked. "I'm just joking Gui Gui gosh.." I laughed. "You made me worried Hebe!" Gui Gui replied.
"HEYY! Gui Gui is that YOU!?" —??

Me and Gui Gui turned around to look. To find out that Chun and the rest was standing behind us. 'OH SNAPS!' I quickly hide behind Gui Gui.
"Aaron? Is that you?" Gui Gui asked in confusion.
"Hey Gui Gui..It's been long." Aaron said.
'His voice, it's still the same.' I told myself.
"Wow, so your back with the boys now? Huh?"—Gui Gui
"Yeap." Chun put a hand over Aaron.
"I'm glad." Gui Gui told them.
"Gui Gui, Wangzi told us that he would like to see you tonight."—Jiro
"Got the message. Thanks boys. Well I guess I should be heading back now."
"Wait Gui Gui. Who's that person behind you?" Jiro asked.

"Don't tell them.." I whispered behind Gui Gui.
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Chapter 17

Post by JayWalker. on April 8th 2010, 3:10 pm

Chapter 17: WHO’S PREGNANT?!

“Wait Gui Gui. Who’s that person behind you?” Jiro asked.
“Don’t tell them..” I whispered behind Gui Gui.
Gui Gui gave me a nod, “What’s behind me?” Gui Gui repeats, “Nothing…”
“Who’s she?”Chun asks.
“Nobody…” Gui Gui answers.
“Is she your—“
“NO!” Gui Gui interrupts.
“Cousin?” Calvin added.
“Oh… cousin… yeah…” Gui Gui answers.
“Oh… ok…”—Calvin
“Well, we have to go,” Gui Gui say as she starts to back up slowly, “ahaha… bye!”
By the time I knew it, I am being push, running, “Don’t forget about Wang Zi!” We heard Jiro shouts.
“OK!” Gui Gui shouts back.
“Girls… you’ll never understand them…” Chun says watching Gui Gui and “her cousin” (Hebe) rush away.
“Who cares…” Jiro says, “Come on, the girls are waiting for us.”
After running out of the park, we finally stop, “So… why didn’t you want me to tell them?” Gui Gui asks as we slowly took our time, catching our breaths at the same time.
“No reason,” I answer, “I don’t want to bother them yet…”
“Or is it that you’re not over Aaron yet,” Gui Gui says.
“Well… I’m over him,” I lie… a BIG lie.

Genie’s POV;
It has been a year since Hebe left. I miss her so much… We all do…
“We’re here!” I heard Chun says as they enter Ella’s house… Quite rude huh?
“Hey Genie,” Calvin says as he sat down next to me.
“Hey…” I say then turn away, hiding my face in case I am blushing. I look over at Jiro and Chun, hugging their girlfriends, “Hey guys…” I say to them.
“But I don’t want to watch a movie…” Chun complains. And they ignore me… GREAT!
“I see you guys forgive Aaron,” I say to Calvin.
“Yep…” Calvin says, “I admit, I miss him.”
“Awww! Calvin knows how to miss his friend Aaron,” I tease him.
“What?! What does that suppose to mean?” Calvin asks.
I shook my head, “Nothing… nothing,” I answer, “So Aaron…”
“What’s up?”
“What made you do it?” I ask, “What made you use Hebe?”
“You’re a girl, you won’t understand…” Aaron answers then left the room.
“What? Wait!!” I shout, “Stupid Aaron!”

Hebe’s POV;
“Wang Zi, we’re here!” Gui Gui shouts as we enter his house.
“You’re so rude to just open the door,” I whisper to Gui Gui, “You’re just like Calvin and them.”
“Well, sorry…” Gui Gui apologizes then lead us to the living room, “Wang Zi?”
“Oh, Gui Gui!” Wang Zi says as he came from his room, “Hm… Hebe… I don’t remember inviting you… but… ok…”
“That’s it?” I question, “Geez… I feel unwelcome here…”
“Wang Zi!” Gui Gui complains, “Don’t say it like that!”
“Sorry my little ghost,” Wang Zi apologizes to Gui Gui as he hugs her from the back, “Sorry Hebe… So you just got back huh?”
I nodded, “Yeah…” I answer. I sat down and examine the room. ‘Typical living room,’ I thought.
“Hebe, I’m going to stay here for a while, want to hang out here with us?” Gui Gui asks.
“Sure,” I answer, “I haven’t seen you guys are years, why not?”
“Because I want my alone time with my Gui Gui…” Wang Zi says.
“What a lame answer,” I say, “And don’t you two always hang out… alone.”
“Yeah…” Wang Zi answers.
I continue to examine the room as Wang Zi and Gui Gui talks…
After about an hour of examining that same room over and over, I look over at Gui Gui and Wang Zi, holding each other happily.
“Hebe, together forever, ok?” Aaron says as he held my hand.
I shrug, “I don’t know… I think my heart is starting to change…” I lied.
“What? Change?” Aaron repeats, “But Hebe…!!”
“Just kidding,” I say, “Of course… Hebe and Aaron together forever…”
Aaron smiles and pulls me into his arms.
*End Flashback*
“Wang Zi, what should we do tomorrow?” Gui Gui asks him.
“I don’t as long as I’m with you…” Wang Zi answers.
“Hebe!!” Aaron shouts out as he looks around him, “How can she just leave me?”
“Hebe!!” Aaron shouts as he runs throughout the mall, looking for Hebe, “Geez, where could have she gone?”
“Awwwww! It’s so cute!!” Aaron heard Hebe’s voice. He turns to look and saw Hebe look at stuffed animals.
Aaron walks over to Hebe, “Not as cute as you…” Aaron whispers in Hebe’s ear.
Hebe jumps and sees Aaron, “Aaron!” Hebe says as she hugs him.
“Don’t you leave me again…” Aaron says.
“I was worry…”
“I’m not a little girl anymore…” Hebe says, “Stop treating me like one…”
“I was worry I was going to lose you,” Aaron added.
“Aiya, I know my way around here…”
“But I like being with you.” Hebe looks up at Aaron and smiles.
*Flashback ends*
Aaron’s POV;
“Hebe… Hebe…” I say to myself sitting outside on the first porch, “I miss you so much…”
I walk back inside the house and sees Genie and Calvin playing JENGA while Jiro and Selina are doing their usual stuff… talking to one another while in each others’ arms. Ella and Chun… are probably somewhere in the house…
I sat down, watching Calvin and Genie continue their game of jenga.
[A/N: Don’t know what Genie and Calvin should do.. ahahas.. so yeah, my sisters and brothers are playing it..]
“Aaron, want to play?” Genie asks.
“No, I’m good,” I answer.
“Come on!” Genie complains.
I shook my head, “You two continue playing… I don’t want too,” I say.
“You did last time… with Hebe,” Genie says.
Hebe struggles to take out the middle piece in the 2 to last row, “Ehh… I don’t know if I can do this…” Hebe complains.
“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine,” Aaron says.
Hebe slowly pulls it out from the other side, “YAY! I got it!” Hebe cheers.
Hebe places the stick she just pull out on top, while Aaron got ready to pull one.
*Flashback ends*
‘I guess I did play…’ I thought.

Hebe’s POV;
I have only been here for a day and already, I’m thinking about him… Living in the states, I have never even thought about him, coming here, is a bad idea… Ugh!
“Ey! Are you two just going to leave me here?” I ask, “I’m BORED!!!!!!!!!!”
Gui Gui and Wang Zi looks at me, “and TIRED!!!!!” I added.
“But you say you wanted to stay here with us,” Gui Gui says.
“I just came back today… I’m tired alright?” I say.
“Ok… We’ll go,” Gui Gui says.
“What? NO!!” Wang Zi says, “You usually stay until 10…”
“My curfew is at 9,” I lie, “Look, we only have 15 minutes…”
“We’ll see you tomorrow Wang Zi,” Gui Gui say then gave him a peck on a the checks.
“We? What do you mean we?” Wang Zi asks.
“As in Gui Gui and Hebe… Hebe and Gui Gui,” Gui Gui answers.
Wang Zi turns to look at me, “Hebe, I blame you!”
“No he doesn’t, come on let’s go…” Gui Gui follow behind as I lead out.
“Bye Wang Zi!” I say leaving the house, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”

~next day~
“I miss you guys too,” I say over the phone, “I don’t when I’m coming back Selina…” pause, “I know… summer vacation, I might come… I don’t know yet…”
“Gui Gui are you ok?!” I heard aunty (Gui Gui’s mom) exclaim.
“Selina hold up,” I say over the phone as I headed towards the bathroom, “Is there something wrong?”
“No, I’m good…” Gui Gui answers.
“You’re not pregnant are you?” Aunty asks.
“Mommy!” Gui Gui whines.
“Ok… ok…” Aunty gives up, “Hebe, watch Gui Gui for me, Gui Gui, watch Hebe.. I’ll be back soon.”
“Bye aunty,” I say as aunty left.
We headed towards the living room, “Wow, aunty cares about you a lot…” I say.
“Now she does…” Gui Gui says.
“What do you mean?” I ask.
“Last year, I ate some food Wang Zi made and my mom thought I was pregnant because I kept throwing up the food Wang Zi made,” Gui Gui explains, “So yep!”
“PREGNANT?!” I repeat shock, “You’re kidding right?”

Selina’s POV;
“Stop it Jiro…” I complain, “It’s rude, I’m talking to Hebe…”
“Come on, please?” Jiro beg.
“PREGNANT?!” I heard Hebe say over the phone, “You’re kidding right?”
“Pregnant?” I repeat to myself, shock.
“Um… Hebe… I have to go… bye…” I close my phone.

