Jay Park, My Love -completed

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Jay Park, My Love -completed

Post by guiwang_4ever on August 11th 2010, 10:01 pm

“I couldn’t get myself to confess to her… so being selfish, only thinking about myself… I started them… just so I can get to know more about her…”

Just a simple one-shot starring Jay Park aka Park Jaebum

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Chapter 01: Park Jaebum, My Love <3

Post by guiwang_4ever on August 11th 2010, 10:03 pm

Park Jaebum… The sexiest and hottest guy in the whole world… Everything about him is likable…his body of course… downstairs, not sure… personality is awesome… NOT! His personality = bad, no good… horrible!

How can a sexy and hot guy have such a horrible personality?! It ruins the whole meaning of a guy! But it seems like all the girls don’t care, they’re falling for him. I mean it, literally! They fall behind him, taking pictures of who knows what?! ^^

Funny, how I’m saying this… I’m actually one of those girls that are falling for him… but I’m not actually falling like all the other girls… I just think he’s cute… hot… and of course sexy… but I don’t go waiting by the school gates waiting for him to enter… I don’t faint when he smile… but I have to say he has a sexy smile.

He may be sexy… hot… handsome…but he is still just another guy… I admit, he may be better looking than famous and awesome TAEYANG, but still, he’s just another guy.

“You’re finally here…” my best friend Doojoon says.

“Sorry, I got caught in the crowd…” I apologize.

“Are you sure you didn’t purposely go into the crowd?” He asks.

“Maybe.” I joke.

“Haha, no Oppa… I didn’t do that…” I added, “Come on let’s go…”

We walk into class seeing a bunch of girls at our seats, like usual.

“Excuse us… excuse us…” We say as we try to get to our seats… Sitting by the hottest guy in school is AWESOME… but this is a reason why it isn’t.

“EXCUSE US!!!” I shouted. They were all startled by me shouting, “Get away from our desks!”

They all move away, “Thank you!” We sat down…

Sadly, girls start surrounding Jay again…

“Oppa!” “Ahh, he just winked at me!” “Ahh! So sexy!”

“Are they serious?” I whisper to Doojoon.

He shrugs, “We should have been used to this by now…”

“I’m not…” I got up angrily, slamming my desk, “Ey! Class is starting! Go to class!” I shout, “I swear, if I see a crowd here tomorrow, I’m going to make him ugly!”

“Yeah right! You won’t do anything to him,” a girl says.

“Watch me…” I threaten, “Now get out if this class isn’t yours. Which I know is most of you…”

That’s right… We’re in a higher level class than I should be… and sadly, Jaebum has to be in it too…

I just don’t get it… He is sexy, hot, and handsome with a bad personality… but he’s smart enough to be in my class! Weird isn’t it?

“Yahh, don’t ever do that again,” Doojoon says to me once I sat down.


“It didn’t just scare them, but it also scared me…” He answers.

“Dummy!” I laugh.


“Fine, next time… I’ll warn you to cover your ears…” I joke.

“Ok, class… settle down…” Teacher says.

“Yahh, you really think you can make me ugly?” Jaebum suddenly asks me.

“What?” I ask, “Yahh, I can… but that was just to scare them away…”

“Why not do it for real?” he asks.


“You know I’m hot too, huh?”

“Conceited.” I stated.

“Thank you…”

I’m quite confused at what he was talking about... but who cares… I don’t want any rumors about us two again.

I know it’s weird… but since freshman year, there has been rumor that we went out… In junior year, somebody posted pictures of Jaebum and me, which look like we were kissing… but we were actually just talking!

Gosh! Rumors are so fun to hear… but when it is about you, it turns your world around… Each rumors spread about us… my life was horrible for a whole month! I swear, if I meet whoever started those rumors, they’re going to get it from me…


“So, any plans tonight?” Doojoon asks me.

“I have to work on the project…” I complain.

“For what class?”

“Chemistry…” I answer, “I should have taken chemistry 2nd year…”


“I don’t like my partner…” I complain, “My sexy, hot partner…”

“Let me guess… Park Jaebum?” I nodded.

“Park Jaebum what?” we heard somebody says.

We look up and see Jaebum. He sat across from me, “I see my partner is talking about me…” he says, “Why?”

“We weren’t talking about you,” I say.

“I heard my name…”

“That doesn’t mean we were talking about you…” I explain.

“But you said my name…”

“I was telling Doojoon that you’re my partner…”

“Then you guys were talking about me…”

“Mentioning your name, doesn’t mean we were talking about you…” I clarify.

“Whatever you say… See you later…”

“Yeah yeah, whatever…” I say as he left us, “I swear I’m going to die before we even finish the project.”

“You’re not going to die…” Doojoon says.

“My partner is Jaebum… the hottest guy in school…” I stated, “No offense.”

