I Knew Love Because of You

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I Knew Love Because of You

Post by sHattEred_hEart on April 18th 2010, 7:10 am

Konnichiwa minna-san,,uhm we are sutekers from Philippines.....
Sutekers are compose of Anne, Bianca Schinina ,Sella,Cassandra,Hazel,Ezra Elisha,Joyce,Leonise,and Yuriko.
Uhm it’s our first time writing a fanfic in group,uhmm hope you’ll support us,,

STARRING: hsj, chosen girls and oc
GENRE: Romance,Tragedy and Drama??

Chapter 1:Start of a Beginning

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Start of a Beginning

Post by sHattEred_hEart on April 18th 2010, 8:03 am

Chapter 1
TITLE: Start of a Beginning


“Dad can you play that song” a girl around 5 years old said to his father who was driving.

“Sure dear”

“Oww come on not that song again,Akira” a boy about 10 years of age suddenly said

Akira led her tongue out. And said “It’s kei nii-chan’s favourite song too ne~”

The boy let out a small laugh and nodded. The music starts to play and they sang along with it. While they were singing they were about to cross the intersection.

“Honey watch out!” their mom shouts.

A truck from the left road of the intersection horned and tried to step on the brakes. Their father also tried to prevent their car from crashing. A loud CRAAASSSHHHH was heard. The car flew to the side of the road. Other motorist got stuck in the accident as well.

“Oka-chan? Otou-chan? Akira?” the boy said while he was in pain.

“Minna! Someones here! There’s a boy over hear” the boy heard from somewhere.

“Somebody help him”

“Is he still alive?”

All he can hear was noises from somewhere. Suddenly he saw some light from where he was. He slightly smiled and fainted.


“Young Master, are you ok?” a man in suit said while waking the 19 year old Kei.

“I’m ok. Don’t worry ne~” Kei responded while turning to the other side of the bed.

“Young master do you want me to bring your breakfast here?”

“Ummm ok”

As the butler went out of the door Kei stood up and changed his clothes. He then was looking for something in his room.

“Aaaaa! Baka desu. Where did I put those keys?”

He threw his books over. Everything in his room turned upside down. He looked under his side table.

“Here it is” he said as he turned around and saw the scenery.

“Ooopps, I think I’ll let them handle this” he grabbed some paper and pen. He wrote something on it and put it in his desk.

After he put the paper on the table. He heard footsteps from out of his room. He hurriedly jumps of the window. Good thing there was a tree near his room. He ran to their garage. He eyed for his motorcycle, a brown Honda Duncan with flames on the side. Back in his room the butler knocked on his door.

“Younger master your breakfast is here” as the butler said this he opened the door for the maid to come in. He saw the scenery in the room and led out a sigh. And he then took the piece of paper in the table.

“Young master” was all that he can say.

He looks at the maid and orders her to bring the food back to the kitchen. Before the maid was almost out of the room

“Owww and bring someone to clean the young masters room.”

While Kei was riding his bike he was still thinking about what his dream or rather about his mom. He decided to stop for a while. He stop near a park and heard someone playing a guitar. He step off from his bike for a while and look for the person. He saw him underneath a tree playing a soft sad tune. He was about to walk to him until he remember he’ll be late.

“Aaaaaa~ I better tell Kota to stop by here and look for this guy”

As he rides his bike he dialled Kota’s number. It was ringing but no one was answering.

‘Busy again’ he thought to himself ‘Better just leave him a voice message’

“Hey Kota you’re looking for a new member for the band ne~ Better stop by the park I saw. . .”


Before he can finish his message he bumped into a car. He can feel people were surrounding him like the feeling when the family got to an accident.

“Someone call an ambulance”

In the hospital.

“Itai~” was heard from Kei’s room.

“Baka desu ka? Calling while riding on your bike.” A tall boy asks him sarcastically.

“Kota you know how hard headed he is ne~” a girl said while standing up from the sofa across the bed.

“Kai’s right K-O-T-A” Kei responded with an emphasis in the Kota.

Kota gave him a slight whack on the head. Hope you snap out of it. Kei scratched his head and remembered

“Na you went to the park?”

“Hai, we went there baka”

“WE?! You and Kai ne~” he said trying to tease the two.

“Kei urusai ne~ or you want Kota to whack you on the head again” Kai said while slightly laugh.

“You do never learn do you” she continued

“Anyways we saw him and ask him to join” Kota suddenly said

“So what did he say?” Kei said as he grabbed an apple from the table beside the bed.

“He said he’ll try” Kota responds as he snatched the apple from Kei.

“He’s here by the way.”


“I’ll call him. He’s outside”

Kai went out and called the guy from the park. Kai thought of suspense Kei so they slowly opened the door from the outside. Kei sharply look at the door.

“Tada” Kai presented no one

“Gome ne demo the nurse said he went home already” Kai added.

“Demo he left this” Kai added a piece of paper to Kota.

“Good thing he thought of leaving his phone number. I forgot to ask him” Kota said. Everyone laugh in the room.

While they were laughing they heard a knock on the door. All of them stopped laughing and became silent. The door slowly opened and . . .


Cutting it here
Anne here. >.< hiks hiks. I feel so lame T~T
It’s not that good.
Having a writer’s block. I really feel lame T~T
Its too short >.<


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