Hebe’s POV;
“Um… Hebe… I have to go… bye…” Selina says over the phone.
“Okk… bye…” I close my phone, “Are you lying?”
“I’m not lying, you can even asks my mom and Wang Zi…” Gui Gui says.
“You’re too young to be pregnant anyways…” I say, “You’re too smart for that…”
“I know.” Gui Gui look at the time, “Oh, come on Hebs, Wang Zi is waiting for us…” Gui Gui says as she get ready. I nodded and grab my stuff.

Selina’s POV;
“Pregnant…” I repeat, “She’s pregnant…”
“Pregnant?” Ella repeats, “WHO’S PREGNANT?”
“Hebe is pregnant?” Calvin questions.
“WHAT? HEBE IS PREGNANT?!” Jiro exclaims then looks deadly at Aaron.
“Woah! WOah WOAH!” Aaron says, “I haven’t seen her for a year, it can’t be mine…”
“If not Hebe, then Gui Gui?” Genie questions, “Hebe told me she’ visiting Gui Gui…”
“GUI GUI IS PREGNANT?!” Chun exclaims.
“So who’s pregnant?” Ella asks.
I look up at them and see all of them, looking at me…


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Chapter 18

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:00 pm

Chapter 18: Finally Meet ?
Sorry for the grammars, too lazy to fix them -__-
Hebe's POV;
We finally reach to Wangzi's place.
"Yay! Finally Gui Gui! You are finally here!! I couldn't sleep last night when you left. Do you know how much I miss you!?"
Wangzi hugs Gui Gui. Gui Gui hugs him back. She smiled at him.
"I missed you too"
They both snuggled up in each other's chest.
Hebe ran up to Aaron and hugged him tightly from behind.
"Uh Hebe, what are you trying to do to me? Are you trying to kill me!?" Aaron questions her shockingly.
"I missed you!! How can you say that?! Where were you? You didn't come to school the last 5 days!! I was worried, I couldn't sleep all night! Why would you leave me like that....."
Aaron helds onto her hands that were wrapped around his waist. He smiles
"Then hold onto me tight, don't ever let go and I'll never let you go. So I'll always be by your side, and you'll always be by my side. We'll always be together and do every little single thing together. I'm not asking too much am I?" Aaron softly say.
"No, it's never too much if it's from you."
*End Flashback*
"..............................huh?" I quickly said after getting out of the flashback.
"..Come inside." Wangzi said.
"Am I welcome?"
"..why you say that Hebe?" Gui Gui questioned.
"..Uh, I think I'll go get some fresh air. I'll leave you two alone for your own good." I said backing away from the front steps.
"Are you coming back?"-Gui Gui
"Of course, where would I go?!" I said stupidly.
"Well, be back soon. Don't be out too long."-Gui Gui
"I'm not a kid Gui Gui. I'll come back for sure."
"If you don't come back by 2PM, I'm going to call the police!"
(A/N: 2PM !! <33 (; I just notice that I wrote that. Keke; Loves <33 )

Aaron's POV;
"We don't know for sure yet if it's Hebe or Gui!" Genie says.
"What if it's HEBE!?" I shouted. Then I grabbed onto Genie's shoulders and shook her. "What if it's HEBE!?" I repeated. Everyone then looks at me as if I was crazy. Calvin took my hands off Genie and took her far away from me. "I'll borrow her for now, Aaron. Before you shake her brain out."-Calvin
Calvin and Genie . "Yo! My boy, calm your booty down!" Chun shakes me. I gave him the look. "Okay.. Okay....I'll leave you.....alone." Chun backed off his hands away from me.
"SELENA!" I yelled her name.
"What? I'm right next to you."-Selena
"YAH! You better stop screaming at me, when I'm exactly right next to you. And also before I tell you nothing too. Also why are you asking?"
"I'm going to MEET HER! I'm going to find out who's PREGNANT!" I stood up from the sofa.
"NO!!! You are staying here!" yells, Selena. She pulled me down to the sofa.
".. BUT!!..."
"NO!!" Everyone shouts to me. My lips turn upside down.
"Yea, and don't try that pouty face. It won't work!" Ella said. "Even I can do it better."


Calvin's POV;
We headed to the porch and left them inside, before Aaron gets Genie going nuts.
"...ccccCalvin..." I looked at her. "Mm..yes?" Genie looks down. I saw myself holding her hand tightly.
"Mmm, what?" I asked all confused. "Is holding your hand wrong?"
"Can you let go?" She asked me. "Why?" I asked back.
"Can you just let go?"
"What if I say no..."
"That still wouldn't change the answer."
"Well, that still doesn't answer why me holding your hand is wrong."

Genie's POV;
"Well, that still doesn't answer why me holding your hand is wrong." He said to me.
'Because I like you. What if you don't think the same.'
"Please Calvin, can you just let go."
I took my other free hand and tried to get my hand loose from him. He held it even tighter. "Oww! Calvin stop! It hurts! Let go of ME!"
He ignores me and held it even tighter. "Calvin!! LET GO OF ME!!" I pushed him harshly. He stumbles backward and tripped over a flower pot and went crashing to the chair and table. He felled to the ground flat. I looked in surprise. ' Am I that strong? ' Then suddenly I hear Calvin winced in pain. I gasped, then ran towards him.
"Calvin! Calvin! Are you okay?! Are you hurt?! I'm so sorry!" I bend down to look at him. He wouldn't answer me. "Calvin?.." His eyes were closed, and still no answer from his mouth.
' I didn't kill him did I?! It was just a soft push... '
"Calvin?! ..." I shaked him. "Are you playing around? Or are you really hurt? Calvin!! I didn't mean to. I'm sorry!! Okay, Okay! You can hold my hands!" I took his hand and intertwined it with mines.
"Calvin!!" I bended my side of the head to his heart. I listened, checking if he was still breathing. *Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.* (A/N: Hehehe I didn't know how to make the sound , sorry. :])

Calvin's POV;
"Calvin!!" She shouts. 'What would she do next?' Then I suddenly felt something warm against my chest. Is she that worry? I opened my eyes to see her.
"Can you hear it?" I said to her. She lifted up her head and looks at me. Her face was terribly messed up. Her make up smeared all over her eyes. Tears still rolled down her cheeks. I smiled at her to build up her cofidence that I'm still alive.
"Don't worry, I, Calvin, won't die easily." I wiped her tears away. She then slaps my hand away, looking at me madly.
She was about to stand up and walk away when I grabbed her wrist just in time and pulled her. I landed my lips softly onto hers. We paused in that position there for a second. I opened my eyes and looked at her, her eyes were clearly wide and surprised.
"Will that change the answer?"

Genie's POV;
"Will that change the answer?" He said to me. I was clearly in the state of not thinking straight, right after what had just happened a while ago. I just looked at him, liking the moment but also can't believe at that moment. 'Answer? What answer? This is a dream isn't it?'
"Your answer is still isn't clear yet? Well I'll just have to try again then." He smiles. I thought in all confusion of what he was going to try again. Until the next thing I notice, his lips were on mines again.


Hebe's POV;
"I still love walking down this street. It brings so much memories of the girls and me." I smiled, then a frown came. "And....him..."
'Gosh what is getting into me?! Why do every little single thing I think of, he pops up to be in there! Ugh!'
"Hebe? Hebe Tian is that you??"
'Did someone just call me?' I turned around to look. I gasped. 'Speaking of...there goes..'

-isarang.JAY <3333

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Chapter 19

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:02 pm

Chapter 19: Aaron Yan. Mike He. Official.
"...AAAAAAAAaron?" ‘Oh god! What should I do?!’
He walks up to me... by the time I knew it his lips were on mines and his hands on my waist.
I push him away after realizing what just happen.
“Oh… Good you still remember me,” Aaron says proudly, “How can you forget me? Your wonderful boyfriend…”
“You mean ex-boyfriend...” I correct him, “Why wouldn’t I forget the one that used me for my best friend?”
“Oh come on… I was kidding…” Aaron says, “So, when did you come back?”
“Sometime ago…” I answer trying to avoid looking at him.
“Why did you do that?” I ask referring to the kiss.
“Do what?”
“The kiss,” I answer as I look down.
“Isn’t that how you greet people in America?” Aaron asks.
I shot my head up at him, “Where did you get that from?!” I shout.
“You mean you?” He nods, “You’re dumb!!”
“We should go to America…”
“What?” I ask, “Why?”
“Because, I get to kiss you each time I see you…” Aaron says. I gave him a weird look.
“Aaron sweetie!!” I heard a girl shout as she walks over to us, “Why didn’t you call yesterday?”
“I was busy, sorry ok?”
“I’m not feeling so good, Aaron…” She gave him the puppy eyes.
He leans down toward her, “Maybe this will make you feel better,” He say to her then kiss her on the lip.
‘AHhhh!! They’re kissing in front of me!!’ I thought. I look at him shock, “Bye!” I run off.
“Wait!! Wait!!” Aaron yells after me. He grabs my arm and pulls me back, “What?” I ask.
He lean in, but I push him away, “What.. what are you doing?” I ask.
“Kissing you good-bye.. isn’t that what you do in America?” Aaron asks.
[A/N: Fact – that’s not what we do in America… It’s just something I came up with while looking around the room..]
He leans down towards me, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!”
“NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” I scream as I was brought back to reality.
I look around me and see everybody looking at me, thinking I’m weird.
[A/N: Just in case you guys didn’t catch that, she was daydreaming.]
I stand up and walk towards the way I came from, ‘Weird… Why am I thinking about Aaron… that... that…’
“Hebe?” I turn around, hearing somebody says my name.