“Sort of offended,” Doojoon says, “But with me here… You won’t die…”

“Let’s hope…”

“Finally here…” Jaebum says as I approach him.

“Let’s go work at the library…” I say ignoring his comment and getting into his car…

He got in and starts driving…

“Yah, you missed the turn to the library…” I pointed out.

“You didn’t say which library…” He states.

“If you’re not going to this one than which one are you going too?” I ask.

“The one close to where I live…” He answers…

The one close to where he lives?...Wait! He’s not saying…

“Noo!!” I complain, “I don’t want tooooooo!”

“Yah, hurry up…” Jaebum says standing outside the car door.

I shook my head, “I don’t want to stay for dinner.” I say to him.

Yep, this isn’t my first time here… Since high school, I’ve been here at least twice a year… There are either two reasons… Group project or family dinner… Yep, family dinner… meaning my parents are friends with his friends… Sad isn’t it?

“Then don’t… I’m not forcing you to…”

“But your mom will… you know that…”

“Yah, hurry up!” He orders, “I’ll make up an excuse…”

“Nooooooo!!!!!!” I whine as he tries to get me out the car.

“What’s going on out here?” We hear a woman say.

We turn to see Mrs. Park at the front door, “Mom, tell Pa to hurry up and get out of the car so we can do our project…” Jaebum says to his mom.

Oh great! Now he’s telling his mom I’m here… nooo!

“Did you say Pa?” Mrs. Park asks, “Ahh, Pa… did you come here to see me?”

I got out the car and greet her, “How are you, Mrs. Park…”

“Yah, didn’t I tell you to call me Aunty…”

“Ohh, yeah…”

“Come on in, you two… dinner is just about ready…” Mrs. Park says as she leads me inside.

I look back at Jaebum and give him a HELP-ME look. He understood the look. I know he did… but he didn’t do anything at all!

After spending an hour or so on the project, I was sitting down with his family eating…

Didn’t he say he’s going to help me?! Gosh! I hate him so much, not sticking to his words.

~Next Morning~

I walk onto school ground getting glares from girls… ‘What is wrong with them? They’re probably scared from what I say yesterday…’

I walk into the classroom and saw Doojoon sitting at his desk.

“Doojoon Oppa!” I sat down in my sit, “What’s up with everybody today?”

He handed me a paper, I grabbed it and saw pictures of me at Jaebum’s house…

“How did you get this?” I ask Doojoon.

“It’s posted all around school…” He answers, “I didn’t know you guys were studying at his house…”

“I didn’t either until we got there…” I stated. Great! Rumors about us two again… this is already the 3rd one this year!

“She’s such a liar…”

“She doesn’t even have a chance with him…”

“Why did she go into his house yesterday?”

“Who does she think she is?”

Girls murmur as I walk towards Jaebum.

“Yahh! Do you not care about this rumor?” I ask him as I threw a pile of paper of us on it.

“Why should I care?” he asks.

“Because it has something to do with you…” I answer, “Why don’t you use your popularity power and say that this isn’t true…”

“Taking advantages of me now huh?”

“So what? It’s not like you will use it for something better.” I explain.

“You know what… I’ll help you this once…” He says.

“You will?!” I brighten up…

“Wait, what’s the catch?” I ask.

“There’s no catch...”



“Better not be one…” I say, “Destroy this rumor and I’ll do anything for you…”

I know… bad thing to believe him… but why not? I really can’t leave this school with rumors on my shoulder.

“Remember to finish the project tonight…” Doojoon says, “It’s due tomorrow…”

“Thanks for reminding me oppa…” I thank him, “If we were partners, it would have been finish by now…”

“Yeah… but I’m sure you’ll do fine with Jaebum…”

“Let’s hope…” I say, “Bye oppa…”

Tonight is the last time to do our project… Well, our lab report…

“Yay! We’re finally done!!” I cheer as I saw the last page of the report print.

“Do you have a stapler?” I ask as I grab the papers and sat there in order, “Jaebum? Jaebum?”

I look around and didn’t see him, “Jaebum?”

I look around his whole library… nowhere in sight… So I decide to go to his room.

I went up to his door and knock, then saw the “DO NOT ENTER” sign.

“Psh, like I’m going to listen..” I knock on the door again.

Getting impatient, I open the door to an empty room. I check his bathroom, no sign of him…

I went to his desk to hoping he has a stapler. I search through his stuff and finally found one. I stapler the packet and sat the stapler down…

“Yes! We’re done!!” I say happily, “Finally!”

I took one last look around his room and back onto his desk, noticing those rumor papers of me and him… lots of them… even those from 2 years ago…

Curious, I went to his desk and went through the paper on his desk. I stop at a recent picture of us…

When will I be able to tell you I love you?

I flip to the next paper. I wish this rumor is true.

