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Post by purplelove on April 24th 2010, 8:29 am

hi.. uhm, im purplelove. and this will be my first story here in ficlicious since i can't create account on winglin.. and i hope i can get readers too as well as winglin:) and this would be my first story featuring Aaron Yan and Hebe Tian:) so here it comes, enjoy! Smile

PurpleLove highly presents... Perfect Author.


There was a girl named, Hebe who is living in Taiwan. To describe her, she was beautiful, kind and mostly, a loving daughter. Hebe really likes her hobby and that hobby made her to find a new job. She was working as a Author - it was her hobby to write and write fanfics/stories. She was currently working at IBC [International Book Corporation] and IBC was connected into Yan's Corporation. They delivered all their books made by them into Yan's Corporation to sell internationally.

She and her younger sister, Tifanny were the only who was currently living at Taiwan. While her mother living at America and her father leaves her mother. She move in Taiwan to find new life and to find new job. Her mother was currently staying in another family - her mother has a new husband. But it doesn't mean that Hebe's mom don't love Hebe anymore as well as Hebe. She took the responsibility to take care of Tifanny who was only 7 years old. In this age, Tifanny was still listening to Hebe's rules. Hebe stand as mother for Tifanny since she doesn't have boyfriend.

Speaking of boyfriend. Hebe was loveless. She don't want to have a boyfriend because she don't want to experienced what her parents did. Her father leaves her mother. And it was really traumatic for her. She told to herself not to fall-in-love w/ the guys or else she will be the next to hurt her feelings. But she doesn't know that not all the guys were the same attitude as her father. She was just afraid- that's it.

Wondering if she still alone? Nope. She has a friend - best friend named, Shane. And she has also a friend named, Calvin. She met Calvin in the street while walking, they accidentally bump to each other and by that time, as a peace offering to one another. They make time to know each other, but they were just friends - as in friends ONLY.

But don't worry, Hebe can find her true love in the end. And I bet you know already who is he, Am I right? So yeah. Stay tuned how the love will find their destiny. And how will be the story going. And how would be Hebe's true love found her despite that he was already engaged to another girl? So many unanswered questions to be answered. So stay tune and you'll be able to know it.


Aaron Yan

Hebe Tian






Mr. Calvin Chen


Forewords: check!
hope i can find
comments, though:)

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Re: Perfect Author

Post by JayWalker. on May 23rd 2011, 5:34 pm

Are you updating soon? Sad

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