Genie’s POV;
We walk side by side, with our hands link, “So Calvin…” I say, “Are we official?”
“Didn’t I show you already?” Calvin asks.
“You did?” I ask, “When?”
“Earlier, when I kiss you…” he answers, “A few times…”
“That was your answer?” I question, “How lame… I want a word answer… Yes or no…”
“Is that a no?” I ask.
“A yes?”
He stops and look at me, “Genie, we are officially a couple...” I smile, “That’s more like it…” I say, “Now, let’s go!!”
I walk off, sort of dragging him, “Where are we going?” He asks.
“To tell the others…” I answer…

Hebe’s POV;
“Mike?” I say shock.
“The one and only…” He says with a smile.
“I haven’t seen you for years!” I went over to hug him, “I miss you!”
“Me too!” He hugs me back, “Jiro told me you went to America… When did you come back?” He asks, pulling away, “How come Jiro didn’t tell me?”
“I came back sometime ago…” I answer, “And… I didn’t tell Jiro them yet…”
Mike gave me a confuse look, “I want to surprise them…” I lied.
“Oh…” He say,” So who are you staying with now?”
“Gui Gui and her mom…”
“Wouldn’t Chun know then?” Mike asks.
I shook my head, “I told Gui Gui to keep it a secret...”
Mike nodded understanding. We continue to talk some more.

Genie’s POV;
“Yay!! Genie, I’m so happy for you!!” Ella and Selina gave me a hug.
“I wish Hebe was here to know…” Selina says sadly.
“Me too…” I agree, “I texted her… She didn’t reply back yet…”
“She must be busy… so be patient…” Ella says.
“BUSY?!” Chun repeats, “Hebe is never busy you know.”
That’s true… Hebe is never busy… I really hope she do reply, she was the first one I told.
I look at my phone, hoping for a new message.

Hebe’s POV;
I open the door to Wang Zi’s house, “HEBE! Where were you!!” Gui Gui shouts the moment I step in, “Didn’t I tell you 2PM? Look at the time… it’s almost 6!”
I walk to the living room, hearing her lecture, “Who are you? My mom?” I ask.
“I’m old enough; you don’t need to worry about me…” I say.
“I’m just scare the others will see you…” Gui Gui says.
“By the way, it’s only 2:30,” I clarify.
“Sweetie! It’s ready!” We heard Wang Zi yells, “Why are you back so early?”
“My mommy Gui Gui was worry, so I had to come back early,” I answer like a little kid, “Daddy, do you not want me here?”
Wang Zi looks at me then back at Gui Gui, “She looks nothing like me!” he says to Gui Gui.
“Because… I look like mommy,” I say.
“You’re kidding me right?” Wang Zi questions.

Calvin’s POV;
“What’s wrong Gen?” I ask her. For the last few hours, she has been staring at her phone.
She shook her head, “Nothing…”
“Waiting for Hebe’s reply?”
She nods, “Don’t worry, she will reply soon,” I assure her, “She must be busy.”
“But Hebe is never busy…”—Genie
“Well, it has been a year since we seen her, must have focus on new things.”
“Don’t worry, she’ll reply, ok?” I added.
“How do you know?” She asks.
“Because I do.”
“Cal, what’s Hebe’s number?” Aaron asks.
“I want it.”
“She don’t want you to know,” Genie says, “She told me she don’t want you to know…”
"Nobody asks for your answer," Aaron says.
"Nobody asks you to use my best friend," Genie snap back.
Aaron open his mouth, ready to say something... nothing came out... Genie was right...
With that, Aaron walks out the rooom, "You alright Gen?" Ella asks.
Genie nods, "Yeah..." Genie answers.
*sighs* 'Darn you Hebe... just text back already!!' I thought. This is the first day we're dating and all she has been doing was waiting for Hebe to reply... tsk tsk.

Hebe's POV;
After that little joke, we ate then came home...
I sat down on my bed and took out my phone, "I wonder if anybody call me..." I say to myself, turning on the phone... Scare that Gui Gui would keep bothering me, I turn my phone off earlier.
'Three new messages... 10 miss calls.'
I check the missed calls and they were all from Genie except for 2, from Ella and Selina. "They must miss be a lot!!" I say.
I check my messages, chain letters... Ignoring it, I deleted it except for the one from Genie.
"Hey Hebe!! Guess what?! Calvin and I are officially dating!! --Genie <3 Calvin"
Shock, I dial their number and call them.

Genie’s POV;
I continue to stare at my cell phone, with my head lying on Calvin’s shoulder.
Suddenly my phone starts ringing; I jump up and pick it up without looking at the caller ID.

Hebe’s POV;
“Sorry the person you’re trying to get to is busy or isn’t here at the moment, please—“
I hung up, “Hmm… I’ll call tomorrow.”
I sat my phone on the nightstand and lay on the bed.

Genie’s POV;
“HELLO? HEBE?” I answered.
‘Genie, sweetie… it’s your mom.’
‘I’m just calling to let you know that we won’t be home tonight, so stay at one of your friends house ok?’
“Yes mom… Ok… bye…”
I hung up and lay my head on Calvin’s shoulder.

Hebe’s POV;
It has been almost a month since I came back and saw Mike. For the last few weeks, we did the same thing… Went to Wang Zi’s house… Very boring, you know… Although a few times I was able to hang out with Mike… But not today…
After walking with Gui Gui to Wang Zi’s house, I went and walk around the city.
Walking around, I came to a wishing pond…
‘I haven’t been here for a long time...’ I thought.
I look at the little kids, tossing a coin in, making a wish. I, myself, search my bag for a coin.
I finally found one, after a while of searching.
I went up to the pond and turn around, with my back facing it.
I close my eyes and made a wish.

‘I wish… to find my happiness.’

I toss the coin back into the pond, open my eyes and see…
‘That guy that went to my school.
That guy I love.
That guy that used me.
That one guy…
What was his name??
Oh, wait… I can and will never forget his name…
Aaron Yan.’

Aaron’s POV;
“Wishing pond!” Hebe exclaims, “Let’s go make a wish!!”
Hebe drags me towards the pond. She took out two coins and handed me one.
I look at her as she smiles, with her eyes close, gripping on the coin tightly.
She then tossed the coins into the pond, opening her eyes, “Come on, and make a wish!” Hebe says.
I nodded and close my eyes… ‘I wish for us to be together…’
I tossed the coins into the pond.
[A/N: This was when Aaron starts liking Hebe… so hopefully you’re not confuse why he wish to be for Hebe but “used” her to be with Genie… Confused? Ask..]
“So… what did you wish for?” Hebe asks.
I shook my head, “I’m not telling you…”
“Well, don’t… because if you do, it won’t come true…” Hebe says.
“Hungry yet?” I ask. Hebe nods, “Let’s go eat.”
*Flashback ends*
‘I’m so stupid… why did I do that to Hebe…’ I thought as I look out at the people wishing and tossing in coins, ‘My wish… will never come true.’
I turn around to walk away from the pond, just as a girl came up to me.
“You know… I’m looking for a new boyfriend,” she says.
“I was wondering if you want to be my new boyfriend…”

Hebe’s POV;
So boredom comes to me and I decided to follow him.
Ok, let’s face it… I’m stalking him. Why? Because……
No idea… boredom? Heheh.
Just then a girl walks up to him and held onto his hand, ‘What the heck do she think she’s doing?’ I thought.
She starts saying something… I watch their conversation then Aaron starts shaking his head and seem to be yelling at him.

Aaron’s POV;
“Do you know I’m the prettiest girl in the world?” The girl snaps.
“Do you know I already have a girlfriend who’s a lot better looking then you are?!” I try not to shout.
“Ahhh-ish!!” She complains then walks away…
‘Stupid… the only pretty girl in my world is Hebe… Hebe Tian…’ I thought.

Hebe’s POV;
‘What the heck is Aaron thinking? That girl was kind of pretty… once she takes off the make-up…’
Suddenly, Aaron starts walking away.
Waiting until he was far enough, I follow behind…

Aaron’s POV;
“I’m walking around the city…” I say over the phone, “I don’t know…”
“We’re going to the movies… want to come?” I heard Jiro asks.
“No… I don’t want to be the lonely one…”
“Well, you are the lonely one…” Jiro says, “Are you sure?”
“Yeah…” I say, “Ok… bye.”
I slip my phone back into my pocket then starting to get the feeling of somebody following me…
[A/N: You guys know that feeling right? While walking or whatever, then get the feeling like somebody is looking at you or following you…]
I stop in place and turn to look around… Nobody…
I continue to walk… not straight home, but around…
I would stop and look back every once and a while.
I look back and see…
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Chapter 20

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:03 pm

Chapter 20:Doesn't Remember Me

I look back and see...
A lady holding onto a string attach to a puppy. Hm.. weird. This creeping me out, I should just go with the guys to the theaters. I then suddenly called Jiro back.
Hebe's POV;
Wheww... close call, I hid behind a brick wall. I then continue to follow him. Eh.. what is he doing now??