I continue flipping to the next one.

I wish you were mine…

Why is it so hard to tell you I love you?

Why did I fall so hard for you?

Why can’t you smile at me like you smile at Doojoon?

Jaebum ♥Pa

Pa, saranghae..

Was he the one who started these rumors?

“What are you doing in here?” I suddenly hear his voice.

I turn around and look at him… holding those papers in my hands…

“I came to stapler the report…” I say. I walk up to him, “Care to explain about this?”

I show him the papers.

“Were you the one that started all these rumors?” I ask.

“Pa… I—“

“And what were you planning to do to stop these rumors?” I ask.


“Were you even planning to stop them?” I ask, “Were you planning to continue to make my life worst?”

“You are really a jerk…” I threw the papers at him and rush out of his house, not even caring about my stuff…

“Pa! Wait!!” I can hear him call out, “Pa!”

“Wait, I can explain…” He says the moment he grab my arm to face him.

“What’s there to explain…” I say as I start to tear up.

“Did you know that Jiyong and Nicole aren’t my friends anymore because they thought I stole you from them?” I asked him, “Did you know that it’s really hard to make female friends because each time rumors about us two come out, they think I’m stealing you from them?!”

“I’m sorry… I am very sorry…” He apologizes…

“Stop saying you’re sorry!” I shout, “It means nothing!”

“But I am… I am sorry I ruined your friendship with them…” He apologizes again.

“It’s really hard for me to confess.” He added.

“If you really do love me then why are you always mean to me huh?” I ask, “Why do you always ruin everything for me?”

“Because I’m scared I’ll mess up confessing to you!” He answers, “Why can’t you be like those other girls and just fall for me…”

“I hate guys like you!” I say straight out…

“You are hot and sexy! Every girl wants you…” pause, “but your personality just ruins everything…” I added, “Maybe if you were a bit nicer… I would be like those girls…”

He slowly drops my arm, “But in this lifetime… I’ll never… ever fall for you like those girls…”

~1 week later~

Since that night, I tried my best to avoid him… I even switch seats with Doojoon in class.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask while being dragged by Doojoon, “Oppa,… where are you taking me?”

“Just be patient… we’re almost there…” He orders.

“Oppa!!” I cry.

“Yah, just be patient!” he orders.

So I did… I just let him drag me to wherever he was taking me.

We soon stopped and I realize we were in the cafeteria of the school.

“Yah, oppa… You know I have to work tonight…” I stated.

“Just stay here and listen…” he says, “It’s not going to take long.”

This better not be a waste of time…

Soon, girls start screaming as he stands on top of a table. “Jaebum oppa!” “Is he going to sing?!!” “He’s so hott!”

“Hey everybody… I have a confession to make…” he starts out saying…

“He’s confessing to somebody I bet!” I heard somebody say.

“Those rumors of me and Pa…” he continues. Oh no! He better not be doing what I think he is!

“I made them up…” He continues.

“Oh my goodness!” “He made them up?” “Why would he do such a thing?” girls murmur.

“I couldn’t get myself to confess to her… so being selfish, only thinking about myself… I started them… just so I can get to know more about her…”

“I really don’t regret it though… I cherished each moment I have with her…” pause, “and to Jiyoung and Nicole… I hope you guys didn’t take it too hard on Pa… It was really me… who wanted to steal her from you two…”

I couldn’t take it anymore… If I stay here any longer.. I know I would cry, “Oppa, I have to go…” I say to Doojoon, who’s standing next to me, then rush away from the crowd.

“Pa... I love you… I started loving you the moment I met you…” He confesses, “And I’m truly sorry about ruining your life…”

I stop in place… I didn’t get far from the crowd, as he confesses. He loves me… He… he loves me…

“Please forgive me…” He sounds close…

I turn around to see him in front of me, “I won’t be able to forgive myself… unless you forgive me…”

“Forgive him Pa!” I heard classmates around me saying, “Pa… forgive him…”

I suddenly see him going onto his knees, “Please forgive me….” He cries.

He’s on his knees… begging me to forgive him…

(I hope he knows we’re not married…)

“Jaebum…” I pull him up, “Don’t blame yourself… it’s the past...” pause, “Let’s focus on the future…”

“Together…” I added as I hug him.

Park Jaebum, my love… since you loves me… I’m willing to give you a chance…

Apologizing on your knees…

Taking four years to find the courage to confess…

Park Jaebum, my love... I guess it’s my turn to confess as well…

“Saranghae, Jaebum oppa…”


Nothing against KARA’s Jiyoung and Nicole.. I love them! xDD

Finished: July 16th, 2010

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Re: Jay Park, My Love -completed

Post by JayWalker. on February 28th 2011, 9:10 pm

LOL, dedicating to me? Wink Oh yeah.

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Re: Jay Park, My Love -completed

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