Aaron's POV;
"Too late, Too bad, So sad." Jiro said over the phone. "WHAT!!?" I shouted at my phone. People around me looked at me weirdly.
"Calm down man. You didn't say you wanted to go earlier. The movie tickets, sold out." ----Jiro
"All lies. Well you know what, I didn't want to come anyways, I was just testing you guys. No use of calling you ever again!" I quickly shut my phone in irritation, before Jiro can say anything else.
"Why are you looking at me like that?" I said to Hebe. Not trying to sound mad.
"Did you know, when you're mad or angry, you look scary."
"Whoever said that!?" I half shouted.
"I did...” She said lowly.
"I'm sorry Hebe...”
"It's okay." She looks and smiled at me. "I know what to cheer you up. Or "might" cheer you up." I look at her confusingly. "Huh?"
She then grabbed me and seated me on a chair. "What are you doing?" I asked surprised. "Just wait...” She said then stood in front of me and turned around. Her back faced me.
"I'll only do this once, so don't make me do it ever again. You hear that?"
"What? ahah..what do you mean?"
"Did you hear me or not?" "Ahaha, ok..I heard you. So what are you doing?"
"Just sit and watch." I sat not knowing what she is planning to do, or do to me. She finally turns around after 10 seconds later. Her finger was pressed against her nose making herself look like a pig. I savior the moment and chuckled to myself. Then she started to sing: The Little Pig. [A/N: ( this is how the song goes? I guess you can say that Smile But yea, I don't know what it said, but the video is pretty cute. (: Just imagine Hebe pretending to be a pig (: In a GOOD way.]
After finishing her little cute song, she shrieked and ran upstairs to her room covering her face. I sat there amazed and surprised. She was so cute and made me all happy again. That night I just couldn't stop laughing and couldn't stop teasing her.
*End of Flashback*
"I could really use your song again. Just one more time. Please? Only if you can only hear me right now." I said while continuing walking not watch where I was going I bumped into someone.
"HEY! Watch where you are going please. SHEESH!" A random man told me.
"Sorry, sorry." I apologize to him. The man looked at me annoyingly, and then continued on his path. "..what is his problem anyways?" I said while looking back him.
"AARON!!!!!!!!!" Someone screamed my name. I looked farther ahead. I saw her. I finally see her again. ‘Hebe? ‘I said to myself. 'She's back.' Everything just went silent. The only thing I could hear was her, only her.
"Aaron!!!!!!" She screamed again while her hands wildly move in the air. I smiled at her.
"AARON!!!!!!!!" She continues to scream my name. Now she's worrying me. She didn't make that face, but that worried and panic face. "Huh?" I said confusingly. "Aaron!!! BEHI----"
The next thing I knew it was thu------------------ [A/N: It's suppose to be that dead noise on the machine thingy where it shows your heart rate?? Yea, that. I hope you get it. ]

Hebe's POV;
"AARON!!!!!!!!" I screamed in panic. 'Why is he smiling!? Can't he hear the car BEEPING?!'
"Aaron!!! BEHI----" I gasped. "Aaron!"
*End of Flashback*
"Hebe? Hebe?.." Someone tapped on my shoulder. I looked up, and getting out of my thoughts.
"Are you okay?" Asked Genie.
"It's all because of me. It's my entire fault he is like this. It's MY ENTIRE FAULT!" Genie sat beside me on the bench and hugged me. Her hand glide down my hair. I burst out crying in her chest.
"It's ALL MY FAULT! Genie! It's all my fault...It's...”
"No Heb. No, stop it. It's not. It wasn't your fault."---Genie
"IT IS! Aaron wouldn't be in the EMERGENCY room if it wasn't my fault!!"
"Hebe, don't say that." Selena came and pat my back comforting me.
"Yea, baby girl it wasn't your fault." Ella joined in.
"He'll be fine....hopefully." Genie whispered to me.
'He is fine. Not will be. Hopefully.'

~ 9:00 pm ~
After waiting for the whole day, the others went home. I stayed with Aaron. Finally I can get to see him after so many hours. His head was wrapped around with a cloth; I was a bit worried for a moment. But I'm so glad that he made it fine. I sat beside him, holding onto his right hand tightly, not wanting to let go. I just couldn't sleep from the thought of it. I wasn't even planning to sleep for tonight. As I stared at him, a thought came up upon me. Ever since I left to America, I've never thought that a moment like this will ever happen again. Seeing his face up this close, holding his warm hand with mines. And now here I am, it's happening again.
"I wish… to find my happiness...." I whispered.
Walking around, I came to a wishing pond…
‘I haven’t been here for a long time...’ I thought.
I look at the little kids, tossing a coin in, making a wish. I, myself, search my bag for a coin.
I finally found one, after a while of searching.
I went up to the pond and turn around, with my back facing it.
I close my eyes and made a wish.

‘I wish… to find my happiness.’

I toss the coin back into the pond, open my eyes and see…
‘That guy that went to my school.
That guy I love.
That guy that used me.
That one guy…
*End of Flashback.
"It's amazing and silly. How my happiness will be a kind of person like you. A person that used me to get with my best friend. Funny, isn't it? How I still love you so much, when you had broke my heart. Why is it that the one you love the most usually hurts you the most? I guess where there is love, there is pain. It's never perfect."

~The next following 3 days. ~
11:09 AM
Since after the terrible accident, Aaron did not wake up yet. Is he in a coma? How long am I going to talk to myself?
"Aaron please wake up. Please? I need you. We need you. I'll never be the same without you." I sort of gave up on hopes of him from waking up. I slouch my head on the side of his bed. I then guess I sort of took a little short nap. Because I then woke up from the touch of somebody. I lifted up my head to see a seated Aaron in front of me.
"Aaron. Good, you’re awake." I yawned and rubbed my eyes. 'Wait!'
"AARON?! AARON!!!" I quickly jumped on and hugged him around the neck. Not literally jump but you get the idea.
"Don't say anything yet! Let me go get the doctor and the guys!"

Jiro's POV;
"Yea, I know right Ella." I nodded my head.
"Because th------ "
Before Chun can finish his explanation we all hear Hebe rushing down the hall calling us.
"Ey.. Look its Hebe. She's finally thinking about getting some fresh air, then being stuck in that room for another 3 days." Chun cheekily said.
"YOU GUYS!!" Hebe screamed.
"What is it girl?!" All Hebe's so called girlfriends ran up to her. Hebe breathed heavily.
"Breathe in. Breathe out, sis. It's not the end of the world yet." I told her.
Hebe grasped for air. "A..A...Aaron..."
All the girls gasped. "What about Aaron?!!" They all said at the same time.
"Is it a possibility that Aaron i----" Calvin was suddenly stopped from Hebe.
"Yes! YES HE is." Hebe finally said it.
"So he's awake!?" I surprisingly said.
"Who's the last one there is a rotten egg!" Chun said. All the guys went racing towards Aaron's room.
"Ey! Wait up for me!" I quickly ran right behind them.

Genie's POV;
While all the boys were being immature kids, me and the girls stood with Hebe. Letting her catch her breath before we go back to Aaron's room.
"So he's finally awake huh Hebe?" Selena questions.
"Yes." --Hebe
"You must be happy" I said to her.
She smiles to me. "Aww, Hebe..." Ella said.

Hebe's POV;
I and the girls took our time to make it to Aaron's room. And like Chun said, I did sort of need fresh air for a bit. We then reached to the room. But the atmosphere felt all gloomy. What was this all mixed up mood for? I looked at the guys. They sadly stared at the ground.
"Ey Jiro, why the sad face?" Selena went over to him and asked him. He continues to look down.
" too, Calvin." Genie went over to him. He also continued to look down.
"You too CHUN!" Ella said. He looks down also. I looked at everyone. The girls gave me the worried look.
"Guys?" I said to them. All of them looked at me. "What's wrong?" I asked. They gave me no answer. There was definitely something going wrong. I then looked at Aaron. He made that confused face, scratching his head.
"...And you are?..."
I looked weirdly at Aaron. "What?"
"I asked you, who you are."--Aaron
I gave him a confused look. And so did the girls. They turn to look at him. "What do you mean!?" Genie halfly shouts at him. Calvin sort of held her back.
"What? who are you too?"--Aaron
"You mean, you don't know me either?" Selena joined in. "Uh no, if you say it like that." Aaron responded. I then became shocked.
"Then you...don't..."--Ella
"Nopes, I don't know you either." Aaron finished her off.
"Then do you know them?!" Genie points at the guys. Aaron scratches his head. "Mmm...” He points at Calvin. "You are Calvin. Right?"
"Yes." ---Calvin
Aaron then looks at Jiro. "Then you are J...Ji...Jiro?"
Aaron smiles. "Then you are Chun!"
"YOU REMEMBER THEM!? BUT NOT US!?" Genie screamed at him.
"Uh... yes... you can say that."
"So you don't remember her?! Don't YOU!?" Genie shouted again. She was pointing at me. Aaron looks at me again. He didn't react, he didn't do anything.
"You don't remember me don't you?" I said to him. Everyone looks at me; I bet they were worried about me.
"Um, I'm sorry I don't. Can you tell me who you are so I'll know then?" He said it like everything was just normal. I was alerted I couldn't believe it, I quickly ran out of that room. Crying to myself. I heard some of the girls calling after me. But I ignored because there was no point of me to stay, because he don't remember me. 'He doesn't even know who I am! There is no point of me staying with a person like that. I'm glad that he doesn't remember me. It's a good thing, good because it is a less thing for me to worry about.' I quickly ran out of the hospital.

Calvin's POV;
"I'm going to go after Hebe, stay here. I'll be back." Genie said to me and left.
"I'm going too." Selena said. Then the rest of the girls followed and left the room. Now only the boys and I are left in there. I looked at the guys then to Aaron.
"Man, was that wrong?" Chun asked.
"A bit harsh?" I questioned.
"You’re just lucky I'm not going to slap you." Jiro stated.
"I'm sorry you guys. I have to do this. It's the best for the both of us." Aaron replied.
He then lay back down on his bed. He turned his back to face us. All of us guys nod our head sideways.
'What in the world is wrong with this guy? I feel sorry for Hebe.'

Hebe's POV;
I quickly ran far away enough and found myself sitting on a bench. Crying crazily to myself.
"Hey why is my little girl crying, Huh?" Someone said. I looked up. "Mike!.." I stood up and hugged him.
"He doesn't remember me! What am I suppose to do now?! Mike, help me!"
"What? Who doesn't remember you? Is this why you are crying?" He asked. He pulled us apart and looked at me.
"Mike, he doesn't remember me...what am I going to do now?..Mike!"
"Hold on, hold on. Tell me the story first. Okay? I'll help you, only if you explain what had happened. Okay?" He smiles at me.
"...mmmkay...” I nod my head also.
He wipes my tears away from my face. "Okay, now explain to me about this whole conflict."
"It started out like this, one day...."
Mike, he was like an older brother to me, I told him everything. He tells me mostly everything. He helps me with my problems, I help him. We were always there for each other. After a long 2 hour talk. He finally gets to the point.
"Go back, and make him remember. Make him remember who Hebe Tian is! Show him that you can do it. Make your happiness happen again. Try your hardest. It can't go to waste for nothing right? If that doesn't work, go grab a pot and just bang it right upside his head. That works the bestest!"
I giggled. "Thanks Mike. You’re always there for me. Is there anything for me that I can do for you?"
"It's okay. But there is one thing you can do."
I laughed. "What is it?"
"Take me out to eat." He smiles at me. I looked at him weirdly. "Are you serious?"
"Can't you see! I've been talking for 5 straight hours! What do you expect!? An empty stomach of course."
"Ahaha, fine. Let's go eat then."
We stood up and made our way to dinner.
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Chapter 21

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:05 pm

Chapter 21: A Joke; Break-Up?!

Aaron’s POV;
(You all must be thinking I, Aaron Yan, is stupid for lying to Hebe after thinking about her… but let me tell you (readers) something. I have my reasons… I think…)
After the girls ran to chase after Hebe, I look at the guys.
"Man, was that wrong?" Chun asked.
"A bit harsh?" Calvin questioned.
"You’re just lucky I'm not going to slap you." Jiro stated.
"I'm sorry you guys. I have to do this. It's the best for the both of us." I replied.
I then lay back down on his bed, turned my back to face them.
“I really think you did wrong,” we heard someone says.
“It’s a joke,” I say, “Chill Ella.” Wait… Ella?!
I quickly sat up and look at the doorway, “What do you think you’re doing?” Ella asks as she walks toward us.
“Ella sweetie…” Chun says.
“What on Earth are you trying to do?” Ella asks me, ignoring Chun, “You used her for Genie… You made her leave us for a year! And now you’re acting like you don’t need her?!” pause, “Even though I was with Chun 24/7 for the whole year Hebe was gone, I can see the way you feel without Hebe…”
“Ella, I—“
“Ever since you and Hebe went out, you seem more happy… did you know that? Or were you too focus on using her to get Genie? Ever since we found out you used Hebe for Genie, you became a jerk and hurt Hebe without evening knowing it!” pause, “Ever since Hebe left, I see you glancing over at us every once and a while at school… You are nothing without the guys… Now that Hebe is back… isn’t this the chance for you to explain to her?!”
“Ella, you’re a girl! You won’t understand,” I shout.
“So what I’m a girl… Both girls and boys have feelings!”
“This has nothing to do with you, so let it go.”
“I told you before, if it has something to do with Genie, Hebe, or Selina, it has to do with me,” Ella says.
“But you—“
“I do too understand!” Ella interrupts me again.
“Ella just drop it! It has nothing to do with you!” Chun shouts out of nowhere.
We all stop and stare at Chun, shock. He just yelled at his girl. Chun, being the nice and caring but also weird, has never yell at his girl before.
Ella’s POV;
“But you—“
“I do too understand!” I interrupted him again.
“Ella just drop it! It has nothing to do with you!” Chun shouts.
I flinch at the tone of his voice. Never in these 7 years, I have known Chun, have he yelled at a girl before…
“Chun!! You know you hate this as well as I do,” I say, “You should be—“
“Ella, leave it alone!” Chun shouts, “It has nothing to do with you!”
Again, he shouts at me… I cannot take it anymore…
I ran out of the room. ‘Can’t believe my own boyfriend is against me on this…’

Chun’s POV;
“Chun!! You know you this as well as I do,” pause, “You should be—“
“Ella, leave it alone!” I interrupted her, “It has nothing to do with you!”
I can’t take it anymore… I’m so confuse at Aaron’s stupidity of hurting Hebe… and now Ella… Ugh!!
Soon, I can saw Ella running out the room, “Sh*t!” I murmur.

Hebe’s POV;
“I’m full! You should treat me more often,” Mike suggested.
“haha.. yeah right!” I say as we walk out the restaurant, “You eat more than a pig!”
“Just making my stomach happy,” he says proudly.
“Anyways, thanks Mike…”
“For what?”
“Always being the brother Jiro never was,” I answer.
“No problem… I like helping little ones.”
I smile, “Well, I’m going to go home now,” I say, “Thanks!”

Jiro’s POV;
After that little, what should I call it… problem… argument…? We headed to my house. Well, they basically kick us out for being too loud… -_-‘
“Chill Chun, she’s probably on her… you know… yeah…” I try to comfort him.
“Have what?” Aaron asks.
Genie looks at him, “You don’t need to know…”
“Selina, please go talk to her,” Chun begs.
“I will… I will…” Selina says, “Once I see that Hebe is home and safely… somewhere…”

Hebe’s POV;
I walk up to my house… ‘Ahhh! Sweet home!!’ I notice the living room lights on, ‘Mom must be home!’
I ran up to the door and open it, “Mom! I’m home!” I shout, “Mom?”
I close the door behind me and went to the living room, “Mom, I’m—home,” I say slowly realizing it is not my mom, “What are you guys doing here?”
They all look at me, “Hebe!” Selina and Genie came up to me, “you’re alright! Thank goodness!”
I hug them, realizing I have not seen them for a year now, “I miss you guys so much!” I say.
“Same here…” They both say.
“Where’s Ella?”
“Haven’t seen her since the hospital,” Genie says.
“I’m sure she’s alright,” Selina says.
“Jiro… what are they doing here?” I ask.
“Can they not be here?” Jiro asks.
“They can… but he can’t,” I point to Aaron, “Wasn’t he in an accident this morning?”

Jiro’s POV;
“They can… but he can’t,” Hebe point to Aaron, “Wasn’t he in an accident this morning?”
“Dang it!” I murmured, forgetting about Aaron’s situation this morning.
“Jiro…?” –Hebe
“The doctor says…”
I look at the guys, “That’s he in good condition,” Calvin quickly adds, “But if he starts…”
“Getting headaches and stuff, he should go back and get a check up,” I finish.
“But he lost his memory right?” Hebe asks.
“The doctor also mentions that he will have a better chance of remembering if he comes home…” Calvin answers.
“Ohh…” Hebe nods understanding.
I went up to Hebe and pull her aside, “When did you came home?” I ask, “How did you get here? Why didn’t you call?”
I continue to throw a ton of questions at her, worried.
“I miss you too!” She says then left.
“Hebe!” I pull her back, “Answer now.”

Hebe’s POV;
By the time I knew it, Jiro kept throwing questions at me… Knowing that it would take forever, I just simply say, “I miss you too!” then headed back to the living room, but was pull back by someone.
“Hebe!” Jiros says, “Answer now.”
“I wanted to surprise you guys…” I answer, “I just happen to see Aaron then.”
“You could have call you know…” Jiro says, “Mom was very worried about you.”
“Mom?” I repeat, “Are you sure it’s not you?”
Jiro looks away. ‘Of course...’
“So you’re staying here now right?”
“As of right now… yeah…” I answer, “But I want to go back to Gui Gui tonight.”
“Stay for the night… please?”
“I miss Gui Gui… that’s why I went to her first,” I answer.

I sat on my bed and lay on my back, looking up at the ceiling, ‘Did I really go to Gui Gui because I miss her?’ I thought about it.
‘Now that I think of it, I don’t know why I went to Gui Gui first… I don’t know why I didn’t tell Jiro I’m back… Why didn’t I tell them?’

Aaron’s POV;
“I think you should tell Hebe,” Calvin kept repeating.
It was only us guys, Selina and Genie left to Ella’s while Hebe is upstairs.
“Chill, I know what I’m doing…” I say.
“Jiro, that’s your sister, he’s joking on… you’re going to say nothing?” Calvin questions.
“Don’t drag me into this…”
“Come on Cal… don’t you play joke on people?” I ask.
“Not this serious.” –Calvin
“I play jokes but I pretend that I lost my memory,” Calvin added, “Especially to the girl I love.”
“Jokes?” We heard somebody say.
We turn to look at the doorway, “Hebe…” I say softly, surprise.
Jiro jump up, “Hebe… what’s up?”
“What are they talking about Jiro?” Hebe asks him.
“Um… umm….” Jiro didn’t know what to say, “Hebe.. umm…”
“Aaron didn’t lose his memories!” Calvin says for Jiro.

Hebe’s POV;
“Aaron didn’t lose his memories!” I heard Calvin say.
“WHAT?!” I exclaim.
Should I be happy, that he remembers… or mad, that he lie?
Aaron came up to me, “Sorry Hebs,” he tries to wrap his arms around me but I push them away and slowly back away.
“It was only a joke…” Aaron says, “I didn’t know you would be here…”
“I yelled out your name though,” I say quietly but enough for him to him.
“Really? I didn’t know… I just heard someone call out my name…”pause, “I’m sorry Hebe…”
Should I forgive him??!!! Ahh! This is so confusing… I want to forgive him, but! I don’t know if I can… he just lie to me…

I walk up to my room, thinking…
“Hebe… Hebe….?”
“Huh?” I turn to look behind me.
“Am I forgiven?” Aaron asks.
I shrugs my shoulders and headed back to my room, thinking.

~next day~
I flip over, laying on my stomach, “I don’t know Gen… he lie to us…” I say over the phone, “True… I do not!... ok… maybe a little… ok a LOT! But still…” pause, “Ok… see you then…” I hang up. *sighs* Why is this so confusing?!

Selina’s POV;
“Don’t worry Ella, I’m sure he’s over it already…” I say as we walk up to the front door.
I ring the doorbell and wait for it to open.
“Selina! Ella! Genie!” We can hear Hebe yell from the inside.
The door opens.. of course by Hebe and she hug us, “I MISS YOU!!”
“I miss the 4 of us!!” Hebe says after finally letting us go and letting us in.
“We do too Hebs…” Genie says.
“You’re never leaving us again,” Ella added.

“Hey guys!” I say as I saw them all sitting comfortably, “Except for Aaron.”
“What?! Why?” Aaron asks.
“You lie to us,” Genie answers.
“It was a joke…”
“How can you joke after a car accident?” Genie asks.
“I don’t know…” Aaron answers, “I didn’t know what was happening…”
“Because you were laying on the bed with Hebe on your side torn up, duhh!” I say, “Right Hebe?”
I look over at where Hebe was, “Hebe?” No sigh of her, “Where did she go?”
They all shrug.
“Well, yeah! Shame on you!” Genie interrupts the unusual silence.
“I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Ella’s POV;
“Well, yeah! Shame on you!” Genie interrupts the silence.
“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Aaron defends himself.
‘I can’t take it anymore! I, Ella, always defend my besties… Hebe is one of my bestie… and I know Aaron did something wrong!!’
“How dare you lie to Hebe,” I say coldly.
“Come on Ella… you’re still—“
“How dare you use Hebe for Genie…” I interrupted him. ‘Heck yeah I’m still on this topic… I’m tired of you doing this.. Hurting my best friend.’
“How dare you hurt her…” I continue, “How dare you… do that to my best friend…”
“Ella, please don’t say anymore…” Selina whispers to me.
“I can’t Sel!” I nearly shout, “He’s ruining Hebe’s life! He made Hebe left us for a year! We promise to stay with each other… We’re best friends… that’s what we do!”
‘I haven’t yell at anyone for a long time… at the latest, not like this…’
“I’m really don’t understand why they forgive you so easily,” I look back at Aaron, “You deserve to be hurt…”
“Ella… let’s not go through this again,” Chun says, “Let it go… He changed… He has his reason… Chill…”
“You don’t get it, Chun! You don’t understand what we do to help a friend…” I say, “She’s our best friend… no matter what… he hurt her and can’t replace it.”
“Hebe and Aaron’s problem has nothing to do with you… let it go,” Chun says, “They’re not even bringing it up!”
“But she’s our best friend!”
“It has nothing to do with you!”
“Ella!” Chun shouts.
I flinch at the way he say my name, “You know… from this situation, I learn something…” I try to hold back my tears.
“What?” he says bluntly.
“That we should never get marry…”
“What are you trying to say?”
“That we should—“
“Break up?” Chun interrupts me.
“Take a break…” I ended, “from each other…”
“If you want that…”

I stood still, not knowing what to do…
“You know… instead of taking a break... why don’t we just break up?!”
I stood there shock, “Break up?”
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Chapter 22

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:06 pm

Chapter 22:Back to the old days; Start over?

“You know… instead of taking a break... why don’t we just break up?!”—Chun
I stood there shock, “Break up?”
“Fine… if that’s what you want,” I went to grab my bag then left the house without another word.

Hebe’s POV;
“You know… instead of taking a break... why don’t we just break up?!” I heard Chun yell. Even though I’m in my room, they were loud enough for me to hear…
I open my bedroom door quietly to listen.
“Break up?” I heard Ella repeat. I went out to the open hallway.
“Fine… if that’s what you want,” Ella says.
“Ella!” I shout as I went to stop her, but it’s too late… she already left.
I watch out the front door as Ella disappears around the corner.
I went up to Chun, “I’m sorry…” I apologize.
“It wasn’t your fault Hebe….” He says.
I shook my head, “If I wouldn’t have return, she would still be your girlfriend…” I say sadly.
“Hebe… we’re glad your back,” Genie says, “This has been happening for a while… It’s not entirely your fault.”
“But half of it is my fault…” I say, “I shouldn’t have come back…”
Selina and Genie gave me a hug, “Hebe, don’t blame it on yourself… it wasn’t your entire fault…” Selina comforts, “Right Chun?”
“Of course it’s her fault! If it wasn’t for her, Ella wouldn’t be bringing back their problems!” Chun nearly shouted.

I drop my bags on the floor, “Nooo! Hebe, don’t go! You just back!! We miss you so much!!” Genie cries.
“I have too… I cause too much already,” I say, “I’m sorry… I won’t bother you guys anymore…”
“Hebe!!! Chun didn’t mean it!!!”—Selina
“Chun!! Apologizes!!”—Jiro
We all look at Chun and waited.
“Fine.. fine fine… I didn’t mean it Hebe…” Chun says.
“YES!!!!!!!” I cheer.
They all look at me confuse, “At least I don’t have to unpack!! Ahahas!!”
“What are you talking about?”—Calvin
“I didn’t exactly pack… empty bag…” I explain.
“So you knew I would just forgive you huh?”—Chun
“Yep, pretty much,” I answer happily.

It has been 2 weeks since that day… The day Ella and Chun broke up…
We haven’t really hang out with the guys much anymore.
It would be kind of weird…
Although Jiro is my brother, it would still be a bit weird…
Why? Well… in the beginning of high school as freshman, we were our own group. My girls and Jiro and them never really communicate until Ella and Chun start going out…
They brought our group together you can say.
“Are you sure you can do it?” Selina asks.
We’re meeting the guys at the mall for the first time in 2 weeks. Of course it would be hard for Ella to see Chun again… Of course, she’s not over him yet… Just like I’m not over Aaron… (Crap, did I just say that?!)
“I’m fine…” Ella answers as she park the car.
“Don’t worry Ella, we can go on our own,” I told her.
“That’s the best idea I heard all day,” Ella joked.

We went straight to the food court, where we plan to meet the guys. Once we got there, we saw them waiting for us.
Selina went straight to Jiro’s arms as Genie did the same to Calvin.
Ella and I stood there…
“Hey Ella, you alright there?” Calvin asks.
“Haven’t seen you for a while…” Jiro added.
“I’m ok…” Ella answer.
“Ok then… we’ll meet back here in 2 hours?” Genie questions. Everybody nodded and went our own ways.
I stay with Ella, knowing she needs comfort.

Chun’s POV;
We waited for the girls to show up…
It feels like time was going by too slow…
“Hey Ella, you alright there?” I heard Calvin asks. I look up and notice the girls in front of us.
“Haven’t seen you for a while…” Jiro added.
“I’m ok…” Ella answer.
I notice she’s trying to avoid me… But I don’t mind… I don’t care anyways…
Ok, that’s a lie, I still care about her… I want her back as mine…
It was a mistake… Ugh!!
“Ok then… we’ll meet back here in 2 hours?” Genie questions. Everybody nodded and went our own ways.
I notice Hebe and Ella going together… I couldn’t help but follow them. Secretly!

“Hebe… how can you do this?” Ella asks.
“Huh?” Hebe asks confuse.
“How can you control your feelings so well?” Ella asks.
Hebe shrugs, “I don’t know…” She answers, “It’s about the happiness…”pause, “I want him to be happy… After he told me, he didn’t like me, it was too hard to face him… So I left….”
“I couldn’t control it that’s why I left…” Hebe added.
“How about now?” Ella asks.

Aaron’s POV;
“Ok then… we’ll meet back here in 2 hours?” Genie questions. Everybody nodded and went our own ways.
I watch where everybody was going… I went the opposite way just to avoid them.

“Now?” Hebe asks. Ella nods.
“I still can’t forget about him…” Hebe answers, “I try…”
“I still hate Aaron for doing that to you…” Ella says, “He ruin your life and everything…”

Chun’s POV;
“What are they talking—Oops, sorry…” I say noticing I bump into someone, “Aaron?”
“What are you doing?” he whispers.
“Not spying, if that’s what you’re thinking…” I answer.
Aaron gave me SERIOUSLY? face.
“Can I not spy on my ex?” I ask.
“You still like her huh?” he asks.
“You still like Hebe huh?” I question. He didn’t answer, knowing that I’m right. Instead of arguing some more, we went back to “spying” on our girl… ok, ex-girlfriend.

“Ella… I don’t care if you hate him,” Hebe says, “But… I don’t want it cause your relationship with Chun to end because of us.”
“We already ended...” Ella says, “But it wasn’t because of you…”
“Can we talk about something else?” Hebe nods.

Hopefully next time Genie and Selina can go on their own… It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it… but I can’t face him yet…

~next day~
Hebe’s POV;
“We’re going out…” Selina shouts.
“Where to?” Ella asks.
“Can I come?” I ask.
“If you want…” Genie answers, “It’s going to us and the gu—.”
“Nevermind…” Ella says.
“Ok then… We’ll see you guys later…” Selina says.
We watch them leave then went back to watching television.
Genie's POV;
We took our long trip drive to Taipei. Me and Calvin were up front. I sat in the passenger seat of course. Selina and Jiro were seated at the back.
Selina yawned. "Tired baby?" I heard Jiro asked Selina.
She nodded her head, as I expected. Jiro tapped on his shoulder and Selina rested her head there. I looked at Calvin.
"When are we going to be there?"
"Soon. Why impatient already?"
"No, I'm just wondering." I smiled at him. He smiled back.

Hebe’s POV;
About 3 hours after Selina left, Aaron came over looking for Jiro.
“Is Jiro here?” he asks.
I shook my head, “Oh… ok then…”
“Do you want to come in?” I ask being polite.
He shook his head, “It’s ok…”
“Hebe, can we talk?” Aaron asks.
*sighs* I look over at Ella and she nods. I look back at Aaron and nod.
I follow behind as he led the way.
By the time I knew it I’m in his car, with him driving… ‘I thought he wanted to talk?! Not kidnap me!!—Ok exaggerating… but… be strong Hebs..’
“We’re going to talk at the beach,” Aaron says as if he read my mine… but it made me a bit more relax.

Genie’s POV;
An hour and 30 minutes past. We finally reach Taipei.
"Oooh!!~ While at it, later on at night let's go to Shilin Night Market!! I heard it's the most popular of Taiwan’s famous night markets!!" Selina suggested.
"Nice idea! Can we Calvin??" I said.
"Sure." He smiled.

So later that night, near sunset we were walking in the streets of the Shilin Night Market in Taipei.
"The street is so colorful! It's so pretty..." Selina commented. I did my 'Ohhs' & 'Ahhs'.
"Is it? It's not as pretty as you are."—Jiro.
I saw Selina blush. 'Oh lord.' I rolled my eyes. "Ahaha.." Jiro laughed at me.
"This is the busiest hotspots to be at after the sun goes down." I said.
"It sure is, look at all these people. Unbelievable.."—Jiro.

While we were enjoying our time, we went through stores to stores. There was so much to look at.
"Hey, Genie. Me & Jiro are going to look at this store for a bit. So if you and Selina want to, you guys can go ahead but then don't go too far."
"Ok." I replied. I told Selina and we went ahead. After walking for a while, Selina tugged me by my arm while I was looking through this one market.
"Yea?" I asked her. "Look!" I looked at her confused. "Look at what?"
"Look over there!" Selina points to a person. So many people were passing by I didn't have clue who she was pointing at.
"There is so much people, who are you talking about?"
"Look at the guy with the black shirt with a funny looking green face on it!!"—Selina
"Alot of people are wearing black."
Selina dragged me over to that random person who I didn't know what she was talking about.
"Ni hao!" Selina greeted the man.
"Oh! Ni hao." He greeted back.
"This is my friend Genie and I'm Selina. Um are you Jay Park?" She asked him. I looked at Selina. "Who is JAY PARK!?'
"Yes, I am." He smiled brightly. Selina gasped. "SO YOU ARE!? Can we take a picture!?"
"Selina!! What are you doing!? We don't even know him!" I shouted at her. "I apologize to my friend. She's just out of her mind" I told the man. He chuckled at us.
"He's Jay Park from AOM!" Selina excitedly said.
"Have you been watching to much drama?"
All of a sudden Calvin and Jiro came toward us. "What are you guys doing?" questioned Jiro.

Hebe’s POV;
Once we reach the beach, we got out and went to walk along the beach.
It was silent, which is weird…

“Hebe…” I heard Aaron say. I look up at him.
“You know… we having officially break up…” He says.
‘OH crap! This is the last thing I wanted to talk about! Ugh!!’
“Hmm.. You’re right…” I say trying not to feel happy or sad.
“I was wondering if—“
“Let’s break up…” I interrupted… I don’t know what he’s going to say… and I don’t really want too.

Genie’s POV;
After the situation with the so called guy name Jay Park we started to head home.
"Are you that happy, because you got to take a picture with Kay Bark?" I asked her.
"Hey! His name is Jay Park. And of course, I am happy!" She happily looks at her cellphone.
"This is going to be put as my wallpaper from now on!"—Selina.
"Your replacing me for HIM!?"—Jiro
"YEAP!...hehehe" Selina happily looks at her cellphone.
"Give me this!" Jiro grabbed her cellphone. "Hey give it back!"
They both argued in the back. "Who is this guy again?"—Calvin.
I shrugged my shoulders. "They'll get over it."
[A/N: And if you guys don't know him, it's ok. I got this information from here: Smile ]

Hebe’s POV;
“This so-call long break we’re on… has been bothering me lately…” I explain, “I haven’t been to go out for a while now…” pause, “I also don’t want you to be holding onto me when you did wrong first…”
“I heard that when I was gone… you still claim me as your girlfriend… is that true?” I ask.
“What?! Pfft… Keep dreaming…” Aaron scoffs.
“Really?! Darn it!” I complain, “I shouldn’t have rejected that one guy…” pause, “Wait! I got his number!”
I took out my phone and start dialing then held the phone up to my ear, “Hello? Yep! You remember!! Heheh… Umm, I was wondering if—“ I couldn’t continue on, with Aaron snatching away my phone and hanging up.
“Hey! What did you do that for?!” I complain as I snatch my phone away, “You hung up on Selina…”
“Who told you?” He asks.
“Genie…” I answer.
We stay quiet for a bit.
“Is this all you want to talk about?” I ask, “Cause I have other things to do…”
I gave him a while to answer but he didn’t so I start walking back to the car.
“Wait! Hebe…!” I hear Aaron yelling.
I stop and turn to look at him, “I’m sorry.”
“Huh?” *confused*
“I’m sorry I used you…” He apologizes, “I’m sorry for being a jerk… I’m sorry for ruining your life…”
“…” *speechless* ‘What am I suppose to say at a time like this?!’
I look back at him and notice he’s crying...
“Hebe… can we… can we start over?” He cries.
“Let’s start over… to the day we start dating…” He added, “I’m begging you Hebe…
I change…
I was a stupid and selfish jerk back then… please….”
I couldn’t take it anymore… knowing that I couldn’t control my tears, I turn away from Aaron avoiding contact.
By the time I knew it, a pair of arms was around me, “Please Hebe…” Aaron sobs, “I’m very sorry…” *cries*, “Please give me another chance…”
I couldn’t help it but softly cry as well… He continues to plead me.

After a while, I remove his arms from around me and turn to face him. I look up at him and see him still crying. I slowly went into his arms; continue to cry in his arms.
“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry Hebe…” He sobs, “Please… Please give me another chance…”
‘What should I do…
Should I forgive him because I love him?
Or should I forget him because he might hurt me again…
He hurt me once… who say he can’t do it again?
But I love him... It’s hard to forget about him…
Why does this have to be so hard?’

After a while, I slowly pull away. I held my hands up to his face and wipe away his tears…
I look down at the sand then back at him, “Aaron…

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Chapter 23

Post by JayWalker. on June 1st 2010, 4:08 pm

Chapter 23: Bàba! *END*
After a while, I slowly pull away. I held my hands up to his face and wipe away his tears…
I look down at the sand then back at him, “Aaron…
I… I love you…”
Aaron’s POV;
“Aaron...” Hebe says after pulling away, “I… I love you…”
I want to pull her into my arms, but she was dragging her sentence...
“But… I’m sorry,” Hebe added. She starts walking away, back to the car.
I rush after her, pull her back and place my lip on her lips. I can feel her struggling to break free, but I held on tight. I don’t like her answer… and I don’t want to let her go… ever again.
I pull away awhile after she stops trying to break free.
“I hate you…” I heard her mumble. I couldn’t help it but smile…
“I love you too,” I say as I pull her into my arms and hug her tightly.

“So, what made you agree?” I ask as I look at her, lying down with her head on my lap, “I’m a good kisser huh?”
Hebe shook her head, “You’re not all that great, I can find somebody better than you…” Hebe complains.
“There are better guys out there… but I’m the only perfect one to you…” I say.
“Perfect?” Hebe repeat, “Psh! Whatever, you are not perfect!”
“Compare to you, I am perfect,” I tease.
“Ey! I’m not that bad,” Hebe pouts.
“If I am, then why do you like me?” She asks.
“Um… probably because you’re so easily to mess with…” I answer, “and weird… also mean, you’re mean… did you know that? Hm… what else? And you’re stupid…”
Hebe instantly sat up angrily and cross her arms across her chest.
I pull her closer to me, “I’m not done…” I say but she look in away from me, “You’re also cute, amusing, beautiful, bubbly, and stupid… for not knowing that I really, truly love you.”
She turns to face me smiling, “That is so cheesy,” she says.
“What? It’s not like you heard that before…”
“I have…”
“WHAT?! From who?”
“What somebody?”
“Somebody special,” Hebe say as she stands up.
“Who’s that?” I got up as well, eager to know who also told her that.
“Somebody who is better than you,” She says.
‘What is this girl up to?’
“Tell me!”
“You really want to know?” I nod.
Dad.” She says then run off laughing.
I stood there shock. ‘She just trick me…’
I ran after her, “I’m going to kill you Hebe!” I shout after her.
“I love you too!!!!!” She shouts back.

Hebe's POV;
"Hello?.." I answered the phone. "Okay....wait now?..why?..."
"Who's that?" Aaron said down the hallway coming towards me. He grabbed hold onto my waist from behind.
"We'll be there you too." I hung up the phone.
"Who you say i love you to?" Aaron asked.
" one." I smiled at him. Releasing myself, I quickly headed for the showers.

"Where are we going?" Aaron asked confusingly.
"Somewhere.." I respond.
"First you don't tell me who that person you was talking to was and now your taking me somewhere? Hebe......" He stops walking and looked at me. I stopped and looked at him confused.
"ARE YOU TRYING TO MURDER ME AFTER GETTING BACK WITH YOU!!?" I made a shocked face. Then bursted out laughing.
"What in the world has gone through you mine boy....puahahahaha" I went to go grab him by his arm dragging him along.
"Am I right?" Aaron asked worriedly.

"Eyy! You could have just told me that we was just coming here! You made such a big deal out of it."—Aaron
I looked at him surprised. "Me!? .. It was YOU! Thinking that I was going to murder you...where in the world did you get that from!?"
"Ninja Assasin." He smiled. I rolled my eyes and smiled at him. "Jerk" I mumbled.
We rung the doorbell and made our way inside Selina's house.

As usual, the boys were in their own group. And we were in our own group.
"..Ella!!" I screamed at her, hugging her also.
"I told her to stop by...." Genie smiled.
"Hebe! Ahaha, I missed you."—Ella
"It's been a day or 2 only.."—Selina
"Does it matter?! Because I missed you too!..ehehe"—Hebe

Aaron's POV;
"So man...where's Cal?"—Aaron
"Cal?.. Calvin?..what are you talking about, I'm right here...."—Calvin
I raised an eyebrow. 'Wait...what?!....' " bad. I meant Chun." I corrected myself.
"..we think dude might have suicide himself.."—Calvin
"WHAT?! DID WHAT!?! HAH!?"—Aaron

Genie's POV;
All of us looked at the boys because of Aaron's screaming.
"Stop screaming like a girl!" Selina yelled across from the room.
"HEY!!" Aaron screamed back.
"Hebe!! You better get your boyfriend before I kick him against his butt hole!"—Selina
"What?!! Hebe! You better get your girlfriend before I—"—Aaron
"Before you do what?" Jiro looked at Aaron. Aaron looks a Jiro.
"...uh.........." Aaron quickly came over to us and sat next to Hebe. "Hebe.... your brother is bullying me." He putted on his baby face on for Hebe.
Hebe looks at him weirdly. Then all of a sudden everyone bursted out laughing.

When suddenly someone opened the door and was standing there with a small little knife. Our laughs turned into shrieks and screams. Well just only us Aaron. Smile
"CALM DOWN!!" The person said. The person pulled down his wet hood.
"CHUN!?" I screamed
"I was just cutting a pear along with me." He munches his pear in the other hand.
"Is it raining outside or what? Why are you all wet?"—Calvin
"Yea.. it is raining."—Chun
Everyone raced towards the window except Ella.

Chun's POV;
'Weirdos' ..then I spotted Ella sitting by herself. 'I wonder..will she talk to me?'
"Hel—" Before I finished my sentence Ella interrupted me. "HEY you guys, what is so exciting?!"
She stood up walking towards the crowd. 'I guess she doesn't want to then.' *Sigh*

The next morning*

Hebe's POV;
Before you know it, I was helping Ella set up the picnic table.
"HEBE!! Come over here!!" Aaron shouted for me. "Wait!" I shouted back. Aaron ran over to me.
"Come on, let's go. I need you!"—Aaron
I looked at Aaron. "No you don't." Continuing to help Ella. Ella stops and looked at me.
"It's okay Hebe, go ahead. Aaron needs you. I can do this myself, don't worry."—Ella
"You sure about that?" I asked making sure. "Yeaps."

So Aaron took me across the road to the other side of the park. I was surprised to see the other members there. Suddenly we gathered up in a big circle group.
"Ey.. what are we doing?" I asked.
"That's what we are going discuss right now...duh..Hebe."—Genie
"What about Ella and Chun? How come they aren't here?" I said confusingly.
"And I thought I was slow." Aaron mumbled.

Ella's POV;
Now I'm stuck with this stupid jerk. Ughhh... I went to go grabb the 5 gallon water bottle. 'Uhh... how am I going to carry this?'
I tried picking it up. "UGH! Stupid water bottle! Why do you got to be so heavy!?"
I tried picking it up for the second time. When I saw a pair of hands helping me. "I'll do it." He said and I letted go. Letting him carry it. I silently stared at him.
I went back to the picnic table to resume on my things. Chun came over to me.
"I know that you don't want to talk to me but at least say thank you."
"Thank You." My first couple of words I have spoken to him.
"Well you are VERY WELCOME."—Chun
"Hey!" I turned to look at him. "You didn't need to say it like that!"
"What's wrong with you? You've been trying to avoid talking to me.."—Chun
"Yes I have, have a problem with that!?"—Ella
"HEY, HEY!! Stop it!" Hebe came in.
"Yes, you guys should stop." Aaron backed Hebe.

Hebe's POV;
Me and Ella both walked towards the big pond.
"Ella... why are you doing this? Do you still love him?"
Ella silently cry. "Of course Heb, I still and will love him, him and only him."
"Then what happened? Why all of a sudden you both started to argue?"
"I don't know.. I guess... I.... was just being a jerk."
I hugged her. "No, you weren't. He was the one who was being a jerk. Don't worry, we'll fix this issue up. Then you and Chun can live happily ever after again." I released the hug and smiled at her.
Ella looks at me worried. "I don't think that'll be happening."
"Why not?" I asked confused.
"...because..... he'll never take me back. He hates me!"—Ella
"Oh really? Well I guess you leave me with no choice then." I said and quickly pushed her into the pond.

Chun's POV;
I was walking with Aaron when all of a sudden I saw Hebe pushed Ella into the pond. *gasp* I quickly ran to Hebe and pushed her away. She fell down.
"HEY!" Aaron ran up to me. "Why did you do that?!!" He went to go get Hebe.
"HELP! Help me!" Ella screamed in the water. I quickly jumped into the water without wasting any time.

Aaron's POV;
"Hebe! Are you okay!?" I asked worriedly. Hebe smiles at me. "I'm fine."
"I did a great job huh?" She asked. I smiled at her.
"Come on let's go get the others." I said.

Chun's POV;
I quickly pulled her up to shore. I layed her down on the grass. Aaron and them were surrounding us.
"Ella! Ella!!" I shook her. She gave me no answer. Her eyes still closed. I quickly pressed against her chest to get the water out. Quickly attaching my mouth onto hers. I did the process over again. I panicked and stop at the third try.
"Ella! Wake up please! Please wake up! You can't leave me now. I'm sorry! I'm sorry for everything I did. I didn't mean to. I was just being a dumbass jerk. Please Ella, wake back up. I love you..." I hugged in my chest.
Then all of a sudden she started to cough out water. I was in releaf and hugged her tightly, almost crying.
"I love you too..."—Ella
I looked at Ella and smiled. She smiled back.
"I'm sorry Ella....and Chun. I just had to push you Ella. It was all part of the plan."—Hebe
"Plan? What plan!?" I asked half yelling. Everyone looks at Aaron. Aaron looks around and started to laugh nervously. "I guess it was me...ehehehe."
"..Ahaha.... let's go eat you guys." Jiro suggested before Aaron gets beat up.

Hebe's POV;
After the fun picnic we had, me and Aaron headed to his house.
"Ella and Chun are such a cute couple...don't you think?" I asked Aaron while we were walking. He held my hand and intertwined our fingers.
"They aren't as cute as us..."—Aaron
"Eh....what do you mean?"
Aaron looks at me, smiling in a weird way. He quickly picks me up, putting me over his shoulder.
"Ahh! Aaron let me down!...." I yelped as I finally knew what he meant.
"Aaron!! Let me down NOW!"
He started to run down the streets.

~3 Years Later
"How's my baby girl doing?" Aaron says as he enters the front door.
"I'm doing fine, Hun." I said smiling.
"I'm not talking about you...I'm talking about Jiao-jie." Aaron laughed. I glared at Aaron for making me feel embarrass.
"Bàba!!!" Jiao-jie our 3 year old daughter came running towards Aaron. Aaron bended down to hug her.
"What have you been doing?" Aaron said while kissing her forehead.
"Daddy!! I learning to read. See." She started to read out of the book.
"" Jiao-jie smiled at Aaron. " wonder my beautiful daughter is so bright. Hmm... so where is your baby brother?"
"He nighty night." She closed her eyes to demonstrate to Aaron. Aaron smiled at her.
"Okay, daddy is not going to mess with you anymore.. you can go back to reading now."
"Bye bye mommy!" She waved bye to me and started to run back to her room.
Aaron stood back up walking towards to me. He wrapped his hands around my waist.
"Hebe want to know something?" Aaron asked me.
"Umm..sure..yea..I guess." I said.
"Mistakes are made for us to learn. But it wasn't a mistake, when I found out, I love you." He said as he kiss my lips.
Then all of a sudden Jiao-jie came running toward us. We looked at her weirdly and surprisingly. She was holding her nose.
"..Mommy..I think... Changming poopoo..." Me and Aaron stared at her for a couple of second. She came up to us and grabbed both of our hands, dragging us towards Changming's bedroom.
"Go do job mommy and daddy." We laughed at her as she took us with her.

Yeaps, this is it. This was the LAST CHAPTER! :[
THE END! Yes, it's hard to believe. But thank you for reading this.
We both really appreciated it. Have a wonderful & nice day. Smile

Thank you for supporting us all the way!!
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Re: It Wasn't A Mistake (Complete)

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